Courses And Faculties For Part-Time Programme (Part-Time Courses)

Courses for part-time programme in Nigeria

Are you trying to gain admission into tertiary institution and searching for the courses and faculties which you can study with part-time programme? You don’t have to worry henceforth if you would read this content very well.

Part-time programme is the situation where students are opportuned to run which will enable them to come to the school in one or two times in a session.

Part-time programme is designed for a students who don’t get chance to be in school in all the time.

That is, if you’re a business man or an employee and want to school, then part-time programme is exactly designed to retain you.

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Today I will discuss part-time programme ‘s ins and outs with you. And what courses or faculties are allowed to study with it and the ones you cannot.

Why Part-Time Programme

Why part-time programme? Please read on to know why.

Part-time is a Nigerian federal government initiative formed by National Universities Commission, NUC to assist people who want to study in tertiary institution but have not got the capability of time.

The opposite of part-time is full-time and the good news is that both of the result of part-time and full-time student are similar.

Courses Or Faculties Which You Can Study With Part-Time Programme

Do you want to know the list of courses which can be studied with part-time programme and the courses which you cannot?

The following are the courses you cannot study on part-time programme:

  1. Environmental Sciences
  2. Engineering/Technology
  3. Law
  4. Medicine/Medical Sciences
  5. Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences
  6. Dentistry and
  7. Veterinary Science

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Reasons Why You Cannot Study Any Courses Above With Part-Time Programme

As you can see, you cannot study any of the above seven (7) underlisted courses on part-time programme.

• Environmental Sciences

Prospective learner of Environmental Sciences can gain part-time admission into any tertiary institution according to the order of Federal ministry of education.

The reason why it can never be possible to gain part-time programme admission to study Environmental Sciences’ faculties or related courses is that what one doesn’t have deep knowledge about should not be taught to another person.

Meanwhile, you can study Public Administration or Accounting on part-time programme.

• Engineering/Technology

No any person can gain part-time admission into Engineering related courses because Engineering itself is one of the hardest faculties in the world right now even in Nigeria.

If you want to study Engineering course but you don’t get chance to study full-time, please be informed that you should think again.

In conclusion, any courses from the faculty of Engineering cannot be studied with part-time programme, thus change your course.

• Law

Without saying anything, Law cannot be studied with part-time programme. Every aspirant of Law should make sure that he/she must be a full-time student.

If you study Law on part-time programme, you wouldn’t know its value and anything about it, isn’t it?

• Medicine and Surgery or Medical Sciences

In an institution in which Medicine and Surgery or Medical related courses should be studied properly, students can use seven (7) years plus before he/she will be recognized as an approved Medical doctor.

As a result of the risk involved in Medicine and Surgery, student can’t study it with part-time programme.

In University of Jos, Plateaus state, if you study Medicine and Surgery there, you’d become Medical doctor immidiately you’ve graduated.

Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences

Public fact, This course cannot be studied with part-time programme ever. Pharmacy relates to the study of how to produce drugs and tablets and the student who studied it is called Pharmacist.

Do you have a desire to study Pharmacy? If yes, then you must be ready to be a full-time student of university.

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• Dentistry

Dentistry is the study of the maintenance of teeth and how to prevent teeth infection.

As a result of that, students cannot be allowed to study Dentistry in abstract (part-time programme).

• Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science is the study of the disease of domestic (home) animals and how to treat them.

Veterinary Science is not a course which can be studied with part-time programme in any Nigerian universities.

Approved Universities For Part-Time Programme

If you’re not intending to study any of the seven (7) courses listed above, then any course you’ll choose will be allowed for part-time programme.

Now in which university should you run part-time programme? Below are the list of top ten (10) of approved federal universities for running part-time programme in:

  1. University of Jos
  2. ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile-Ife
  3. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
  4. Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
  5. Federal University of technology, Owerri
  6. Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto
  7. Bayero University, Kano
  8. University of Benin
  9. University of Port Harcourt
  10. Federal University of Technology, Minna.

Conclusion and further reading

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