Postal code of all villages and towns in Ugwolawo district of Ofu LGA in Kogi state.

In today’s article, our founder, Abdulrazaq Yahaya, a citizen of Kogi state will show you the postal code of all villages located in Ugwolawo Ofu LGA Kogi state. If you live in any of the villages of Ugwolawo district, then you will know the postal code or zip code of your village right now.

postal code is very important when trying to know person’s address or location. And it must be revealed honestly if you want your transaction or any thing you want to do to be done successfully. Postal code of every village in Nigeria is usually six (6) digit different numbers.

You cannot enter into anyhow six digits number claiming that it is your postal address. Doing so can render what you want to access get unsuccessful or completely failed.

For example, something can be sent by somebody to deliver it to your postal address or postal code (remember that in olden days, that is how the letters are posted), in this way, if it is a wrong postal code you gave them, then you have given a wrong direction of your address which is annoying. 

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Posting a letter and other valuable things through post office is easy when one knows his/her postal code and P.O BOX Number. In the next article I publish, I will teach you how to know more about post office box which is usually abbreviated as P.O BOX.

If you live in a suburb of Ugwolawo District, then you must know all the postal code for every villages within Ugwolawo.

Postal code of all villages in Ugwolawo district

District’s Name: Ugwolawo
LGA: Ofu
State: Kogi
Zip/Postal Code: 271106
Number of Villages: 54

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The list shown below teaches us that the villages in Ugwolawo district are fifty-four (54) and below are their respective postal or zip code step by step:

  1. Obubu 271106
  2. Ochadam 271106
  3. Ofakaga 271106
  4. Ofanwa 271106
  5. Ogokolo 271106
  6. Ofejiji 271106
  7. Ofokopi 271106
  8. Ofolijinwa 271106
  9. Ofolikpa 271106
  10. Oforachi 271106
  11. Ogbagbo 271106
  12. Ogegume 271106
  13. Ojedegbe 271106
  14. Ojigba 271106
  15. Ojodu 271106
  16. Ojuwo 271106
  17. Ejule 271106
  18. Udeh 271106
  19. Ojuwo-Omachi 271106
  20. Ojuwolo 271106
  21. Okabo 271106
  22. Okpa 271106
  23. Okpe 271106
  24. Ukpotume 271106
  25. Olichekpe 271106
  26. Olofu 271106
  27. Olukudu 271106
  28. Owalla 271106
  29. Udeh 271106
  30. Ugbabo 271106
  31. Ugwolawo 271106
  32. Umomi 271106
  33. Adikafane 271106
  34. Ahi 271106
  35. Aja-Kechi 271106
  36. Ajodanw 271106
  37. Akpagidigbo 271106
  38. Akpameta 271106
  39. Akpodo 271106
  40. Alijobu 271106
  41. Aloji 271106
  42. Ayeye 271106
  43. Ebuyaji 271106
  44. Idoma 271106
  45. Iga-ojo 271106
  46. Igebije 271106
  47. Ijogo 271106
  48. Ikagbo 271106
  49. Ikalaba 271106
  50. Ikpalaka 271106
  51. Kukumaji 271106
  52. Memerebo 271106
  53. Obagada 271106
  54. Obagwu 271106

Conclusion to zip code of all districts in Ugwolawo

From the observation you have assumed or made in this article, you should know that all villages in Ugwolawo District of Ofu LGA state uses the same postal code which is 271106.

Note: there are four (4) districts in Ofu LGA in Kogi State. The postal code which we have just shown you above is the one for Ugwolawo District.

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