factors that prevent people from entering into campus

In this article, we will be looking at the top eight (8) factors that prevent people from gaining admission into tertiary institution in Nigeria or entering into their desired campus and how to avoid those factors from happening to you.

Every year, the UTME candidates complain why they were not being offered an admission by either JAMB or their schools despite their high scores in JAMB UTME examination

If you want to know the causatives why you were not being admitted, then we will get you covered! I have been meeting different set of candidates who scored roughly 250 and above but they were still not being offered an admission, now, I want to let you know that there is something big that has happened.

In this post, you will know the top eight (8) reasons (causatives) why you wrote JAMB, scored high and unfortunately you were not admitted.

First of all, let me ask; would you not be glad if I start showing with you those causatives right away?

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However, if JAMB or your school did not admit you, do not worry, you might have wrongly done one or more things which we are going to list and explain in this post shortly.

In conclusion, if you were not being gained admission, that is not the end of your life. Because you would gain it in next year. You may have to read what you should start to be doing after you have checked your jamb score

Eight factors that prevent many people from entering into campus

Below are the eight causatives or factors why many people did not make up to be given an admission to study the course they like in their desired institution and campus during JAMB registration in 2021.

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  1. Wrong O’ Level subject combination
  2. Low Post UTME screening score
  3. UTME-combination deficiency
  4. Non-acceptance of Offer
  5. Duplication of application
  6. Absent from POST UTME Screening
  7. Late change of Institution &
  8. Mismatch of Catchment

Above are the causatives why you were not gain an admission into your selected institutions during JAMB (UTME) registration.

Let us look into why they prevented you causatively from gaining the successful admission.

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1. Wrong O’Level Subject Combination

Candidate who did not know the subject combination for his/her course to be selected during JAMB registration is probably mischose them.

Hence, it can make him/her to be disqualified for gaining the admission.

Thus, the selection of correct subject combination for your course matters alot.

Meanwhile, we have created an article to help you know the correct subject combination for your courses. Click here to visit that for more understanding.

The numbers of O’Level subject to be chosen and written in the utme exam hall are four as usual with mandatory use of English inclusive for every candidate.

Whether you are a Science or an Arts JAMB candidate, you must sit for English Language in JAMB examination, in fact.

You can not be a prospective aspirant of Medicine and Surgery and select

  • Use of English,
  • Chemistry,
  • Physics and 
  • Mathematics

as your O’ level subject combination.

Mathematics should be in subject combination of JAMB for the candidates aspiring Engineering or Technology or Mathematics-related course.

That’s being said, as a Medicine & Surgery candidate, Biology must be among your JAMB subject combination. 

2. Low Post UTME Examination Score

The causation of the non-admitted candidates (why they were not being admitted) may be the fact that they had scored very poor in their Post utme screening.

If candidate scored poorly in the post UTME examination of his/her school, he/she would not get a chance of gaining an admission in such institution unless a change of institution is make.

Do read your books to overcome JAMB exam failure. The books which you need to read frequently for JAMB are the four O’level subject that you had selected during JAMB registration.

For more reading on how to prepare for JAMB examination in two weeks, then please click here.

If you are thinking about how you can get Post UTME past questions for your course and institution in 2021, I have published an article about that on this very website, thus, please search this website ”post utme past questions” for more information.

3. JAMB Subject Combination Deficiency

The subjects which every UTME candidates need to combine are four that relate to their course they want to study in school.

If candidates mistakenly chose three O’Level subject, then JAMB subject combination is said to be deficient, hence, he/she will can’t be admitted.

Therefore, any candidate with deficient JAMB subject combination, will not be considered for gaining admission by both JAMB and his/her chosen institution into the university.

Whether you’re a Social Science student or Pure Science, the O’Level subjects you must sit for in JAMB examination hall is only four; did you know?

For more information on JAMB subject combination for all courses and faculties in Nigeria, please click here. We’ve written that article for our readers!

4. Not Accepting The Admission Offer

Not accepting the offer means that the offer (admission) given to the candidates to either reject or accept were being seemed rejected by candidate.

Whenever JAMB gives admission to a candidate, it usually requests two options (accept/reject). Therefore, choose one (accept/reject) out of the offer.

When the candidate does not have an interest in the offer that was given to him/her, then he/she should choose reject and such candidate would not get or gain an admission into that rejected institution in that year.

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5. Duplication Of The Application Of Post UTME and JAMB

When one candidate registered JAMB for two or more times, then such candidate’s registration is said to be duplicate.

While the duplication of applications disqualify candidate to gain admission automatically.

Duplication of applications can not be done if candidates do not register for JAMB in two times in a single year. 

If JAMB’s detected your duplicate applications (post UTME or JAMB), it’ll be hard for you to gain admission into any universities (schools) in Nigeria.

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6. Absent From Post UTME Screening Centre

Candidates who were absent from post UTME screening exercise of their chosen institution can not gain admission.

Post UTME of your school is a vital record that can accumulate you to get admission. In fact, failure to sit for Post UTME examination is one of the highest eight factors that prevent people from entering into any campus in Nigeria, hence, please do remember to know when to apply for your own timely.

Some candidates had found it impossible to go to their school to take the post UTME examination for a while.

If the school you chose as a choice during JAMB registration is far away from your present address, then let your sponsorship or any concerned family members know.

However, as it’s been said in one of my articles, money is one of the four (4) vital documents for JAMB registration. Please click here for the other remaining three (3).

7. Late In Changing of Institution

There is the right time for changing of institution by candidates who scored below the aggregate cut-off marks of their first choice-chosen institutions.

If you know that you have scored below the marks which the school you chose as first choice does not want, then do a change of institution.

Changing an institution fastly will qualify you for gaining admission into another school.

If you would not do a change of institution, school that you chose as first choice will have not offered you the admission, as a matter of fact.

If candidate do a change of institution lately, he/she might have not been admitted.

That is why the proverb that says “doing the right thing at the right time” is very important to obey.

Do a change of institution or correction of data as immediately as it is needed and make sure it is in the right time in order to make you get a chance to gain admission.

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8. Mismatch of Catchment

From the number one to here (the last causative), it has assumed that all of them are the catchments. Hence If candidate has a mismatched catchment, he/she can not be qualified for gaining an admission into his/her desired (choice) institution.

Therefore, candidates are advised to maintain a matched details of themselves when registering for UTME.

If date of birth you used to register JAMB mismatch the one you used to register for post UTME of your chosen school, it will yield you a mismatched catchment.

If you’re a mismatched catchment candidate, the probability of your hope to gain admission is 50%, believe and remember me (trust me)!


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