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Top 10 best engineering courses with high salary

Top 10 best engineering courses with high salary

The study of engineering is what that makes innovation in the world nowadays. Without engineers, the world would have remained the way it was in the past decades, hence, no development in anything. From transportation, health, education, communication, nutrition, agriculture etc., engineering impacts a lot. In fact, we can’t explain up what the study of engineering does for us. It is not a news that engineers earn a high salary. Here, we have discussed top 10 best engineering courses with high salary for this 2022.

If you are interested to know the list and explanation of top 10 best engineering courses in with high salary for 2022, then continue reading because that is what I am also going to discuss through out in this article. The list of engineering courses listed and explained here are one of the top best one that its studies bring a lot of positive impact to people in the society and the world at large. In addition, any student that studies it is expected to collect high salary.

Engineering itself is a lucrative courses. A graduate of any engineering course can work in every country in the world. He/she can work remotely especially those that study Information Technology course like computer science or software engineering. The best part about studying engineering course is that it is not a doubt that after your graduation, you will become a job creator by yourself for others. More over, if you see a job, your salary must be satisfied and friendly.

The top best engineering courses explained here have been studying in school since decades, hence, they are not a new course and as a result of this we see the life of the people that studied. The status of their life is that they can solve problem relating to their field their selves, create job for their selves and also for others.

Now, let’s look into the list and explanation of top ten (10) best engineering courses for this 2022 with high salary one by one.

Top best engineering courses with high salary for this 2022

  1. AI and ML engineering.
  2. Aerospace engineering.
  3. Electronics and communication engineering.
  4. Nuclear engineering.
  5. Mechanical engineering.
  6. Civil engineering.
  7. Computer science and engineering.
  8. Petroleum engineering.
  9. Electrical engineering.
  10. Solar Engineering.

1. AI and ML engineering

AI and ML engineering is a course among the list of top best engineering courses with high salary. They carry out their study using computer and other software built by software engineers and computer scientists. You can work with the certificate of AI or ML in any country in the world earning high salary and other benefits.

An Artificial Intelligent engineer builds models using machine learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks to draw business insights, which can be used to enhance the effective promotion of business and making of an individual easy. While machine learning engineer (ML engineer) on the other hand is a person in IT who focuses on researching, building and designing self-running artificial intelligence (AI) systems to automate predictive models.

AI and ML engineers are in high demand for any good reason. It is an engineering course that has seemingly endless potential to improve and simplify tasks commonly done by humans, including speech recognition, image processing, business process management, and even the diagnosis of disease. The average salary of Artificial Intelligence Engineer is between $50, 000 to $70, 000.

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2. Aerospace engineering

Another best engineering course among the list of top 10 best engineering courses with high salary for this 2022 is Aerospace engineering. It is primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It has two major and branches; aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering.

Being the top best engineering course with high salary, the average salary of aerospace engineers in the UK for this 2022 is $102,300 per year. Although they can work in many industries, hence their earning potential varies.

Gaining a Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering is easy but becoming an approved Aeronautical engineer is tough. In fact, the subjects that you need to focus more if you want to become an Aeronautical engineer are physics and mathematics.

3. Electronics and communication engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering (also shortened as ECE) involves researching, designing, developing, and testing electronic equipment used in various systems. Every company or industry needs the services of Electronics and communication engineers, hence, they are easily employed and collect high salary more than other graduates.

The benefit and scope of Electronics and communication engineering is very high. It can make you become self employed or you can participate a professional course like IT industry, airlines, telecommunication, etc.

If you take part in learning professional course in addition with your Electronics and Communication certificate, you have a high chances of getting employed in a renowned lucrative IT companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Please note that they must check the ability of the employee according to their hiring needs.

4. Nuclear engineering

Nuclear engineering is 0ne of the top best engineering courses with high salary. They mostly concerned with the application of breaking down atomic nuclei (fission) or of combining atomic nuclei (fusion), or with the application of other sub-atomic processes based on the principles of nuclear physics. Nuclear Engineers are mostly very respected in the United states, United Kingdom, Canada, etc. In fact, the average salary of Nuclear Engineer in USA is between $74,800 to $185,550.

Getting employed as a Nuclear Engineering student is quite easy. The role of your employment may be a design, construct and operate nuclear power plants, which generate electric power. The jobs for Nuclear Engineers are very lucrative as well as very risky also, hence, you need an in-depth knowledge of nuclear physics.

The obtainment of Bachelor of Science degree in Nuclear Science and Engineering is only four years. It is not too hard to study it. In fact, if you know how to solve Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, you don’t have to cope with anything before you can study Nuclear engineering. If you want to become an approved Nuclear Engineers, then proceed to obtain master’s degree after your first degree, have a license and work toward your dream.

5. Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest branches of engineering. They design, develop, build, and test. They also deal with anything that moves, from components to machines to the human body.

A Bachelor’s degree holder in mechanical engineering can work in many fields, including manufacturing and aerospace which provide high salary. After your graduation as a mechanical engineer, you can decide not to get employed by others and start doing work yourself which will make you count a huge amount of salary if done effectively.

Mechanical engineering is one of the top 10 best engineering courses with high salary in our list. You can work with its certificate in any where in the world. Within four or five years, you can a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

6. Civil engineering

Civil engineering is an engineering course that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewage systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings, railways, etc.

It is considered a good engineering course and students pursuing a course in the branch get different types of jobs. If you are interested to study civil engineering, then you should definitely go for it. Note that you are good at Mathematics, Physics and technical drawing.

Civil engineering is one of the top best engineering courses with high salary that you can study if you are interested. In the United States of America, the salary of civil engineers working in a company, e.g, NASA is $75,800 and above in a year.

7. Computer science and engineering

Computer Science and Engineering is an engineering course offered in many universities. It comprises scientific and engineering aspects of computing.

The primary aim of the study of computer engineering is to design, test, implement and maintain computer hardware and software. Computer scientist and engineers are responsible for the smooth functioning of the components of the software programming as well as the components of the hardware systems.

Every company and industry needs the service of computer scientists and engineers, hence, their job application is easily accepted than any other graduates. It is four to five year degree course. If you want to build a career in it, then you can learn professional course about it such as web designer or software developer.

8. Petroleum engineering

Petroleum engineering is a another branch of engineering concerned with the activities related to the production of Hydrocarbons, which can be either crude oil or natural gas. Exploration and production are deemed to fall within the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

One of the top 10 best engineering courses with high salary for this 2022 especially in Nigeria is Petroleum engineering. Every oil and gas company needs a engineers who are capable in ensuring the high quality in the yield and production of their oil for high marketability in the labor market, hence, it is good to study petroleum engineering.

It is not very hard to study petroleum engineering if you can deal with Mathematics, chemistry and physics. In conclusion, petroleum engineering as a course is very competitive.

9. Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is another best engineering course that has high salary. It is a course/discipline concerned with the study, design, and application of equipment, devices, and systems which use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

A professional graduate of electrical engineering can design the electrical systems of automobiles and aircraft, hence, they can be employed to a job position as an electrical engineer at car, aircraft, etc. industry.

The average salary of an electrical engineer in the United States of America, USA ranges from $254,000 $300,000 per year.

10. Solar Engineering

Solar engineering is a course among the list of top 10 best engineering courses with high salary. It is a study that deals with solar energy, a radiant light and heat from the Sun that is harnessed using a range of technologies such as solar power to generate electricity. Solar thermal energy including solar water heating, and solar architecture.

A graduate of Solar engineering can work in many number of areas of engineering products that help harness energy from the sun. They may research, design, and develop new products, or they may work in testing, production, or maintenance. They may collect and manage data to help design solar systems.

If you have studied other engineering course like electrical and electronic engineering in your bachelor’s degree program, you can change from it to solar engineering if you want. Solar engineering is an engineering course that can teach you how to fill renewable energy. It is an also a course with high salary.


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