Why Universities In Nigeria Don’t Admit People Who Studied Very Hard

Why universities in Nigeria don't admit people

In this article today, I will let you know the reason why some universities in Nigeria don’t admit people who seemed to be a qualified candidate to be admitted as he/she has scored above the cut-off mark set by JAMB.

JAMB cut-off mark is not obligatory, as a matter of fact. If candidate didn’t score above his/her intended university or school’s cut-off mark, his/her school will likely not admit him/her.

We’ll disclose the causative why some candidates scored more than the JAMB aggregate Cut-Off point, yet they were not being offered an admission.

Reasons Why Do Universities In Nigeria Don’t Admit People That Study Hard

Nigerian competitive institutions may announced “200 is the cut of Mark”. It is in fact not imply as they have announced.

If JAMB decide to set cut of mark for all university one hundred and twenty points (120), one competitive university like UNILAG may set theirs to two hundred and forty points (240).

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I was about to calm down myself with chilled water one day when I got a call from one competitive university aspirant, A.B.U., zaria and gladly told me that the JAMB has selflessly reduced the cut-off mark for this year.

JAMB has not got an issue with that, what JAMB knows is that the cut of mark for such university must not below one hundred and twenty (120).

Now, here is what JAMB means “If University of Lagos or Benin decides to make their cut off 120, there won’t be issue.

Meanwhile, they are not permitted to make it lower than 120”. The same thing applies to all polytechnics (General cut off mark of 100).

Since 120 is the minimum, any University can decide cut off marks above 120 JAMB general cut-off. That is to say, Uniben can decide to make their cut-off mark 240 and JAMB will not have issue with it.

University of Lagos, Benin, OAU, UI and other top Universities in Nigeria will never accept 120. In fact, they will not accept 180 Jamb score. I am sure they will cut at 200.


The reason is simple, they cannot even admit everyone who applied to study there with JAMB score of 200 left alone reducing the cut-off. These schools are very competitive and difficult to gain admission to study there.

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