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Wema Bank transfer code, *945# and how to activate

Wema Bank transfer code, *945# and how to activate

Wema bank transfer code (also known as Wema bank USSD code) is *945# and it can be used by anybody who has an account with Wema bank. In this article, we will guide you through how to activate it on your phone and how to use it.

Wema bank is a fully CBN licensed commercial banks in Nigeria getting branches in different locations across all thirty six states in Nigeria including FCT. In 2020, it ranked 5th position in top best commercial banks of the year.

Presently, it has over 180 branches situated across every state in Nigeria. Apart from that, their customer care services is very fast and welcoming.

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. At Wema bank, it is also referred to as quick code.

Wema bank USSD code gives direct access to the service provider via the use of the phone’s dialer. For example, when checking the account balance of airtime in your SIM card, the code you dial via your phone is USSD code.

And in terms of banking, USSD performs the same function, but in this instance allows you, the bank customer, to directly communicate with your bank account without you having to go to the bank.

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Why we use Wema bank USSD code

  • We use Wema bank USSD code (*945#) because it is a service which free and is always open to every network provider in Nigeria (MTN, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel).
  • It is very carefully secure because it is only open to Wema bank account holders. 
  • It can’t be used anyhow, hence, to use it to do any transaction, you must have an active phone number and must be registered with your Wema bank account.
  • Wema bank USSD code works 24 hours every day. That is, even at mid night, you can still use it do anything provided that you a a network.

What is Wema bank USSD code

The Wema bank USSD code for banking at the comfort of any place you are is *945# and it is always available to every of their customer.

Most interestingly, you can request WEMA bank give you load by dialing a code and get the alert of its disbursement in your account. The WEMA bank code for requesting a loan is *945*65#.

Using Wema USSD code, you can use it to transfer fund from your Wema bank account another Wema bank account or other opposite accounts by dialing (945*account number#). In fact, some of the tasks that you can use Wema bank USSD code are:

  • Account management 
  • Cardless transactions
  • State collections, 
  • School and exam purposes, 
  • Payment of electricity bill and internet services, 
  • Airtime, data and transfer transactions, and 
  • Loan application. 

How to activate Wema bank USSD code

Please note that before you can be allowed to activate Wema bank USSD code on your phone, you must have an existing bank account with Wema bank. After that, then you can simply register and activate the code on your phone.

  1. Dial *945# on the mobile line that is connected to your bank account. If the number presently used is not connected to your account, you would have to go to the bank to update your details.
  2. After dialing, follow the prompts and choose the options suited to you.
  3. Choose the account you want to make transactions from.
  4. Select a confidential PIN and confirm it.

Wema bank USSD code and their uses

Account balance*945*0# 
Change PIN*945*00# 
Change primary account*945*2*oldacctno*newacctno# 
Account opening*945*1# 
Account Registering on 945*945*01#
BVN management*945*4# 
Account restriction*945*911# 

USSD code to check Wema bank account balance

After successfully activating Wema bank mobile banking service on your phone, you can now check your account balance and everything yourself by just simply using *945# (Wema bank USSD code).

The Wema bank USSD code for checking your account balance is *945*0#. The following are the tasks that you may regularly perform with your Wema bank and their respective USSD code:

  • Transfer Money to other Wema bank: *945*beneficiaryaccountnumber*amount#
  • Transfer money to other opposite bank of Wema bank: *945*2*beneficiaryaccountnumber*amount#
  • Buy Airtime: *945*phone Number*amount#
  • Balance Enquiry: *945*0#
  • Change PIN: *945*00#
  • Know your Account Number: *945*000#
  • Open new Wema bank Account: *945*1#
  • Account Reactivation: *945*5#
  • Transfer airtime to other non registered SIM card: *945*6*amount#
  • Transfer airtime to your registered SIM card: *945*amount#
  • Request for a loan: *945*65#
  • Perform cardless transaction or withdrawal: *945*57#.

Wema bank code for all specific functions

Wema bank code for all specific functions

The collection of all Wema bank code and their functions are discussed below:

1. Wema bank Airtime, data and fund transfer transactions code

By dialing Wema bank USSD code, you can from the comfort of your home, recharge airtime and data for yourself or your loved ones and make fund transfers.

The Wema bank code for airtime and data purchase directly from your bank account or send money from your account to another account are shown below:

Buy airtime for yourself*945*amount# 
Buy airtime for others*945*phoneNo*amount# 
Transfers money to Wema account or other banksdial *945*accountNo*amount# and follow the prompts
2. Wema bank account management code

Wema bank account management code refers to everything concerning your bank account from opening a new one to checking the balance and updating information that is important for the unrestricted use of your account.

For example, if you forgot your Wema bank transfer PIN, then here you will find the code. The USSD codes that make this easier are highlighted below: 

Account balance*945*0# 
Change transfer PIN*945*00# 
Change primary account*945*2*oldacctno*newacctno# 
Account opening*945*1# 
Account Registering on 945*945*01#
BVN management*945*4# 
Account restriction*945*911# 
3. Wema bank code for internet service

With Wema bank USSD code (*945#), you can pay for internet services of different networks using the following USSD codes:

Internet service menu*945*15#
4. Schools and Exams USSD Codes

Also, if you are a student, you can also check the results of your external examinations using the Wema bank USSD codes below: 

WAEC (result checking)*945*70# 
JAMB (result checking)*945*71#
5. Electricity Bill USSD Codes

Wema bank customers from different states who use electricity can easily pay their bill without going to the office. The USSD codes for different states are outlined below:

Electricity bill*945*24# 

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6. Cable TV USSD Code 

If you are having cable TV like GOTV or Startimes in your home or office, you can pay for their recharge bill from your Wema bank account using your mobile phone. The USSD codes to do those tasks include:

Cable TV menu*945*10# 
DSTV*945*11# and *945*11*smartcardNO #  
GOTV*945*12# and *945*12*smartcardNO# 
7. Bank Cardless Transactions USSD Codes 

Cardless transactions is the transaction that doesn’t require using ATM card to take effect. You can perform Wema bank cardless transaction via different platforms using the following USSD codes:

Mcash  *945*57# and *945*57*merchantcode*amount# 
Coralpay  *945*58# and *945*000*REFno# 

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Wema bank customer care number

If you want to contact Wema bank customer care for complaint, request or enquiry, then the following Wema bank customer care contact channels(email and telephone number) are helpful:

  • +234-803-900-3700
  • +234-01-277-7700-9
  • 07000PURPLE (07000787753)
  • [email protected]
  • CHAT WITH THEM ON WHATSAPP – 09044411010.

In conclusion, above are some awesome tasks that can be carried out with the Wema bank USSD code. Hence, instead of going to the bank, simply dial *945# and enjoy easier and more convenient banking services!

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