What to do when she says she has a boyfriend

If you are proposing to a lady, you must get either one of the three responses, interested, not interested or already has a boyfriend.. Being a serious man looking for serious relationship, you don’t have to care about any negative or discouraging response you get from woman. Sometimes, women using those responses to guide them from immature guys.

In this article, we will discuss with you what you can do when a woman says she has a boyfriend while you are proposing to her. Are you confused when she says she’s interested or engaged?. What can you do for her to make her love you and ignore all those responses?

First, we will like to begin with the reasons why she says she has a boyfriend while she’s not.

  1. She doesn’t like you
  2. She wants to determine your seriousness
  3. Maybe she wants to end the relationship
  4. It may be true.

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Now, let’s look at what you can do when a lady says she has a boyfriend to you.

What to do if she has a boyfriend

#1. Consider it as a joke

When she says she has a boyfriend, consider it as a joke or feel that you don’t hear. Then talk to her again. 95% of girls use this response ”I have married or engaged” to frighten away men that are not serious.

If a girl started saying she has a boyfriend but didn’t tell you that when you proposed to her, then that is a sign that she is nearly going to accept and she is testing you before that time.

#2. Befriend with her

The best time to start befriending a girl is when she is saying she has a lover or boyfriend. That statement is a sign that she is trying to make you look unto other men to observe what they do for their girlfriend and also do the same for her.

Don’t run away or keep of when she says she has a boyfriend. Instead befriend with her. Call as frequent as possible, buy her what she needs, take her around, eat with her, play game with her, watch movie with her, etc.

#3. Feel no worry

In the event that she keeps saying that, feel no worry or discouraged. Anytime she says she has a boyfriend, reply to her ”this is unbelievable”. Don’t care any more.

If you are type of person that plays football, don’t stop playing because of that. But always check her.

#4. Tell her how you will become if she leave you

Another way to confuse a girl when she says she has a boyfriend while she didn’t tell you before is telling her how you will feel if she leave you. Remind the notable things you did with her since you have engaged and assure to her you are not interested to leave her.

If you usually have dinner with her or play game with her, remember her with that.

#5. Ask if that guy has met her parents

By the time she is seriously keep saying she has a boyfriend, then ask her if that guy has met her parent. If she say yes, ask her to show you the proof.

Earlier in this article, we told you that girls are mostly telling the false to a guy that they have a boyfriend and we have also shown you the reasons why they are saying so, hence, what ever style she is using to say she has a boyfriend, know how to stand with her, i.e, don’t take it serious.

#6. Notice her carefulness toward you

Does she still cares about you like before? This is the question you have to ask yourself when your girlfriend says she has a boyfriend. Compare her current carefulness with the one of the past, if it has no different, then have in mind she is testing you.

Sometimes, ladies say to a guy ”I have a boyfriend” so as to know whether you have a girlfriend or not. Or they can just say ”I have a boyfriend” to notice how manly are you.

#7. Show her you are ready for anything

Another reason a girl says she has a boyfriend may be because she wants you to do something for her. Maybe there is something she want to do but she has not got the capability to do on herself like buying a dress which her friends have bought.

If your girlfriend has never told you that she has a boyfriend and now along the line she has started saying, as a man in relationship, you have to know what is really happening. What? She needs something! To stop her from saying that, assure her that you are ready for any thing, hence, she should tell what she need.

#8. Ask her who she loves most between you and that guy

Some girls smile when talking serious thing to a guy. Most girls say ”I have a boyfriend” at the initial time when you are proposing to them. However, she may not really love that current guy.

Being a fearless guy, ask her to tell you who she loves between you and that her current boyfriend. Tell her job you do, how you will so much care for her and how you will never make become angry. At this point, she may accept you or not.

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9. Let her let you know how she feels

If a girl is no longer interested in you, she can say that she has a boyfriend especially when she noticed you are not a type of guy she thought.

To prevent her from going, ask her how she feels, let her let you know what you have wrongly done. Noticing her feeling should be your top most priority. If things are getting worse, then introduce relationship expert.

10. Tell her to let you visit her parents

Girl wants a guy that respects her parents and love her siblings. If you have never been visited her parents, she may as a result of that become somehow. Sometimes, she may not tell physically, she can use body language or simply say ”there is someone who has recently asked her parents for her in marriage”.

If you are interested to continue the relationship with her, then just simply ask her ”can I can visit your parents now”, she will answer you ”yes” directly or do as if what she said earlier is truth.


When dealing with a girl in relationship, it is good to study her psychology, notice she likes and what she doesn’t. Anytime you are having serious discussion with her, make sure it’s only you and her.

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