NIN must be gotten before person can register JAMB in 2021

Do you want to register for JAMB in 2022? In today’s article, we will discuss with you the reason why JAMB has made NIN compulsory as one of the required or must have documents to register JAMB in 2022.  

JAMB has finally declared that any candidate that has not gotten NIN will not be allowed to do JAMB registration in 2022. That is, JAMB will make NIN mandatory for every candidates.

Did you come here to know whether your NIN will be asked in jamb 2022 registration center?

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This article is full of the knowledge of how you can apply and get your NIN very fast before 2022 jamb registration.

Note: Jamb has decided again on 11th January to suspend the compulsory use of NIN for 2020 to 2021. That is, from 2021, candidate who doesn’t have NIN would not be allowed to register jamb. You may click to read that article further.

You may be asking the following questions:

  1. How can I get my NIN very fast for my jamb 2022 registration
  2. Is it true that jamb said no NIN, no jamb registration in 2022? And
  3. Why did jamb make NIN compulsory for jamb 2022 candidates

I thought you may ask the above questions? Then here, you will know all the answers to those questions.

How you can get your NIN very fast for JAMB registration in 2022

JAMB said that the NIN would be compulsory for Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Board (UTME) registration in 2022 and only candidates with their NIN would be allowed to sit for the JAMB examination in 2022.

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Jamb will be very serious about NIN in next year jamb registration because it will make an arrangement with NIMC to register the candidates who do not have the NIN to be registered and given at the accredited jamb registration centers by NIMC or its licensed agents.

Do wait to have your NIN or be firstly registered by the licensed agents of NIMC at the JAMB registration centers as I have informed you above, you are urged to visit the NIMC office nearest to you for the NIN registration for your 2022 JAMB registration.

Or you may click ( to read this article.

If you are a candidate who had NIN but have misplaced it, you can retrieve it by going to the licensed NIMC office or you should click here for details of how to retrieve your missed NIN in your house.

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Is it true that candidates without NIN will not register JAMB in 2022

Yes and below are the reasons.

Dr Fabian Benjamin, the JAMB’s Head of Information, said that the NIN would guard all forms of infractions.

He also advised candidates who had registered and acquired the NIN before attaining the age of 16 to update their NIN registration status before proceeding for the UTME registration.

“If a candidate has NIN but has misplaced the number, he/she can retrieve the NIN by either going to any NIMC office/its licensed agents or dialing a code on the SIM number earlier used to register for the NIN.

“If he/she lost the SIM number used for the NIN registration, such a candidate should visit the nearest NIMC centre or any of its licensed agents.

“Candidate’s name, as arranged on the NIMC data base, would be same on JAMB data after registration.

“If any candidate has complaints of name arrangement such a candidate should first rectify such issue with NIMC before proceeding for registration,” he added.

Why did JAMB make NIN compulsory

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has revealed that only candidates with National Identification Number (NIN) will be allowed to register for 2021 UTME.

The Head of Information of JAMB, Dr Fabian Benjamin, at a one-day capacity building workshop organized by the National Examination Council (NECO) for education correspondents in Keffi on Friday disclosed it.

According to him, experience has shown that malpractice in the conduct of public examination, especially the UTME, actually begins with the registration exercise, and the introduction of NIN for registration was aimed at purging the UTME registration process and eliminating identity theft.

He added that the board was ready to go to any length to enforce biometric verification.

He promised that the CBT exercise will only be conducted in centres owned and operated by the schools hosting them, and would no longer be conducted in school-based centres operated by private individuals.

Owing to the fact that these privately run centres have proved to be in cahoots with fraudsters to perpetrate malpractice.

To emphasize the depth of registration fraud, he disclosed that a particular candidate registered a record 222 times, while some registered 46 and others 56 times or more, forcing the exam body to delay the release of its results till after 2022.

Concerning complaints on the conduct of the 2022 UTME by candidates and parents, he said the complaints received so far, were because the board was more disposed to disclose what is happening now than ever.

The board has also disclosed that it would no longer need to capture the biometrics of candidates during UTME registration next year as the information of candidates required by the board would be uploaded from the data captured by the NIMC for registration.


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  1. Solomon timothy

    The name on my national id card is different from the one on my waec result. Please how can i change it?

  2. Oleme rhoda

    Only our address and everything they scan from us during registration isnt okay?

    na only them know what they use our nin to do!

  3. Call me Musa

    Jamb should have made it non-mandatory because most candidates that wish to apply for jamb in next year have not got id card.

    1. Abdulrazaq Yahaya

      Dear Musa, thank you for your suggestion.

      However, candidates who will register for JAMB will not need to be captured and asked for their Bio data henceforth.

      What they will do is just input their national ID number, then their information on NIMC website would be fetched automatically.
      Have you understood? Please do reply to this if you haven’t.

  4. Miss Cysylia

    Waw, I followed the guidelines in this article to got my national identification number, nin. It very fast but NIMC Officer wanted to collect money from me before I refused.

  5. Ogbe Rhoda

    Is this why nimcs officers dont want issue national identification number to people? Okay, i have known, without nin, no jamb registration!

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