Best and decorative hostel of school

Have you just gained admission to study in tertiary institutions and searching for whether you should live in hostel or not? I am a student like you, hence I will show you the ideaology of living in hostel of school.

Hostel is the large and decorative building based in the center of every school like in the picture above. It’s meant for dweling of students only.

If you are a first year student, hostel is for you. You should show interest and apply. Meanwhile, if you’re not interested to live in hostel, then don’t apply.

By living in school hostel, the accommodations fee is less than living in another apartment of your choice. Throughout your one hundred level in some prestigious institutions like ABU, you are expected to pay a minimum of ten thousand Naira.

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While living in the house or apartment you like must cost you higher, higher than that. However, living in hostel has advantages and disadvantages and that are what I am going to show you.

Honest Review On Living In School Hostel

Ideaology of living in hostel of school? Below are my candide and honest reviews to motivate you.

School hostel is both good and bad. The fact is that if you’re behaving bad, it’ll never turn good to you. That is, if you’re a good and responsible student, you must enjoy the goodness of hostel.

Hostel is very secured than the house you may rent. Also, you will have an opportunity to study anytime you like.

Security in school doesn’t mean that armed rubbers cannot enter and rub. In fact, some of my clothes, my personal computer (laptop), my pots and plates were stolen in the hostel when I just went to read in library.

Also, you will not be given better bed in hostel while you can choose any one if you live on your own. The similarity of the mattress and bed case(s) which are in the hostel is shown in the image below.

Beds in hostel for students

The bed is always two steps (up and down) and every step has its own matress while one room can contain three (3) different beds.

Staying In Your Own Rented House Or In Hostel, Which Is Better

If I were you, I would stay in my own rented house. However, staying in hostel has advantages and that are what I am going to discuss.

  • If you stay in your own rented house, it’s only that will live in the room while in hostel, you can be plenty in numbers thereby avoiding you to study as how as you like
  • Your property (for example, clothes, books, money and lots more are easily get stolen in hostel because any body can come in and go out at anytime without being questioned or blocked
  • You may lose lecture if your house is too far away from the school campus while you cannot happen if you live inside hostel because you and lecture room are located in the same place
  • While living in hostel, your accommodation fee is lesser than those who live in rented house
  • Also it’s known that when you’re in lecture room or go to some where else, all your properties (not some properties because it’s not in hostel you are living in) can be stolen or packed.
  • For example, your cotton, bed, mattress, clothes and every thing can be packed by unlocking your door with force. In this point, your neighbor cannot ask any question because people who are doing it are not an ordinary person. In fact, they must have weapons.
  • No how, no how, staying in your own room is far better than in hostel if you really mean to study your books with focus.
  • Meanwhile, if you are a very socialised person who likes to talk every time, then you should stay in hostel in order to be talking with other students. It’s good to do that as it’s proven by Psychologist.
  • Living in your own room independently cannot let you know different occurrences that are happening with people every day. Thus, living in hostel with different people makes you understand the situation in Nigeria.
  • Reading or studying is not what you are being sent to school for. Indeed, you are being sent to school to learn many positive things like how to talk to a person, how to respect elderly people, how to pray and lots more.
  • That is, if you live in your own rented room, you will cannot learn new things. What lecturers teach are not more important than what you learn from other students. This shows that living in hostel makes you live with other students and learn new things.
  • During my four (4) months living in hostel, I had made a memorable impact to my roommates (oh I am still remembering them). What I taught them is how to read for long time and remember what you are reading.
  • By living in hostel, your roommates can learn from you and you can learn from them too. Please don’t learn bad act from them for yourself and your parents.
  • Your roommate in hostel can be the person who will employ you or contribute to your employment. That is to say, by living in hostel, you are open to get connection because people from rich family are there.
  • If accidentally you start feeling sick in the night (may God forbid while living in a rented you, you may get any person to help you. The advantage of this is where you’re in hostel, school hospital must help you if your sickness is too terrible.

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Conclusion and further reading

School life is the best! Isn’t it? Yes, it must be truth. Since you have agreed, then why are you renting room outside the campus of your school? Can you tell us more in the comment section?

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