Smile Unlimited data plans and code to recharge

Smile Unlimited data plans and code to recharge

If you need huge data plan for your business or school project/assignment, then buy Spectranet or Smile unlimited data plan. This article will show with you all Smile unlimited data plans and code or how you can recharge any plan you like in 2022.

Smile is one of the top best internet service providers in Nigeria. It functions with Wi-Fi network in some locations (particularly cities) of different states in Nigeria.

Smile data plans and their price in 2022

To browse confidently with Smile data network connection, you have to first purchase a Smile MIFI (SMIFI) device in the case of MTN MiFi device, Smile SIM card and Smile data plan.

You can buy Smile MiFi device at a cheap price from the gadget store or order it online. Presently, top best Smile MiFi (SMIFI) devices and their price are:

  • Smile data plan of 7GB data and 100% data bonus valid for 7days costs at #9,800 to subscribe
  • While the Smile data plan of 15GB data and 100% data bonus valid for 3months costs at #15,000
  • Smile Router (Smile MiFi device) that comes with 25GB internet data and 100% data bonus valid for 90days costs at #24,800
  • A dedicated Smile SIM card that comes with 1.5GB data bundle, 250 local SMS, unlimited on net calls for 30days costs at a price of #3,000.

Smile unlimited data plan

Now, before we continue, let me ask you first!! Are you a current Smile user? Or are you glad with the few features about it above and wondering how you can enjoy it?

If yes, then continue reading this post for more guides on Smile data plans in 2022, how to recharge data bundle to Smile SIM card, price of all Smile data plans, etc.

The Smile unlimited data plans with their respective price, validity, data volume, etc., are shown in the table below:

Plan NameData VolumeValidityPlan Price (N)
UnlimitedLite35GB30 daysN10,000.00
UnlimitedEssential70GB30 daysN15,000.00
Freedom 3Mbps180GB30 daysN20,000.00
Freedom Anytime Booster20GB30 daysN6,000.00
Freedom Night Booster150GB30 daysN2,000.00
Freedom 6Mbps300GB30 daysN24,000.00
Freedom Anytime Booster320GB30 daysN6,000.00
Freedom Night Booster15GB30 daysN2,000.00
Freedom BestEffortITB (1OOOGB)30 daysN36,000.00

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Smile daily plan

Plan NameData volumeValidityPlan Price (N)
1GB FlexiDaily1GB1 DayN300.00
2.5GB FlexiDaily2.5GB2 daysN500.00
3GB Weekend ONLY3GB1 weekendN1,530.00

Smile weekly data plan

Plan NameData VolumeValidityPlan Price (N)
1GB FlexiWeekly1GB7 DaysN500.00
2GB FlexiWeekly2GB7 DaysN1,000.00
2GB MidNite2GB7 daysN1,020.00
6GB FlexiWeekly6GB7 DaysN1,500.00
3GB MidNite3GB7 daysN1,530.00

Smile monthly data plan

Plan NameData VolumeValidityPlan Price (N)
1.5GB Bigga1.5GB30 daysN1,000.00
2GB Bigga2GB30 daysN1,200.00
3GB Bigga3GB30 daysN1,500.00
5GB Bigga5GB30 daysN2,000.00
6.5GB Bigga6.5GB30 daysN2,500.00
8GB Bigga8GB30 daysN3,000.00
10GB Bigga10GB30 daysN3,500.00
12GB Bigga12GB30 daysN4,000.00
15GB Bigga15GB30 daysN5,000.00
20GB Bigga20GB30 daysN6,000.00
30GB Bigga30GB30 daysN8,000.00
40GB Bigga40GB30 daysN10,000.00
60GB Bigga60GB30 daysN13,500.00
75GB Bigga75GB30 daysN15,000.00
100GB Bigga100GB30 daysN18,000.00
130GB Bigga130GB30 daysN19,800.00

Smile yearly data plan

PlanIncludedValidityPlan Price (N)
15GB 36515GB365 daysN9,000.00
35GB 36535GB365 daysN19,000.00
70GB 36570GB365 daysN32,000.00
125GB 365125GB365 daysN50,000.00
200GB 365200GB365 daysN70,000.00
500GB 365500GB365 daysN100,000.00
1TB 3651TB365 daysN120,000.00

Other Smile data plans you may know

Plan NameData VolumeValidityPlan Price in Naira
90GB Jumbo90GB60 daysN20,000.00
160GB Jumbo160GB90 daysN34,000.00
200GB Jumbo200GB120 daysN40,000.00

Smile voice bundles

When we have Smile unlimited data plans for browsing, we must have voice plans or bundles for getting in touch with our friends and loved ones via calling. The Snile voice plans are:

  • SMILEVOICE ONLY: This gives you 75 mins at 11 kobo/sec to all networksIncluding 75 local call mins and 30 days validityPrice:₦ 500
  • SMILEVOICE ONLY: 165 mins at 10 kobo/sec to all networksIncluding 165 local call mins and 30 days validityPrice:₦ 1,000
  • The SMILEVOICE ONLY500 mins at 10 kobo/sec to all networksIncluding 500 local call miins and 30 days validityPrice:₦ 3,000
  • UNLIMITED PREMIUMUnlimited Premium monthly plan and 30 days validityPrice:₦ 19,800

How to recharge Smile data bundle

Are you wondering how you can recharge data bundle to your Smile SIM card? Please note that recharging airtime and data has never been easier but the guides below will help you from start to end.

Recharge your Smile SIM card with airtime or data online via either of XpressRecharge, the MySmile App or the MySmile Portal. To do that, simply select the bundle you want to recharge with and follow the quick steps using your email address and pay with Verve, VISA, or MasterCard.

You can also recharge Smile data bundles via one of payment partners channels of Smile which were being explained below:

Internet banking

  • Access Bank internet banking
  • Ecobank internet banking
  • FCMB internet banking
  • First Bank internet banking
  • GTBank internet banking
  • PayInstantly
  • Paga online payment
  • Quickteller online payment
  • UnifiedPayment online payment
  • JumiaPay

Mobile App

  • Diamond Bank Mobile App*
  • First Bank Mobile App*
  • PocketMoni App*
  • GTBank Mobile App* OR GT World App* (go to “Payments” on the App to recharge your Smile data)
  • Payarena Mobile App*
  • Flutterwave Mobile App*
  • Quickteller Mobile App*


  • GTBank USSD, *737#
  • UBA USSD *919*23#.

For further Smile data bundle recharge payment channels, please visit their website at For more, click here to visit their helping page.

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How much does Smile MiFi cost in Nigeria

Smile doesn’t only operates mobile 4G LTE broadband networks in Nigeria but in some other west African countries; Tanzania, Uganda, etc.

Presently, the locations and cities in Nigeria where Smile network can be used include; Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Benin, Onitsha, Ibadan and Asaba. Do you want to know the price of Smile MiFi device in Nigeria? Please read below for knowing how much it does cost in retail shop and online shop like Jumia, Konga, etc.

The Smile Wi-Fi Router or Smile MiFi device (Smile Wifi as some people call) is a machine that enables the data connection of Smile to take place. It can be purchased with one free dedicated SIM and some data bundles at the price of ₦23,000.

Meanwhile, the Smile MiFi Router Starter Pack cost ₦16,000, and includes One MiFi router, one SIM and 5GB data.

Also You can purchase the Smile Nigeria SIM Only Starter Pack if you already have a universal MiFi device or universal Wi-Fi router. All you have to do is insert the SIM into your device. Note that the SIM Starter Pack cost at ₦2,300.


If you know that this article has helped you know all Smile unlimited data plans and their price and how to recharge Smile data bundles or the price of Smile router and SIM card, then please subscribe to our newsletter for more important updates.

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