How to migrate from other tariff plan to MTN Pulse tariff plan

Are you currently subscribed on a tariff plan other than MTN Pulse tariff plan? If yes, then how should you migrate from that tariff plan to MTN Pulse tariff plan since Pulse tariff plan is one of the very best for now?

In this page, I will explain to you what MTN Pulse tariff plan is and how you can migrate your SIM card to it step by step.

To migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan, the general USSD code to dial is *406#.

MTN Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan that allows all subscribers of MTN to enjoy a flat rate of 11.26k/sec for calls across all local Networks in Nigeria after the first 60 seconds call of the day at 25.6k/sec.

As a matter of fact, by migrating to MTN Pulse tariff plan, you will be able to talk more, laugh more and even prolong the duration of discussion between you and your loved ones via telephone call.

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The good news is that all MTN prepaid customers can migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan.

Benefits of MTN Pulse tariff plan

After successfully migrated to MTN Pulse tariff plan using the USSD code and instructions which we are going to share with you below, some of the benefits you will enjoy are:

  • A flat rate of 11.26k/sec for calls across all local Networks after spending ₦15.36K daily.
  • Special Data Bundles:
    • 750MB 3-days data plan at ₦300
    • 1.5GB Weekly data plan at ₦500
  • Pulse Nightlife Bundles (250MB Pulse Nightlife bundle for N25 and 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundle for N50) up to 2GB.
  • Special Instagram & TikTok Bundles: 350MB IG & TikTok for ₦100 and 1GB IG & TikTok for ₦200.
  • Get Pulse points when you activate selected Data bundles and exchange the points for free Data.
  • Free 10MB Monthly Data Bonus on the First recharge or First Call of the month.
  • Pulse Tuesday Offer which enables you purchase special discounted data plans on Tuesdays ONLY.
  • Plus other life-enriching products and services from MTN.

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How to migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan using five methods

Are you glad to be one of the subscribers of MTN network who have migrated to MTN Pulse tariff plan?

You can migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan today from other MTN tariff plan using any of the following five methods:

Method 1. SMS method

For you to subscribe to MTN Pulse tariff plan using and SMS method, just simply send 406 to 131 as an in form of text message.

When your text message is sent successfully, then MTN network will send you a message to you for confirming your request. Then confirm as requested.

Method 2. dialing a USSD code

To use dialing a USSD code method to migrate from other MTN tariff plan to MTN Pulse tariff plan, open the dialer application on your mobile phone and dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

After your request is successful, MTN network will then send you a message notifying you that you are being migrated to MTN Pulse tariff plan.

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Method 3. using myMTN App

One of the best and fastest methods that you use to migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan is using myMTN mobile application which is available on Google play store to download on an android device and app store to download on ios device.

  • To migrate to MTN Pulse using myMTN app, simply visit your device application store (Google play store or app store) and search for myMTN
  • After finding it, download and install it on your phone
  • Now, login to it, select ‘Other Plans’ and select ‘MTN Pulse

Method 4. on MTN website

You can also migrate from other plan to MTN Pulse plan using the website of MTN.

To migrate from other tariff plan to MTN Pulse tariff plan on the website of MTN, myMTN Web, simply follow the procedures below:

  1. Logon to
  2. Provide your MTN telephone number.
  3. Enter an OTP which will be sent to you via an SMS message and select ‘Proceed’.
  4. On the top right corner of the home page, click your name.
  5. Select My Plan.
  6. Select Other Plans.
  7. Finally select MTN Pulse.

Note that you can also migrate to MTN Pulse plan when you buy Pulse Nightlife Bundle or Special Instagram & TikTok Bundles.

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As an MTN Pulse tariff plan subscriber, MTN will be giving you free night data bundle which you can be able to use from 11pm to 6am in the night.

If you rightly follow the instructions shown above and successfully migrated to MTN Pulse tariff plan, you will be able to activate both 250MB and 500MB Pulse Nightlife bundles up to 2GB in a day because the maximum you can activate in a day is 2GB.

Foe example, you can activate both the 250MB Pulse Nightlife bundle four times and the 500MB Nightlife bundle two times making a maximum of 2GB a day.

To check your MTN Pulse tariff plan’s Nightlife bundle data account balance, simply:

  • Dial *559*96# or
  • *556# or
  • Dial *406*3*3#

MTN Pulse tariff plan awards all the successful migrated customers for the following activities:

  • First-time migration to the Pulse tariff plan.
  • Performing selected revenue-generating activities from your main account.
  • Login to myMTN app
  • Transfer of Airtime/Data via myMTN app

The MTN Pulse tariff plan offer a Tuesday data bundle offer which as its name implies enables all Pulse customers purchase special discounted data plans on Tuesdays only.

If you are subscriber of MTN Pulse tariff plan, then you can purchase Pulse Tuesday Offer via any of the following channels:

  • By dialing *406# then select Pulse Tuesday Offer.
  • Or dial *131*1# then select Pulse Tuesday Offer.
Tariff planMTN Pulse
Migration code
  • Dial *406*1# or

  • *123*2*2#

  • Text 406 to 131
Voice call Rates Daily Fee of N15.36k, for example, first 60secs @25.6k/sec
Pulse Data bundles 750MB @₦300 valid for 3days, 1.5GB @₦500 valid for 7days, etc
SMS Rates N4/SMS


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