Nigerian agencies and their duties or functions

In this post today, you’ll be seeing the list of all Nigerian agencies and their duties or functions. You should note that when ever you don’t know how duty, you would be easily found guilty.

Every one in the country has his/her functions. Hence, every agencies; Soldier, Police or EFCC (just to mention a few) has their despirate functions in the society, Nigeria.

It cannot be possible for Soldier to take the responsibility or function of EFCC and vise versa.

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If you want to know the functions of the sixty-seven (67) Nigerian agencies that we’re going to show you, then continue reading.

Table of Contents

  1. List Of All Nigerian Agencies And Their Functions
  2. Law enforcement agencies in Nigeria and their functions
  3. Communication and media agencies in Nigeria and their duties
  4. Energy or power agencies in Nigeria and their duties
  5. Economics agencies and their role in Nigeria
  6. Intelligence agencies in Nigeria and their duties
  7. Others or uncategorized agencies in Nigeria and some of their duties

In this article we’ll cover what we’ve been shown in the table of content above.

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So, let’s continue..

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List Of All Sixty-Seven Nigerian Agencies You Should Need To Know

We’ve compiled this article from all the categories of agencies and their over all number is sixty-seven (67).

Those agencies are categorized from law enforcement agency, communication agency power agency and lots more.

To know your fundermental right, you should know the duties of all the agencies around you.

The importance of this content is that for example, it will explain everything.

If you continue reading, you’ll know what the writer of this article meant.

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So, let’s start our business, list of all Nigerian agencies and their duties.

Law Enforcement Agencies In Nigeria And Their Functions

The Nigerian law enforcement agencies are those agencies which defend the people in the country from accidental killing or fight between other countries.

These agencies ensure the maint of law and order.

Nigerian law and agencies are are follow:

  • Nigerian armed forces
  • Nigeria Police
  • Nigeria Copyright Commission
  • Economic and Financial Crime Commission
  • National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
  • Nigeria Immigration Service
  • Nigeria Customs Service
  • Code Of Conduct Bureau
  • Federal Road Safety Commission
  • Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps
  • Independent Corrupt Practices Commission

Communication And Media Agencies In Nigeria And Their Roles Or Functions

Nigeria is a biggest country which has communication or media agencies.

Below are the list and functions of all communication agencies in Nigeria.

The number one roles or functions of communication agencies in the country is that they help in regulating of information on the internet or help in broadcasting information.

Nigerian communication and media agencies are:

  • Nigerian Television Authority
  • News Agency Of Nigeria
  • Nigerian Communication Satellite
  • Federal Radio Corporation Of Nigeria
  • Nigerian Communication Commission
  • National Information Technology Development Agency Stadium
Energy Or Power Agencies In Nigeria And Their Roles

When we say power, we’re definitely referring to energy produced by electricity which all of us use in home and offices.

Below are the agencies which make Nigerian power work as expected in one way or the others:

  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  • Power Holding Company of Nigeria
  • Ministry of Power and Steel
  • National Petroleum Investment Management Service
  • Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency
  • Department of Petroleum Resources
Economic Agencies In Nigeria And Their Primary Roles

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Financial, Economic or Monetary agencies in Nigeria and their duties or functions.

Economic agency is one of the list of Nigerian agencies which controls or ensured that the monies of all public people are maintained, hence their duties is maintaining economic related things.

  • National Pension Commission
  • Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission
  • Federal Inland Revenue Service
  • Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Niger Delta Development Commission
  • Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Fiscal Responsibility Commission
  • National Insurance Commission
  • Bureau of Public Enterprises
  • National Council of Privatization
Intelligence Agencies In Nigeria And Their Duties

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Intelligence agencies in Nigeria are:

  • Defence Intelligence Agency
  • Directorate of Military Intelligence
  • State Security Service
  • National Intelligence Agency
Others Or Uncategorized Agencies In Nigeria And Their Roles

The following agencies are uncategorized (general). They facilitate in maintaining peace, law and order in a society.

There are some agencies which can be formed to facilitate the business in Nigeria. For example, Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON).

Let’s continue looking to know every uncategorized Nigerian agencies.

  • Nigeria Port Authority
  • National Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
  • Nigerian Shippers’ Council
  • National Directorate of Employment
  • National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking In Persons
  • Standard Organization of Nigeria
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria
  • Industrial Training Fund
  • National Veterinary Research Institute
  • National Lottery Regulatory Commission
  • Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria
  • Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency
  • National Bureau of Statistics
  • National Water Resources Institute
  • Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria
  • National Sports Commission
  • National Planning Commission
  • Federal Housing Authority
  • National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control
  • National Environmental Regulation and Enforcement Agency
  • Legal Aid Council of Nigeria
  • National Emergency Management Agency
  • National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency
  • Independent National Electoral Commission
  • National Orientation Agency
  • National Salaries, Income and Wages Commission
  • Federal Environmental Protection Agency
  • National Centre for Remote Sensing
  • National Cashew Association of Nigeria

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Concussion of Nigerian agencies and further reading

In Nigeria, there are many agencies and all of them have been shown above.

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