How To Calculate The Aggregate Cut-Off Mark Of Prince Abubakar Audu University In 2020 (This Year)

After writing JAMB examination, many candidates ask for how they can calculate KSU aggregate cut-off mark so that they should determine whether they will get an admission or not.

How to calculate PAAU aggregate cut-off mark in this year

In this article today, we shall show you how you can calculate your JAMB and post UTME score plus your O’Level grades in order to know your over all aggregate (cut-off) mark.

If you have known your aggregate mark, it’ll be easier for to know whether the school you applied or chose as first-choice will admit you.

Also, there are some Courses offered in Prince Abubakar Audu University (PAAU), formerly known as KSU that require high aggregate cut-off mark (e.g, 60-70%).

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How To Calculate KSU Aggregate Cut-Off Mark Of All Courses In 2020

Note: aggregate cut-off mark is calculated in percentage (%)

Aggregate cut-off mark of KSU in this year, 2020 is calculated in the format below:

JAMB score (50%) + Post UTME score (30%) + O’Level grades (20%).

That is, the maximum score which every admission applicant of KSU should have is 100%.

Well, KSU has known that nobody can something perfectly (100%). Hence, it’s fixed percentages for each course.

According to this article, aggregate cut-off mark for all courses in KSU in 2020, (please read it) it is known that the aggregate cut-off mark of Law is 66%.

Furthermore, any applicant whose aggregate cut-off mark is calculated and less than 66% will never be admitted to study Law in KSU.

Please try and know the cut-off mark of the course you chose to study in KSU.

Because if you know, you would Immidiately calculate your aggregate score and know whether to change your course or Institution in the right time.

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KSU Anyigba Cut-Off Mark For 2020

Below are the guides to how you can calculate your KSU aggregate cut-off mark.

First step 1: Divide Your JAMB Score By 8

The first step to calculate your aggregate cut-off mark is by dividing your JAMB score by 8.

If you do so, then any answer you get is your JAMB score aggregate cut-off mark.

As we’ve said earlier, it’s known that your JAMB score takes 50%, Post UTME score takes 30% and your O’Level grades take 20%.

By dividing your JAMB score by 8 means any answer you get is 50% of your JAMB score.

For example, let’s assume you scored 210 in JAMB examination, then 50% of it is 26.25.

However, you can mathematically calculate your JAMB aggregate cut-off mark if you didn’t understand the first method we showed above.

To calculate your aggregate cut-off mark of your JAMB score, you’d need to have a small understanding of Percentage.

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How To Calculate Your JAMB Aggregate Cut-Off Point Mathematically

Let’s say your JAMB score is 230. To calculate an aggregate of this score, then use the following guides.

Note: it’s four subjects you must sit for in JAMB examination hall. Hence, divide your JAMB score by 4.

Then calculate any answer you get on the percentage of 50%.

You should mathematically do this:

JAMB Score/4 = answer.

After that, then answer × 50%/100 = any answer you get (%).

E.g, 230/4 = 57.5.

After that, then 57.5 × 50%/100 = 28.75%.

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Step 2: Calculate Your Post UTME Cut-Off Mark

The second step to calculate your KSU aggregate cut-off mark is calculating your KSU Post UTME examination score.

Below are how to calculate your post UTME score aggregate cut-off mark.

Note: your post UTME score takes 30% . Hence, we’re going to calculate your post UTME score on the percentage of 30%.

Let for example say, you scored 72% in your post UTME examination. Then your post UTME aggregate cut-off mark is 21.6%.

E.g, 72% × 30%/100 = 21.6 or 22% approximately.

Step 3: Calculate Your O’Level Grades

O’Level grades take 20% and below are how you can calculate your O’Level aggregate cut-off mark.

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Below are the O’Level grades and their respective points.

A 14
O’Level Grades With Their Points

Let’s assume you get A1 in all your O’Level subjects. Then below is how to calculate your O’Level aggregate cut-off mark.

Note: even though you get A1 in all your nine (9) O’Level subjects, KSU will not use all of them.

What KSU uses is your 5 core subjects.

For example, if you chose to study Law in KSU, then your 5 core O’Level subjects are

  • English Language
  • Lit In English
  • Economics
  • Civic Education
  • Marketing

In this way, any grade you scored in each of the subjects above will be calculated.

E.g, if you scored two B2s (in Civic Education and Marketing), one A1 (in Lit In English) and two B3s (in English and Economics), then your O’Level aggregate cut-off mark is calculated like this way:

  • B2 (2) = 3.6 × 2 = 7.2
  • A1 (1) = 4 × 1 = 4
  • B3 (2) = 3.2 × 2 = 6.4

Now add your O’Level grades’ point together:

7.2 + 4 + 6.4 = 17.6 (your O’Level aggregate cut-off mark).

KSU Cut-Off Mark For 2020/2021

Finally, you can check whether you are eligible to study your dream course in KSU.

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After you’ve read the article we suggested you in previous paragraph to read, then come back here and calculate your aggregate cut-off mark.

We used three steps in this article to teach you how to to calculate an aggregate cut-off mark.

So, please scroll back to step 1, 2 and 3 and bring back our answers respectively like in this way:

JAMB aggregate cut-off mark (28.75%), Post UTME aggregate cut-off mark (21.6%) and lastly O’Level aggregate cut-off mark (17.6%).

However, an aggregate cut-off mark is calculated like in this way:

28.75% + 21.6% + 17.6% = 67.95%

If you may have any questions you wish to ask, please don’t delay to ask us.

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