What you can do to score 300 plus in JAMB 2022

Scoring high in JAMB is not a too big deal. Yes, we have seen candidates who have score 380/400. I will share with you the secret involved if you want to know what you should do to score as high as 300 plus in JAMB 2022.

If you have written JAMB before but scored very poor like below 100 points, that doesn’t mean that you are not intelligent. Perhaps, many intelligent students don’t pass exam in one sitting. In some cases, intelligent students don’t know the secrets of scoring high in JAMB while the students who are not more intelligent do.

Sure, you will know how to pass JAMB in 2022 with friendly score which you will be proud of, enable you gain admission to study any course of your choice no matter how competitive it is like medicine and surgery, pharmacy, law, etc. To know the secrets, please read this article till an end.

Now, let’s start.

What are the secrets of passing 300 plus in JAMB 2022

  1. Familiarized with time.
  2. Be good at calculating figures very fast.
  3. Note that the duration is 2 hours.
  4. Start by answering your favorite subjects.
  5. Do not rush in answering the question.
  6. Try not to leave any question blank.
  7. Study past questions.
  8. Don’t let yourself be distracted.
  9. Set a goal.
  10. Get JAMB CBT application on your device.
  11. Browse the internet regularly.
  12. Pray going to the exam hall.

Recommended: download JAMB syllabus for all subjects.

1. Familiarized with time

Any body that promises that you can pass JAMB without studying is not saying the truth. If you want to survive, run away from him/her. He/she may likely a scammer who will nearly demand your money or parent’s money.

One of the secrets to score more than 300 points in JAMB 2022 examination is knowing how to be familiar with time. JAMB usually sets the duration of two hours to solve four subjects. This two is okay, right? It is not enough indeed. JAMB time runs fast.

You have to learn how to manage time before entering JAMB examination hall if you want to pass very well. Thanks to developers, they have built an application that looks and works exactly like that of real JAMB computer.

Using CBT application, you will know how to answer JAMB question like you are in normal examination hall.

You can select your four main subjects, fix two hours for yourself and try to answer all the question. If you fail, then that is how you will fail JAMB, hence, you can star working the place where you have weakness, for example, if you can’t cope with time, then adjust it.

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2. Be good at calculating figures very fast

If calculation subject is among your JAMB subject combination you have to learn how to be good at calculating maths offhand very fast. Don’t be a scientist who use calculator to find an answer for square root of 36.

JAMB does align onscreen calculator but it is not reliable. The calculator can only be used to perform simple calculation. It can’t solve complex scientific calculation.

Many students that are good at solving calculation subjects have failed mathematics, chemistry,, physics, etc because they are not good at solving maths offhand.

Before you go to the JAMB exam Hall as a science student, it’s ideal to know basic maths calculations such as cos 30, 60, sin 30,, 60, etc. Know square root and cube root value

3. Note that the duration is 2 hours

Some candidate fail in JAMB because what The Ave been thinking is different. Some think that jamb duration is moee than five hours.

It’s good to note that the duration for writing JAMB examination is 2 hours. Within this two hours, you are expected to answer all of your four subjects. Use of English usually has 60 questions while other three subjects carry 40 questions each.

Some sources advise that candidate should manually submit their examination at least ten minutes of the completion of their duration. Though this advise is not strong as JAMB doesn’t support it in any way. Whether you submit it yourself or your time reach and your system switch off itself, the marking won’t have any different.

4. Start by answering your favorite subjects

Another secret to score high in JAMB examination is by start answering the subjects that appear dimple to you. For, example in if you know that maths is a subject that you can’t easily answer,, then skip it come back to it later.

If you say that you must answer them based on how JAMB placed them l,, you may indirectly cheat yourself. It is recommended to skip it from subject to subject. Please let any technical staff assut you if you don’t know how to jump from subject to subject.

5. Do not rush in answering the question

Another secret behind scoring like 280 ur 350 and above in JAMB 2022 examination is having confidece,, on peace of mind. Do not rush on giving an answer to a question.

If you see question, think about its answer very rellefore you pick an option. For example, if you offer physics, you would easily know what I am talking about.

They can tweak an answer in this way 5, 000 means 5K, 0.000005 is five micro, etc. Hope you understand! JAMB examination is purely objective, hence an option you have chosen represent your answer. Jamb examination does not have theory where an examiner can consider the method of your work and approach to give you mark..

JAMB markings scheme differs from questions to question and subjects to subjects. The summary part in the JAMB use of English usually carry big mark.

6. Try not to leave any question blank

As a candidates in, no matter the situation, don’t leave any JAMB question blank. Just click any option of your choice when youcabnt in any way oruviede an answer to a particular answer.

In some cases, it’s the answers you are not believing to be right that are right. This secret is ostly used by candidates that are not intelligent. though it works for them.

In JAMB examination, it’s not How intelligence you are that would make you score high. You will meet new question that you have never met before or they may give you past questions and make them appears very confusing in such a way that you could not attemt it.

7. Study past questions

Another method that you use if you have ever asked ”how can I score more than 350 in JAMB” is start studying with past question. JAMB itself doesn’t get question from somewhere else. What they do is recycling past questions.

Now, to score high in JAMB 2022, you are recommended to own past questions for each of your four subjects.

Study based on JAMB syllabus. Don’t just read but read to understand and pass JAMB. Past question and syllabus can help you score 300 plus in JAMB 2022.

8. Don’t let yourself be distracted

Anytime you are studying for the preparation of your JAMB examination, if you want to score high, don’t let your brain get distracted. This is when you have to switch the venue for your reading.

Any place that you know it is not comfortable with your study, please switch to the place that would be good for you. If your family members or friends disturb you while reading, decide to go to library or school.

9. Set a goal

Another secret to score 300 plus in JAMB 2022 is setting a goal. Set a goal for yourself that ”I am going to score 350 points”. Immediately you have set a goal, your spirit will now becoming awaken.

If you are having a goal, you cannot confidently rest and sleep anyhow. Wake up at midnight to read your book. Both in a day and night, make sure you study things about JAMB.

10. Get JAMB CBT application on your device

If you are preparing to score high in JAMB, the best way to achieve it is by getting JAMB cbt application on your device. There are CBT applications out there for both mobile phone and laptop/computer.

Here on this website, we have written a lot of articles differentiating the features of different JAMB cbt application. After downloading it from your device store, you would have to activate it in order to have full access to all questions and benefits present in it.

Though, I wholeheartedly recommend you to download Flash Learners JAMB CBT app. It costs two thousand Naira but you contact me for selling you the activation key, I would only give it to you with a cost of one thousand five hundred Naira. Please note that this is periodical, hence, after sometimes, the price may go to the normal price, two thousand Naira.

Download Flash Learners JAMB cbt app now.

11. Browse the internet regularly

Make internet your friend. Browse the internet regularly to find out latest information and updates. You can also use internet like YouTube to find answer of the question if you are confusing.

Use internet to reprint your JAMB slip, check your JAMB result, etc. The uses of internet in this era can’t be over-empahasize

12. Pray going to the exam hall

Before going to your exam hall, remember to pray. I know prayer can’t hold your hand or enter inside you and tell you the answer while solving JAMB examination in the hall. There are some places praying works that you can’t know.

For example, if there must be network issue in a center or with some computer, as a child of God, it will not affect your work.

Hope this has helped helped you know what you can do to pass in JAMB and score like 300 plus in 2022? My question for you is this; how many points is your target? Please comment with it via the comment section.

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