Top 16 drawing instruments and their uses with pictures

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Top 16 drawing instruments and their uses with pictures

Do you want to draw some engineering drawing such as ellipse, isometric, triangle, etc? For your drawing to look correct, you have to draw with the recommended drawing instruments. In this post, we shall discuss with you top 16 drawing instruments you have to have and their uses including their pictures.

Drawing is in higher demanding than text or all other written explanations. In engineering and everything, people prefer drawing to text as it describes something vividly than text. Assume, When you are given a contract, you have to draw the result of what you’re going to make at the end before you start, if the person that is giving you the contract is satisfied, then he/she will then allow you to start.

In engineering, we value drawing and sketching more than everything. If you are interested to know top drawing instruments used to draw something, then you we welcome you to the right place.

Now, let’s start looking at top 16 drawing instruments and their uses with pictures one by one.

List and uses of instruments used in technical drawing

#1. Protractor

Protractor is used to draw and measure the angles of lines in the drawing. It is transparent and made of plastic.

It is in the shape of semi-circle, and the edge of semi-circle part consists reading with one-degree accuracy. The bottom line joins the 0o to the 180o. The center of this bottom line is marked as “O” or “C” from which the angles are measured.

#2. French curves

French curves are made of plastic and they are in irregular shapes. Sometimes the drawing requires irregular curves or shapes or arcs which cannot be drawn using compass.

In that case French curves are suitable. Generally French curves are more suitable for small curves and for long curves splines are used.

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#3. Drawing templates

Drawing templates are nothing but plastic or wooden boards which contains spaces of several shapes or letters. Non-dimensional shapes or variety font letters are drawn by using templates which makes drawing easier and perfect.

#4. Engineering pencils

Pencil is used to draw on the paper. Any type of pencil is not suitable for drawing. There are some limitations, the drawing appearance should be very neat and understandable.

Every line of the drawing in Engineering should indicate its importance. It depends upon the hardness and softness of pencil.

Pencil’s gradePurpose
3HConstruction lines
2HDimension lines, center lines, sectional lines, hidden lines
HObject lines, lettering
HBDimensioning and boundary lines
Name of pencilMeaning
6H, 5H, 4HExtremely Hard
3HVery hard
HModerately hard
HBMedium hard
BModerately soft and black
2BSoft and black
3BVery soft and black
4B, 5B, 6BVery soft and very black

#5. Eraser

Eraser is used to remove the lines or spots which drawn by mistake or with wrong measurements. The eraser used in engineering or technical drawing should be good in quality and soft. And it should not damage the paper while erasing.

#6. T square

T square is used to draw horizontal and vertical lines on drawing sheet. It made of wood or plastic and in T shape.

The vertical part of T is called as blade and horizontal part of T is called as head. The edge of head is uniform level and attached to the edge of the board.

The working edge is used to draw lines anywhere on the sheet by moving the instrument top to bottom.

#7. Compass

Compass is a technical drawing instrument used to draw an arc or circle with known dimensions on engineering drawing. It is generally made of steel and consists two legs.

One leg of compass contains needle at the bottom and other leg contains a ring in which a pencil is placed. The needle tip is placed at the respected point and pencil tip is adjusted to the height at least 1mm just above the tip of the needle.

#8. Divider

The divider looks like a compass, but the difference is the two legs of divider are provided with needles.

This is used to divide a line or curve into equal parts. Divider is also used to check the measurements.

#9. Set squares

Set squares are used to draw lines with an angle between them. In most of the structures, 30, 45, 60 and 90-degree lines are most common. So, set squares make the work easier for this type of drawings.

Generally, set squares are of two types. One is 45 degree set square and another one is called as 30 – 60 degree set square. Both are required in the drawing. 45 set square has a side of 25 cm while 30-60 set square has 25 cm length on one side.

#10. Clinograph

Clinograph is an instrument among top 16 technical drawing instruments and their uses that we have discussed in this article. It is used to draw parallel lines to the inclined lines. It contains one adjustable wing or strip which can be adjusted to required angle. Hence, it can be termed as adjustable set square.

#11. Drawing sheet

Drawing sheet is a white paper on which an object is drawn which is available in various sizes.

The sheet used for engineering should be of good quality. It should be white in color with uniform thickness with must resist the easy torn of paper. The surface of sheet must be smooth.

Drawing sheets are categorized into different types commonly started with ”A”

Drawing sheetDimensions (length X width) (mm)
A0841 X 1189
A1594 X 841
A2420 X 594
A3297 X 420
A4210 X 297
A5148 X 210

#12. Drawing board

Drawing board is another one of the top 15 drawing instruments we have discussed in this article and their uses. It is generally made of soft wood and it is in rectangular in shape. It is used to support drawing sheet, so, the size of board is made according to the size of the drawing sheet.

The wood portions are joined by tongue and grove type joint to prevent cracks. At the edge of board, straight ebony edge is provided for the T-square usage. Different types of drawing boards and their sizes according to IS classification are listed below

#13. Mini drafter

Mini drafter is an instrument which can be used for multiple functions in drawing. It contains two arms which is adjustable to required angle and at the end of the lower arm a scale set is attached.

The scale set contains two scales connected perpendicular to each which cannot be separated. This instrument is fixed to the drawing board at one edge with the help of screw provided for the drafter.

Mini drafter is used for drawing horizontal lines, vertical lines, inclined lines, angles, parallel lines, perpendicular lines etc.

#14. Belt

Belt is used to bind the drawing sheet of what you have drawn to prevent your work from being looks ugly if you are not submitting immediately.

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#15. Scale rule

Scale rule is also known as ruler. Ruler is used to measure lines in a technical drawing work.

#16. Paper holder

When the drawing sheet is placed on the board it may not be in fixed position, hence, to fix the drawing sheet to the board paper holders should be used.


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