Best Phones below 50k Naira

Are you looking for the best phone to buy which its price is below N50, 000? In this article, you have come to the right place because I am going to show you best phones which money under 50K Naira can buy.

If you are buying quality and expensive phone which it costs 50k or below, then you’re using it for high budgets. The phones I will show you are very beautiful in appearance or structure and also with strong or big long lasting battery.

With N50, 000 (50K Naira), you can buy Tecno phone as it’s known with the manufacturing of best and high quality phones (products).

Best and high quality phones under 50K Naira in 2021 in Nigeria are listed below and their features or characteristics.

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Best Phones Which 50K Naira Or Less Can Buy In 2021

If you have got 50K Naira or less, which best android phone can you buy with it since you have already intended to buy new phone with your money? Let you continue reading so as to find more important information.

Best quality android phones under 50K Naira in 2021 In Nigeria are:

#1 Itel P36 Pro

P36 Pro is an android phone manufactured by Itel mobile limited. This mobile phone was fully launched in Nigeria in June 2020 and up till now, it’s the first best phones which their price is below 50k Naira.

The price of Itel P36 Pro in every physical store nation wide is N45k while it can be sold at the cost of N43k online like Jumia or konga.

The following are some features of Itel P36 Pro:

Itel P36 PRO LTE commonly known as L6501, it’s 6.5″ HD+ WATERDROP FULLSCREEN-4G LTE – 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM – 5000mAh -8MP + 13MP.

#2 Tecno SPARK 4 (KC8)

Tecno spark 4 is the best android phone launched by techno mobile limited. This phone is one of the best phones which their price is under 50k Naira (₦) and below are some of its features.


The price of Tecno spark 4 is ₦49, 500 in some physical phone stores nationwide while Jumia or Konga sell it at ₦47,000.

#3 Tecno Pop4 Pro (BC3)

The version of this this phone is 10, it has 4G network connectivity , 6.52 Dot-Notch Screen display, 8MP Front camera With Flash 8MP Dual Rear Camera, 5000mAh big lasting battery and it costs at the price of ₦40,299 on Jumia only.

#4 Apple IPhone 6

Apple IPhone 6 is also one of the best Phones which their price is under 50k Naira. It has got the following features or advantages:

4.7 Inches screen resolution, Fingerprint Sensor HD (1GB, 16GB ROM), IOS 1.2 8MP+7MP and it is sold at a nonnegotiable price of ₦45,300.

Apple IPhone 6 can now be purchased at physical phone store (offline) or from e-commerce website like Jumia.

#5 Apple IPhone 5

If you want to use IPhone mobile phone while you don’t have a lot of money to purchase an expensive one, you can buy apple iPhone 5 as its price is below 50k Naira in Nigeria currently.

Apple IPhone 5 is with the following features: 16GB 4 Inch IOS Smartphone (Refurbished) – WhiteBrand: Apple | Similar products from Apple4.5 out of 5(2 ratings)₦ 33,990

#6 Samsung GALAXY A3 CORE

Have you been observing and hearing that Samsung phones are very expensive? But now, Samsung Galaxy A3 CORE is very cheap. Roughly, it costs about N35, 150 now in Nigeria.

Samsung Galaxy A3 CORE has got the following features:

  • 5.3 screen display
  • 16GB ROM/1GB RAM
  • 8MP/8MP (camera)
  • 3000MAH big and lasting battery and
  • 4G network connectivity.

Meanwhile, the price of Samsung Galaxy A3 CORE now is N35,150 and it can be purchased at Jumia website or offline.

#7 Itel A56 pro

This phone was launched in Nigeria in 2020 around April and up till now, 2021 it’s the best phone ever. The current price of Itel A56 N33, 241.

Itel A56 Pro has a feature of: 5.99 Screen display or resolution, it is Android 9 version, 32GB ROM + 2GB RAM, 8MP+5MP Camera, 4000mAh, Fingerprint & Face ID and Free Case.

#8 Infinix HOT 10 LITE(X657B)

Infinix hot 10 lite is an infinix phone launched or manufactured by infinix mobile limited. It can be purchased either online or offline.

The following are some features of infinix hot 10 lite: 6.6″ HD+ WATERDROP SCREEN, 32GB ROM/2GB RAM, 13MP TRIPLE rear CAMERA and 8MP front camera, 5000MAH big battery, 4G LTE.

The price of money which can be used to buy infinix hot 10 lite on Jumia website is ₦47,025 presently.

Infinix HOT 9 PLAY(X680)

Infinix hot 9 play has got the following features: 6.82 HD+ CINEMATIC DISPLAY, 32GB ROM/2GB RAM, 8MP/13MP, 6000MAH,4G LTE.

At this moment, infinix hot 9 play cost ₦50,350 in Jumia while physical phone store can sell it at N53 000.

#10 Infinix Smart 5 (X657)

This smarthphone was manufactured by infinix mobile limited. It is one of the best phones which their price is under 50k Naira (N50, 000) presently in 2021 and by the time of updating this article.

Infinix Smart 5 has then got the features below which make it special and stand out:

  • 6.6″ HD display
  • Waterdrop or water resistant
  • 32GB ROM +2GB RAM
  • 5000mAh Battery.

Infinix Smart 5 costs ₦48,900 presently in Nigeria and it can be purchased on Jumia or any e-commerce website.


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