9mobile recharge card code

Are you a new customer of 9mobile and wanting to know more about its recharge card? Today, I will show you the code to use to load 9mobile recharge card.

I will also show you how many digit number is the recharge card pin of 9mobile network, their serial number and how to use each every one of them.

9mobile is commonly known as Etisalat in Nigeria. This network serves people favourably while using internet.

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If you want to know how to load 9mobile recharge card, then I’ve come to where I’ll start showing you now.

Code To Load 9mobile Recharge Card

9mobile has seventeen (17) different numbers as a recharge card pin while its serial number is 17 digit in number as well which can be used to know the status of the recharge card.

Direct recharging code or code to load 9mobile recharge card is trippe two (222) and below is how to use it.

  • Insert the 9mobile sim card in a mobile phone which you want to load card to
  • Make sure that sim card has shown full network signal (9mobile NG)
  • Then dial *222*recharge card pin#
  • Do not buy unpinned recharge card from the seller unless you know that it has not been loaded by anybody
  • For any question you may have to ask, contact customer care service team of 9mobile network
  • Do not disclose your recharge card pin to any person on phone call or any means
  • The serial number of 9mobile recharge card is very useful and it’s what that can be used to know the status of your recharge card, thus keep it saved if you haven’t loaded it.

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Meanwhile, the code to check airtime balance in the sim card of 9mobile network is *232#.

To contact customer care service team of 9mobile network, dial 200 via 9mobile sim card or call 0809-0000-200 on any sim card.

That is to say that you can call customer care of 9mobile using either Glo or Airtel if your sim card has been blocked by calling 0809-0000-200 or just send an email to this address [email protected].

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