Choosing best phone is one of the first steps when you’re looking for the phone to use. In this article, I will show you best phone brands in Nigeria in 2021, their price and how to buy them.

You may think that between Tecno and infinix, which one should you use, right? However, what I prefer may not be preferred by you. Therefore, I will show all phone brands and their features to you in order to identify the best ones by yourself.

Best phone must have got a big lasting battery, high GB ram of memory which can be used to do some tasks of laptop and lots more. It’s not necessary to go out with your personal computer or laptop every time but phone is necessary, thus buy the brand which will serve you better.

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Best Phone Brands In Nigeria In 2021

Below are the best and most used phone brands in Nigeria in 2021:

#1 Apple

Best Apple iPhone

The number one (#1) best phone brands in Nigeria and every country in the world in 2021 is Apple. Apple is the biggest technological company that produces different gadgets.

Apple is the great company founded by USA citizen. If you’re in Nigeria or another country, you can easily buy an apple phone.

For my followers in Nigeria, buying apple phone or iPhone is easier for you if you order it on Jumia or Xspark website. Please note that apple phone is very, very best, hence it costs expensively.

Below are some best phones with the brand of Apple or made by Apple mobile limited:

  • IPhone 11 pro
  • IPhone 11
  • Apple IPhone Xmas
  • IPhone 8 and lots more.

IPhone 11 pro can be newly bought at the cost of N600, 000 in Nigeria at some phone stores but its normal is N550, 200 on Jumia.

#2 Samsung

Another best phone brands in 2021 in Nigeria or in the world is Samsung. The cost of every Samsung phone you buy is very worthy.

You might have heared that Samsung phones are very expensive, right? The matter of fact is that the price of any Samsung phone is in direct proportion to its features and quality.

With N27, 500 ($62.1), you can buy new Samsung phone as written in this article (click here to visit). Also, with N700, 000 and above ($2, 500) you can buy Samsung phone.

Below are some best and latest Samsung phones in 2021, their price, features and how to buy them online or offline:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Galaxy S9
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and lots more.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the latest and best Samsung brand in 2021 and presently it costs around $600 to $700 (i.e, N180, 000 to N200, 000 in Nigeria).

#3 Huawei

Huawei is the best brand of phone in 2021. This phone manufacturing company produces strong phone and that made it to be on the third list.

Being the best phone brand, Huawei has created a phones with the following features:

  • Big Screen display
  • High GB ram for browsing capability and gaming storage
  • Strong battery
  • Inbuilt battery and non Inbuilt

Huawei phone can be bought in any phone store or from an e-commerce website like Amazon, Jumia or Xspark.

#4 Tecno

Tecno is the second brand of mobile phone in Nigeria around 2006 while the first brand that came to Nigeria was Nokia around 1998.

And presently, Tecno is the fourth (4th) on the list of best phone brands in 2021 in Nigeria. Is it an android phone that you want to buy or use? Tecno smartphones can get you covered.

You can buy any type of Tecno smartphone from official Tecno profile (online store) on Jumia website. That is, by clicking this link, you will be directed to view every product advertised by Tecno on Jumia website.

Best Tecno phone in Nigeria? Below are the top best and latest Tecno android phone:

  • Tecno camon 16
  • Camon 15
  • Tecno spark 5
  • Spark 3 and lots more.

Presently, Tecno camon 16 costs at the price of N79, 500 in any physical store nation wide and N75, 000 on Jumia (number one e-commerce website in Nigeria).

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#5 Infinix

One of the fifth top best phone brands I have got in the list is Infinix mobile. Infinix creates quality smarthphone for its consumers.

By buying infinix phone, you will never doubt of experiencing low battery and you can use it to do high budgets like browsing or doing your assignment.

Infinix is known for creating big battery with live lasting capacity. In fact, it produces android phone which battery capacity must be 3000mah or higher.

Infinix and Itel mobile are two phone manufacturing companies that have similar functions and features in 2021. That means, if you don’t have money to buy infinix phone, you can buy Itel because they are similar.

#6 Itel

Itel is the best phone brand in 2021. Did you know? Here, you will know why Itel is the best phone manufacturer.

Since decades, Itel has been anticipating in manufacturing quality and best phones for consumers (users). It manufactures high mAh battery which tends to last very long.

Itel is the only mobile limited company that creates best phones and sells them at a cheap price. That is, with little amount of money, you can purchase best high quality itel android phone.

However, Itel phone is versatile and can be ordered on e-commerce website like Jumia or konga. To buy Itel phone or see the price of latest and best itel smarthphone, you may visit their online store on Jumia website by clicking here.

#7 Oppo

Best Oppo phone brand

Oppo is one of the best phone brands in Nigeria in 2021. This brand of smarthphone, Oppo was founded by Mr Tony Chen.

You can buy Oppo product (mobile phone) from any phone store near you. For more information, you should visit Oppo website for your current location (country).

If you’re in Nigeria, the official website for Oppo is while the global website is

You can comfortably order any Oppo phone from Jumia website. To know more or for the list of all best Oppo phones and how to order it and their price, you may click here.


This article has just claimed to explain and show you top best smart android phone in 2021, this year. If you do find any brand of smart phone which you think it should be featured, then please let us know through the comment section or contact me.

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