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In this article, I will show you every ussd code of Union Bank for different purposes or uses. Have you ever asked or searched for Union Bank transfer code while you need an accurate guides step by step? You are in the right place today!!

With Union Bank ussd code, you can open an account, transfer money to another person, buy airtime or data and lots more with your mobile phone.

If you’re not using an android phone to browse through the website of Union Bank, you can do exactly what android users do with your button phone by dialling ussd code.

Union Bank is the best and fastest commercial bank in Nigeria and in some countries. The tagline or moto of it is, your simpler, smarter bank.

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Now, let me start to show or lecture you the codes to bank safely with Union Bank with your phone.

Union bank ussd code for transfer and everything

Below are the ussd codes of Union Bank which you can use to transfer money or do everything with your phone. For example, *826*4# is for checking account balance. Now, what is the code to transfer money?

Note that the ussd code for Union Bank is *826# and below are the step-by-step guides on how to use it in a multi purpose way.

Union Bank transfer codes are:

#1 Code to transfer money from Union Bank to Union Bank

Union Bank allows its customers to send money (fund) from their account to another person’s account with a little bit of ussd code.

If the person you are transferring money to is a customer of Union Bank, you will not be charged for transaction fee and the code you should use is *826*amount*account number#.

For example, if it’s N100, 000 (100k Naira) you want to send to another Union Bank account from your Union Bank account, then dial *826*100000*account number#.

You will receive debite alert that the money has been transferred successfully and the person you transferred to will receive credit alert instantly.

#2 Ussd code to transfer money from Union Bank to other (opposite) bank

Ussd code of Union Bank can be used to do everything unless you don’t know how to use it further. With ussd code, you can transfer money from Union Bank to any type of bank in Nigeria and abroad.

If you have a person who uses an opposite of Union Bank, what is the ussd code you should use to transfer money to him/her and how to transfer successfully? Let me answer your question below!

#3 Code to buy airtime for yourself from Union Bank

If you have an account with Union Bank, you don’t have to recharge paper recharge card. That is to say that you can top up airtime to your alert sim card from union bank anytime, anywhere.

To recharge your sim card with airtime from your Union Bank account, dial *826*amount you want to recharge. For example, *826*200#.

By dialling *826*amount#, your sim card will be credited and N200 will be deducted from your Union Bank account balance.

#4 Code to transfer airtime from Union Bank to another person

You can also transfer airtime from your Union Bank account directly to your loved one to show care. The ussd code to use is *826*amount*phone number#.

For example, if you want to transfer N500 airtime to another person, simply get the person’s telephone number and dial *826*amount you want to transfer*person’s telephone number#.

The person you transfer airtime to will receive text message that his/her sim card has been credited with the amount of airtime you sent or transferred.

#5 Ussd code to check account balance of Union Bank

You Union Bank account balance is something that should be checked regularly in every day especially when you’re waiting for credit alert.

However, you don’t have to go to the ATM before you can check your account balance. With ussd code, you can.

Now, the ussd code which you can dial to check your Union Bank account balance is *826*4#. It’s simple, right?

#6 Code to increase your Union Bank transaction limit

To some customers of Union Bank, the total amount of money they can transfer in a day varies. Some customers are allowed to transact N200, 000 while some are allowed to spend a maximum of N100, 000.

The good news is that you can increase your transaction limit. To do that, please use the following ussd code.

Firstly, make sure that you have requested and got a valid ATM card of Union Bank for your account. After that, dial *826*8# and follow the prompts.

#7 Ussd code for Union Bank cardless withdrawal

Without using your ATM card, you can withdraw money from your Union Bank account, this type of transaction is called cardless withdrawal.

To perform cardless withdrawal on union bank, the ussd code to use is *826*7*amount#. After dialling this code, *826*7*amount#, enter your secret pin and copy the code which will be generated for you.

Now, to withdraw your money without ATM card, visit any Union Bank ATM, choose cardless withdrawal and finally enter your generated code.

#8 Code to block your Union Bank ATM card

Any time is appear that person is withdrawing your money without an agreement, it’s ideal to block your ATM card in order to prevent him/her from withdrawing money.

Yes you can block your ATM card with a simple click on your mobile phone without having to go to Union Bank branch.

Just pick up your phone and dial *826*40#. The good news is that you can unblock it in the next time you want to use it. Simple, right?

#9 Code to buy data for yourself from Union Bank

With you Union Bank ussd code, you can subscribe for data bundle directly from your account. Instead of loading the recharge card to your phone before you continue to buy data, you can directly buy it from Union Bank.

If it’s to your registered or alert number you want to purchase data to, then just dial *826*9*amount#.

After dialing *826*9#, then select option 1 to buy data for yourself and finally enter the amount of data you want to purchase.

#10 Ussd code to transfer data to another person from your Union Bank

Also you can transfer or purchase data for another person from your Union Bank account. To do this successfully, please read below:

Insert your Union Bank alert number in a mobile device, then dial *826*9#. At this point, you can select option 2 to direct you to purchase data to any number you want.

#11 Code to unblock your Union Bank ATM card

To unblock your Union Bank ATM card, simply dial *826*40# and follow the instructions. Thank you.

#12 Union bank Ussd code to request Union Bank ATM card

If you’ve newly opened Union Bank account and still haven’t gotten your ATM card, you should request or order one of your choice now with your phone.

The ussd code for requesting Union Bank ATM card is *826*21#. After you have diealled *826*21#, then select option 1 to request for debit card.

Ideally, you should request for Union Bank master card as it’s useful for shopping online and offline. The good thing about MasterCard of Union Bank is that it carries high transaction limit.

#13 Code to know the branches of Union Bank near you

If you have relocated to another town or state, you could find the location where the branches of Union Bank are around you.

Now, to know the address of Union Bank branches which are nearest to you, simply dial *826*19#. By dialling this code, top five (5) best agents who are currently active, will be shown to you in case you need them to assist.


I have come to the conclusion of how to use the transfer code of Union Bank. Now, if you have any question to ask or suggestion, you can show it to me through the comment section.

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    I want to unblock my mobile transfer by pressing *826*40# but I was asked to put my cvv
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    1. Abdulrazaq Yahaya

      CVV is the three main digit numbers written at the back of your card. Please remember to let me know if you need further assisatnce.

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