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The Petroleum Training Institute, PTI is the number one polytechnic in Nigeria which allows students to study Engineering courses on part-time programme. In this article, I will show you how to apply for part-time admission of PTI in this year’s academic session (2020/2021).

The part-time programme application portal of the foremost oil and gas hands-on on institute, the Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Effurun has been opened for interested people. If you want to apply, then follow the procedures in this article.

PTI is an Engineering polytechnic, indeed. Both part-time and full-time students of it has never been regretted.

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Why Should You Apply For Part-Time Of PTI Instead Of Other School

It’s very important to study part-time programme in Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) as an engineering student and below are the reasons.

The programmes are aimed at training qualified persons, especially oil sector personnel who wish to acquire requisite skills and knowledge without giving up their job as well as working class persons in the engineering and/or oil servicing sector.

You can apply for part-time admission of PTI with O’Level or ND result but make sure that you’re not providing wrong or incorrect information during the application.

If you’re applying with O’Level result, you will not need to write JAMB examination but you must apply through JAMB portal.

JAMB opens its portal for interested part-time student to register through the year, every time.

For detailed explanation, please check this article to know very deep whether it’s compulsory or not to sit for JAMB examination as a part-time applicants.

PTI Approved Engineering Courses For Part-Time Programme

No matter which type of engineer you are, you must love one of the engineering courses below if you really want to gain part-time admission into Petroleum Training Institute.

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Meanwhile, the following courses are designed for part-time students of Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) to study:

S/NCourses/DesciplineType of Programme (ND or HND)
1Evironmental Technology ND and HND
2Idustrial Safety TechnologyND and HND
3Welding and Fabrication EngineeringND and HND
4Mineral and Petroleum Resources EngineeringND only
5Petroleum Engineering TechnologyHND only
6Power PlantHND only
7ManufacturingHND only
8Mechanical EngineeringND and HND
9Petroleum and Gas Processing Engineering TechnologyND and HND
10Science Laboratory TechnologyND and HND
11Petroleum Marketing TechnologyHND only
12Instrumentation and ControlHND only
13Power and MachinesHND only
14Electronics and TelecommunicationsHND only
15Electrical/Electronic Engineering TechnologyND and HND
16Computer Science and Information TechnologyND only
17Petroleum Marketing & Business StudiesND only

If candidate who want to study Engineering course but no time to run full-time, then refer such person to Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) and he/she must choose one of the courses above.

There are some courses that student can study at both national diploma (ND) and higher National diploma (HND) level, for example electrical and electronics engineering technology.

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Requirements Or Eligibilties To Apply For Part-Time Admission Of PTI

Applicants for National Diploma (ND) programme must possess a minimum of five (5) credit level passes at the ordinary level (O’Level), in not more than two sittings, in the SSSCE/WAEC/GCE (or its equivalent) which must include:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry and
  • Any other Science subject for candidates applying for Engineering courses.

Candidates applying for Petroleum Marketing and Business Studies will require credit in Economics, Commerce or any other subject.

While candidate for Higher National Diploma (HND) must possess the above listed subjects and a National Diploma (ND) result that is relevant to the choice of courses, with evidence of post one (1) year Industrial Training (IT) excercise.

How To Apply For Part-Time Admission Of PTI In 2020

  • To apply, please click here
  • You will pay a non refundable part-time admission fee of N12, 000 to PTI
  • Also make sure that you have paid part-time programme on your JAMB profile before commencing anything as the admission can only be processed by JAMB.
  • However, the part-time programme fee which must be paid on JAMB profile is N3, 500 only.
  • You’ll be asked to enter your JAMB registration number when applying for part-time admission of PTI to verify whether you have paid the part-time programme fee on JAMB portal or not.
  • Note that if you fail to pay part-time programme fee on JAMB portal, you’ll be disqualified from gaining admission.


The application and submission of information or documents will end on 14th December, 2020.

For enquiry, please comment with your question here in the comments section or send a mail to [email protected] or call 08127667021.

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