MTN YouTube night data bonus and how to use it step by step

If you use data bundle to watch YouTube videos in the night, we urge you to activate Best MTN data plan codes for 2021. In this article, I will show with you everything about MTN YouTube night data bundles step by step.

MTN Nigeria is one of the best network providers in Nigeria which has been providing network services for Nigerian since decades, roughly 20 years ago.

Are you a type of person who always use your sim card to make calling? Or are you a type of person who does something one the internet mostly during night? Perhaps, no matter who you are, with MTN Nigeria you are okay and good to go.

Recently, MTN Nigeria launched unlimited YouTube data plan which tends to help its subscribers watch any type of video on YouTube with in an hour for just N50 every time and everywhere.

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What are the uses of MTN night bonus data bundles

MTN YouTube night data bonus bundles, as its name implies, cannot be used every time to do anything unless it’s in the night while it’s the videos you use it to watch on YouTube platform.

All MTN customers who purchase any of the data plans eligible for the offer will be able to enjoy the Free YouTube Night data.

You will get the FREE YouTube Night data bonus bundle when you buy any of the data plans of MTN network.

Who can get MTN YouTube night bonus bundle

MTN YouTube night data bonus bundle is granted to all customers of MTN network who subscribe for data bundle that costs N1000 above.

As a matter of fact, you will be given normal 2GB data bundle and 2GB data bundle for free of charge as MTN YouTube night data bonus bundle if you use N1000 to subscribe for a 7 days MTN data plan by dialing *131*105#.

MTN YouTube night data bonus bundle for N1000

From this view, it should be noted that the data you purchase will still work and you will be given another free MTN YouTube night data which can be valid for up to a month before it get expired.

1350MB Weekly Plan350MB
2750MB 2-week Plan1GB
31GB Weekly Plan1GB
42GB Weekly Plan2GB
51.5GB Monthly Plan2GB
62GB Monthly Plan4GB
73GB Monthly Plan4GB
84.5GB Monthly Plan4GB
96GB Monthly Plan4GB
1010GB Monthly Plan4GB
1112GB Monthly Plan4GB
1220GB Monthly Plan4GB

Most importantly, your Free YouTube Night data bundle will have the same validity with the main data plan you purchased. For example, if you buy N2000 worth of data plan today, that means you will get 4.5GB and it will last for up to 30 days, hence, your attached MTN YouTube bonus bundle is 4GB which will also last for a months.

Meanwhile, Airtel also offers such YouTube night bonus data bundle which is known as Airtel YouTube night data bonus bundle and it can be gotten when you buy N500 data and above. Of course, I am not going to talk anything about that in this article because Airtel YouTube night data bonus bundle is not my topic for here.

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We will be talking about different ways on how you can use your MTN YouTube night bonus bundle to download anything online only during the night.

How to use MTN YouTube night bonus data to download

The MTN FREE YouTube Night bonus bundle is available for use only from 11pm – 6am every day within the validity period of the main plan.

However, what you still haven’t known yet is that the MTN free YouTube nightbonus bundle works on all Google already downloaded apps on your device while YouTube, Gmail, Google Chrome and Play store are also an apps that own by Google.

For this reason, you can download or update apps and games on Google Play store, watch, download and upload videos on YouTube, send and check your mails on Google Mail app and lots more.

So, now what you should do when you want to download apps or games with your MTN YouTube night bonus is to go to Google play store, make sure that Play store app was already being downloaded and installed on your phone and start downloading new apps that you need, update old apps and download new games for free of charge using MTN YouTube night bonus bundle which was given to you.

That’s about how to download things with MTN YouTube night bonus bundle, now, let’s continue to show you how to convert MTN YouTube night data bundle to normal data in order to do anything with it.

How to convert MTN YouTube night data bonus

You can of course convert your MTN YouTube night data bonus bundle to download videos, songs and lots more.

Just follow the steps below to get your MTN YouTube night data converted to normal data bundle which you can use to download anything online and save them to your phone in order to use it later.

MTN YouTube night bonus bundle was programmed to be used to watch videos only in the night on YouTube, what if you want your friends to watch any video you have watched, how can you save it to your phone?

For this way, you have to convert your MTN YouTube night data to normal data or use the following tricks below and download any music or video you love online.

  • To download any video or save video for offline watch during the day on your phone with MTN YouTube data bundle, simply locate any video you want to download and click on it
  • Shortly, you will assume that the video you just clicked will start playing
  • Now, below the section of the video you are watching find the Download button
  • Click on Download and select the resolutions or quality type of the video base on your preference, in fact, we urge you to select standard quality
  • Finally, hit on download and it will start downloading immediately.
  • It will then be downloaded and save itself on your YouTube app and it will be there for ever unless you delete it
  • You can go and watch it anytime you want by opening your YouTube app
Downloaded videos on YouTube with MTN YouTube night data bonus bundle

How to check MTN YouTube night bonus bundle balance

To check your MTN YouTube night bonus balance, simply follow or dial any of the codes below:

  • *131*4#
  • *556#
  • Text 2 to 131
  • Use myMTNApp (MTN mobile app)
  • Visit myMTN Web (website of NTN) or
  • Meet Zigi (MTN customer care representative)

You will be charged from your main data bundle or any other available bundle if you continue to watch YouTube videos. And it is very good to know that YouTube night data can only be used to stream videos on YouTube app/web.

Meanwhile, you will not be able to share your YouTube Night data bonus but you can share your main data plan. Most importantly, you can enjoy the free YouTube night data as multiple times on every eligible data bundle you buy.

In the same vein, you will not be able to roll over the unused free YouTube night data.


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