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NIN Or National Id Card Enrollment Offices In Akwa-Ibom State For 2020

NIN registration centres in Akwa-Ibom State

In this article today, we shall show you NIMC offices located in Akwa-Ibom state in this year, 2020.

What are the offices for National Identification Number (NIN) in Akwa-Ibom State. If you may have question like that, then in this article, we have got you covered!

Today, you will know all the branches of National Identification Management Commission (NIMC) offices in Akwa-Ibom State (Uyo) Nigeria.

NIN Registration Centres Or NIMC Offices In Akwa-Ibom State In This Year

Are you certainly inquisitive to know where to apply or register for NIN in Akwa-Ibom State freely and get your national ID number very fast?

Then below are the list of available centres for the enrollment of NIN within Akwa-Ibom State.

State Office Federal Secretariat Abak Road, Uyo , Akwa-Ibom State
Abak LGA Local Government Secretariat, Abak
Eastern Obolo LGA Local Government Secretariat, Okoroette
Eket LGA Eket Local Government Secretariat
Esit Eket LGA Local Government Secretariat, Esit Eket
Essien Udim LGA Low Cost Housing Estate, Afaha Ikot Ebak
Etim Ekpo LGA Low Cost Housing Estate, Utu Etim Ekpo
Etinan LGA Etinan Local Government Secretariat
Ibeno LGA Local Government Secretariat, Ukpenekang
Ibesikpo Asutan LGA Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Secretariat
Ibiono Ibom LGA Low Cost Housing Estate, Oko Ita
Ika LGA Local Government Secretariat, Urua Inyang
Ikono LGA Local Government Secretariat, Ibiaku Nto Okpo
Ikot Abasi LGA Ikot Abasi Local Government Secretariat
Ikot Ekpene Local Government Old Secretariat, Ikot Ekpene
Nigeria Immigration Service ERC Room 005, Fed. Sect. Complex, Abak Road, Uyo
Ini LGA PDP Secretariat, Odoro Ikpe
Itu LGA Local Government Secretariat, Mbak Atai
Mbo LGA Low Cost Housing Estate, Ewang
Mkpat Enin Local Government Secretariat, Mkpat Enin
Nsit-Atai LGA Low Cost Housing Estate, behind Council Secretariat, Odot
Nsit Ibom LGA Former Local Government Secretariat, Ikot Edibon
Nsit-Ubium LGA Local Government Secretariat, Ikot Edibon
Obot Akara LGA Low Cost Housing Estate, Nto Edino
Okobo LGA Low Cost Housing Estate, Okobedi
Onna LGA Low Cost Housing Estate, Abat
Oron LGA Oron Local Government Secretariat
Oruk Anam LGA Oruk Anam Local Government Secretariat
Udung Uko LGA Low Cost Housing Estate, Eyokponung
Ukanafun LGA Ukanafun Local Government Secretariat
Uruan LGA Low Cost Housing Estate, Idu Uruan
Urue Offong/Oruko LGA Local Government Secretariat, Oruko
Uyo LGA Local Government secretariat, Uyo

Conclusion On NIMC Offices In Akwai-Ibom State And More Reading

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