List of all domain extensions

List of all domain extensions

List of all domain extensions

The domain is an essential tool for any marketing especially when it’s intended to grow digitally. In digital marketing or in the world of computers, the domain is your website name.

For example, Fastknowers. Once you add .com at the end of the Fastknowers via search engines like Google, you will assume your web browser will redirect you to our website. As a matter of fact, Fastknowers was nothing before but we have made it become something now.

You can also make anything become something like your business name or website (domain name) if you really want to.

I hope by now you have known what a domain name means. Now, another question I may feel you must have in mind is “what does domain extension mean”. Right?

The domain extension is a word usually two, or three letters after the domain name, for example, .com, .Ng, .edu, info, help, blog, etc. And they must start with a point (dit). I.e, .com.Ng, .edu , .gov, etc.

In the olden days when the Internet was initially invented, the domain extension that people used then was only .com. But nowadays, there are many businesses in the world, and every business wants a strategy that makes it stand out.

Domain name extensions are created to give your website a boost. They help you in so many ways. Some of the importance of domain extension is making our customers trust you, brand building, search engine ranking, and many more.

in today’s post, I shall show you the list of all domain extensions available in Nigeria which you can use for the betterment of business success. And also why?

Domain extensions are created by ICAN. They didn’t aim to create them in order to bring more sales and customers to them but for the good of users.

As earlier shown, they have a domain name extension of .edu, .info, .gov .org, etc.

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The reason why they created it is to help buy the one that relates to the category of your business or website. For example, if you own a school and want to develop for it, then you should ideally go domain extension.

Let me ask; in your opinion, which domain name extension will you choose for your school website/portal? Let me know your reply via the comments box.

By choosing the right domain extension, you will thank yourself. The Internet had just recently started working in Nigeria, hence there are not many domain extensions available for you when compared to other internet-developed countries like the USA, Canada, South Africa, etc. However, there is. Ng.

In the USA, there’s a domain extension called .nw, hence New York. But you haven’t gotten it in Nigeria, for example, .lag (meaning Lagos, the biggest city in Nigeria).

However, in Nigeria, you can find .org, .Ng,,, etc.

List of all available domain extensions

Domain extensions are the names of websites, and they’re important for several reasons. They help you find a site more easily, but also give a brand identity to the site and make it easier for visitors to remember what your company does. For example:

Section: Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in use today. It’s free and easy-to-use, so people use it wherever they go on their computer or mobile device. However, there are some downsides to using Chrome as well as some features that aren’t available in other browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer (IE).

Internet domain names come in various flavors, such as .com, .org, and .net.

Domain names are used to identify websites and other Internet resources. They’re like phone numbers: they don’t have much meaning on their own, but they’re used in context to make things clear. For example, when you enter “” into your browser’s address bar, the system knows what site you’re visiting (Amazon) and where it’s located (the U.S.). If someone were able to guess this information without having looked at any of your other browsing history or apps installed on your device, they would be able to access most of Amazon’s services—but not all of them!

Domain name extensions are the last part of a domain name; they indicate what type of website hosted on that domain will look like when viewed by users who use browsers that support these extensions’ formats. There are many different types available today: .com stands for commercial entities; .org stands for non-profit organizations; .net stands for networked computers; .edu stands for educational institutions such as universities

You’ve probably heard of the new TLDs. That is the new Top-Level Domains like .guru and .photography.

What are they?

They’re a way to ensure that a website’s domain name doesn’t have to be changed every time a new extension is added. For example: if you own, then you can use “my company” as your TLD without having to change anything on your site (assuming it hasn’t been hacked).

But what does this mean for SEO? Well, it means that when someone visits your site with their browser recognize it as being at www.mycompany. They won’t see any error messages telling them which extension you used!

Instead, all they’ll see is “Welcome!” or whatever else happens after going through some kind of security check before getting inside (see below). In other words even though technically speaking this isn’t true.

There will still only ever be one version per domain name regardless of how many extensions there are available because each one has its own set of rules set by ICANN (the governing body behind these things).

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg — there are hundreds of other domain name extensions available for you to choose from. There are over 1,000 domain name endings (for example .com, .net, and .org), so it’s important that you choose wisely when choosing your new website address. While some extensions may seem more attractive than others at first glance, they don’t always have what it takes to stand out in today’s search engine marketplaces.

There are several factors that go into choosing a great domain extension.

The length of time before expiration – You want to make sure this will be around long enough that people will remember it!

Comprehension within your industry/business sector – If an extension doesn’t work well with your audience or product line then there’s no point using it because nobody else will know what they mean either!

How many domain name extensions are there?

There are over 1,000 domain name endings. The most popular ones are .com and .net, but there are also dozens of others available. The new TLDs (top-level domains) that have been released in the last few years include .guru and .photography; other names such as .tech, etc. are being added all the time!

There are over 1,000 domain name endings. The number of new domain name endings is increasing at a steady rate. This means that the number of new domain name endings is increasing at a fast rate compared to their predecessors.

The most popular names for domains are .com and .net, followed by .org, .tv and others like .info or even more exotic ones like .cloud or .telesquare which may not be very useful but nevertheless have some kind of value associated with them (and they don’t cost anything).

List of all domain extensions

  • .com – Commercial
  • .net – Networking
  • .org – Organization or nonprofit organizations, such as charities and non-profits (don’t use this for businesses)
  • .biz – Businesses that do not have any other TLDs available to them. This is used for legitimate purposes but can also be abused by criminals who want to hide their identity from law enforcement agencies like the FBI or Homeland Security.

Note: You should never use this if you’re planning on doing anything illegal online because most people don’t know what it means when they see this extension next to a URL address on their computer screen!

For example, if someone searches “Torrents” within Google right now then there will be thousands upon thousands of results listed under each result page which includes links showing how much information those websites offer related specifically to downloading files illegally; however, none of these links would appear unless someone searches specifically using keywords such as “torrents” instead.”


There you have it! There are over 1,000 domain name endings. You can find more information about the different extensions at Domain Name Finder or by searching for them in your favorite search engine.

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