How you can solve any percentage related question step-by-step examples

We shall show you how you can solve any given type of percentage problems or questions with step-by-step examples in this article today.

First, percentage means out of hundred (100) and it is denoted by the symbol (%).

We use percentages in our work or duty daily. For example, if you eat half loaf of a bread, then you’ve just eaten 50% of such bread.

Percentage is a form of fraction or proportion. E.g, 5/100 or 5% (5 percents).

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How to solve percentage problems in Mathematics with examples

Below are the examples of percentage problems in Mathematics with step-by-step solutions or workings.

1. In a certain examination, candidate got 12 questions correctly out of 25. What is the percentage of the candidate:

  • Correct score and
  • Incorrect score.

Solution: out of 25 questions candidate scored 12 questions correctly.

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  1. Therefore, 12 × 100%/25 = 48%. Hence, candidate scored 48% correctly.
  2. If candidate scored 12 correctly out it 25, then such candidate got 13 questions wrongly.
  3. Therefore, 13 × 100%/25 = 52%. That is, the percentages of the wrong answers made by the candidate is 52%.

Did you understand? If you didn’t, please go over it again!!

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Step-by-step examples of how to solve percentage

The first things you should take into consideration when you want to solve any percentage related question are:

  • Was the question being asked that you should find the percentage of a problem?
  • Or are you being asked to find the quantity of something when its percentage has been given?

That is all. If you have known what the question asked, then you will know how to solve it.

In this paragraph, we shall show you how to solve percentage with formula.

Percentage Formula: Figure × Figure In Percent (%)/100.

1. Examples: in a betting, Victor was told to give out N5, 000 (Figure) in order to be rewarded with 20% (Figure In Percent) of his his money. What percent is his reward?

Is this question clear enough to you? Okay! Let start to solve it with percentage Formula.

N5, 000 (Figure) × 20% (Figure In Percent)/100.

In short say, Victor will be rewarded with N1, 000. Did you not get an answer like that? Let us know please.

Percentage Formula is very useful, hence, you should memorize it.

2. A trader used N50, 000 to start trading and in the end of every month he saved N7, 000. What is the percentage of the the amount he used to start trading does he save monthly.

Solution: in this given question, you’re being asked to find the Figure In Percent of monthly saving of the trader which his Figure is N50, 000.

Now let’s plug these values into percncetage formula.

Percentage Formula = N50, 000 × Figure In Percent (%)/100

Since you want to know the percent in figure (%), then

N7, 000 = N50, 000 × Figure In Percent (%)/100

Cross-multiply, therefore: Percent In Figure (%) = N7,000 × 100/N50, 000

Answer: 14%.

Therefore, the trader saves 14% monthly of the money he started trading with.

Conclusion and more reading

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