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How to become an approved MTN SIM registration agent

How to become an MTN SIM registration agent

Are you tired of staying at home without doing something which you can earn from? Are you interested to become an approved MTN SIM card registration agent in order to be making money every time people buy and register the SIM card?

This post will show you all step-by-step guides on how to apply for an agent of MTN SIM card registration.

In the olden days, if you want to be an MTN SIM card registration agent, regardless of any state you live in Nigeria, you must go to their head office in Lagos state.

But right now, MTN Nigeria has provided anybody who likes to be its agent an easy way to apply online without traveling anywhere unless you wish.

Requirements to become an MTN SIM card registration agent

To successfully become an approved MTN SIM card registration agent in your community and be able to register and activate new and existing MTN SIM for people, you must fulfill the basic requirements below

  1. You must have a registered company name
  2. You must own a shop or an office to carry out the SIM registration.
  3. Using of umbrella shop or using the front of your house is also recommended as a start-up
  4. You must own a registered phone number of the MTN network.

The best part of becoming an MTN SIM card registration agent is that it does not limit who you are, your occupation, where you stay, your language, religion, etc.

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Once you are completed with your intention of boosting your finance or earnings in 2021 by hustling, then MTN SIM registration is the fastest business to go for.

Before you can be known as an approved MTN SIM card registration agent, MTN itself will invite you and properly train you in order to help you to be successful in the SIM card registration business.

Hence, you will for free of charge be given all the recommended devices, for example, chairs, tables, banners, the system for SIM registration, and lots more.

If you get the chance and live on your own, simply turn up your hustle by becoming an MTN SIM card registration agent today. 

To do that, just send your name, shop location, email, telephone number, and other important details of yourself to [email protected].

MTN SIM card agency application portal

Please note that if you don’t like the options which we are going to show below, you can kindly visit any closest MTN office closest to you and request for MTN SIM card agency application form.

Meanwhile, it is very important to know that being an approved MTN SIM card registration agent is a brilliant and smart source of income for some Nigerians because it can assure you will forever remain financially sufficient how as you want.

To become a successful and approved MTN SIM card registration agent, you can make the request online at or simply read the guides we have shown below for more important information.

How to apply online and become an agent of MTN SIM card registration

Use the step-by-step instructions below to know how to apply online for an MTN SIM card registration agent.

  1. First, click here to visit the application form
  2. Will you like to be a SIM Registration agent with MTN? (mark Yes)
  3. What is your Company Name? (enter your registered business name)
  4. What is your name? (enter your full name)
  5. What is your Phone Number? (enter your valid MTN telephone number)
  6. What is your email address? (enter your active email address)
  7. What is your Shop Location/Address? (enter the state and LGA where your shop is located)
  8. What type of Shop do you have? (choose based on your preference)
  9. Is your shop fixed to the ground? (simply mark Yes)
  10. What are your Shop’s Coordinates? (enter your answer)
  11. Please carefully fill in your details as indicated above
  12. Once filled up completely, click the “Submit” button to submit all your entries to the MTN network.

Please when entering your details on the MTN SIM card registration form for interested people who desire to become an agent, don’t enter or provide any detail or information about yourself falsely as it can render your request completely disregarded.

If you want to apply offline, simply

To become an agent of SIM card registration of MTN, you must have a:

  • Business location (Shop) either rented or owned.
  • Valid means of identification (either Voters card, International Passport, National ID, or Driver’s license)
  • Now, visit MTN head office in your state
  • Request for an agent form from the customer service representative.
  • Fill it with the correct details and submit it to them.
  • If you are qualified after reviewing your request, you will be contacted and enrolled for training immediately.
  • Note that any important communication will be passed to you through your contact details (email and phone number), hence, provide that valid one when applying.

Or you can just send your Name, shop location, and registered phone number to [email protected].

After you have sent an email as directed above, simply keep waiting to be contacted by MTN staff and you’ll be told whether you are qualified or not.

If you are qualified, MTN customer care will then let you know the next step they are going to take with you.

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Salary of an agents of MTN SIM card registration

Do you desire to become an agent of MTN to carry out SIM card registration and activation services to the people around you in order to make money?

Or before you continue to apply, do you want to first know the amount of salary MTN pays to its agents who register SIM cards for people?

As a matter of fact, Nigeria seems to have a high level of unemployed citizens, hence, MTN Nigeria has provided employment opportunities for thousands of interested and qualified Nigerians.

It is not a piece of news that approved MTN SIM card registration agents get paid from different sources.

First, they collect a service fee from the people they sell SIM cards to, and secondly, MTN itself pays them salary monthly.

The salary of an MTN SIM card registration agent roughly ranges from 150, 000 to 200, 000 Naira. In fact, the higher your sell and register SIM cards for people, the higher the amount of your salary.

For example, presently, MTN sells SIM cards at a price of 40 Naira per one while an approved SIM card registration agent can sell and register people at a price of 1, 000 Naira above.

Importantly, MTN pays its approved SIM card registration agents 30, 000 Naira plus if the number of SIM cards they have registered is 120 and above.

I hope we have shown to you the salary of the MTN SIM card registration agent. Please let us know if you are having any questions via the comment section.

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How to become a successful MTN SIM card registration agent

MTN Nigeria network limited has created job opportunities through its agent feature thereby reducing the rate of unemployment.

Become an agent today and make extra income into your bank account hourly and daily. The services you will offer a very helpful service as customers will be at your doorstep seeking your service.

To ensure that you earn enough from doing the MTN SIM card registration business as an agent, do not establish your shop nearer to other shops where that also offer the same service as you.

Make sure to establish your shop where there is a high population of people.

If you want to become a successful MTN SIM card registration agent, do not charge customers too high in order to ensure their return or even invite their friends to you.

Introduce advertisement at the early stage of your business by simply mounting speakers, banners, etc, around your shop.

As a matter of fact, use the teaching of the 4Ps in marketing in any business you do which are product, place, price, and promotion.


If you know that this article has helped you know how to become an approved MTN SIM card registration agent step by step online and offline, please share it with your friends and remember to subscribe to our newsletter for more important updates.

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