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Is your mobile phone away from you and are you wanting to track it? Anyways, you cannot track it with emptied hand. As a result of this, I will show you best tested and trusted phone tracking apps in 2021.

Phone tracking apps are the mobile application which helps person track the location and activities of their phones.

By downloading or using the web version of the software apps that I am going to show you in this article, you will know how to use phone tracking app to track your phone.

Whether your phone has been stolen or you lended it to another person, you will know the location where your phone is and activities it is using to do with the help of phone tracking apps.

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Best Apps For Phone Tracking In 2021

The following are the mobile apps I normally use (tested and trusted) any time I want to track my phone activities or location. Indeed, most people like and and use them.

Best phone tracking apps are:

  • IMEI phone tracker
  • mSpy Cell Phone Tracker
  • Lost Phone Tracker
  • Mobile Tracker Free
  • GPS Phone Tracker & Mileage Tracker
  • Mobile GPS Tracker
  • Where’s My Droid

1. IMEI phone tracker

IMEI phone tracker is one of the phone tracking apps which you can use to track the location and activities of your mobile device.

If you’re an iOS user, then download IMEI phone tracker application from Apple store or play store if you are using android phone. After the successful download, then follow the prompts to track your phone.

2. mSpy Cell Phone Tracker

mSpy is a website which you can track the location and activities of your stolen phone. As well, you can track the task which another person uses your phone to do.

Meanwhile, to use this website (mSpy) to track the location and activities of mobile phone, you must paid for registration.

3. Lost Phone Tracker

Do you want to track the location of your missing phone? If it’s yes, then lost Phone Tracker is the web site you should use.

Presently, Lost phone tracker has both website and mobile application for both android and iOS users.

4. Mobile Tracker Free

As the full name of this phone tracking app implies (Phone Tracker Free), you can use it to track any type of mobile phone (either iPhone or Android).

Phone Tracker Free is a website also that can be used to trace where the phone was stolen to and what it’s using to do in that place.

5. GPS Phone Tracker & Mileage Tracker

This is one of the best and trusted phone tracking apps in 2021 which can be downloaded easily into mobile phone and start tracking any phone.

GPS phone Tracker & Mileage tracker tracks telephone number (GPS) and can also track the location of phone when fully downloaded and configured on a mobile despite its mileages.

6. Mobile GPS Tracker

This website helps you know the telephone number in your stolen phone and the call, message and lots more activities.

That is, by using Mobile GPS Tracker, you can easily track the numbers which the sim card in your stolen phone calls and the location it is calling from and to.

7. Where’s My Droid

With Where’s My Droid, tracking the location and activities of any mobile phone is easy. This website is compatible to be used on mobile phone or computer.

By using Where’s My Droid, you will must enter the details of the phone which you want to track its location and activities. However, the details of the phone you must enter is its IMEI.

IMEI is like a National Identification Number (NIN). It stands for International Mobile Electronic Identity. This code is unique and unchangeable.

Every phone in the world has its own IMEI number as it’s its identity. Now, how can you know the IMEI number of your phone?

To know the IMEI number of your phone, dial *#06#. Meanwhile, if your phone has been stolen, check the carton or pack of your phone (surely, it must be written on there).


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