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List of all local governments in Kogi state (ultimate list and explanation)

Name of all local government of Kogi state

Currently, there are twenty-one (21) LGA in Kogi state. Do you want to know all their names right now? Then keep reading as I am going to show with you the list of all local governments in Kogi state and their ultimate explanation.

Kogi state consist of the following tribes: Igala, Ebira, tiv, Idoma e.t.c. Igala is the largest tribe in Kogi State which has nine (9) local governments out of twenty-one (21).

That is, the other tribes share the remaining twelve (12) Local government areas (LGAs).

If you read this post carefully, you will know all of them. Interview may come and you can be asked to list all the 21 local governments of Kogi State, and if you didn’t know before, then how will you answer?

I have been witnessing the situation where person loses big  things as a result of failing to answer small thing e.g, when person must be interviewed before giving him/her job.

However, you can one day be asked to say out the 21 local governments in Kogi state to prove that you are a Kogite (a person from Kogi state).

If you are curious to know the 21 local governments area of Kogi State now, then let us move further..

Name Of All 22 Local Government Areas In Kogi State

Below are the name or list of all 21 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Kogi state. For easy navigation, I have listed them in an alphabetical manner. Now, see them below:

  1. Adavi
  2. Ajaokuta
  3. Ankpa
  4. Bassa
  5. Dekina
  6. Ibaji
  7. Idah
  8. Ijumu
  9. Lokoja (headquarter of Kogi state)
  10. Kaba-Bunu
  11. Kogi-Kotonkarfe
  12. Mopamoro
  13. Odolu-Igalamela
  14. Ofu
  15. Ogori-Magongo
  16. Okehi
  17. Okene
  18. Olamaboro
  19. Omala
  20. Yagba East
  21. Yagba west

Igala language is the largest and most spoken language in Kogi state, presently, in fact, Igala people comprises 9 different local governments predominantly.

Meanwhile, Ofu local government is the largest local government in Kogi. The nine Igala owned local governments in Kogi state are:

  1. Ankpa
  2. Ibaji
  3. Idah
  4. Ofu
  5. Omala
  6. Olamaboro
  7. Dekina
  8. Igalamela and
  9. Ajaokuta

Ofu is a Local Government Area in the central part of Kogi State, Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Niger River forming its western boundary. Its headquarter is located in the town of Ugwolawo to the south of the area at 7°14′09″N 6°55′32″E.

The northeasterly line of equal latitude and longitude passes through the LGA. Furthermore, Ofu local government has an area of 1,680 km2 and a population of 192,169 at the 2006 census.

Read this also: postal code of every village in Ofu local government (step by step with explanation).

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