List of all courses offered in FUTMINNA school of Engineering

List of all courses offered in FUTMINNA school of Engineering

Intending to become an Engineer in future? FUTMINNA is one of the best Federal University of Technology universities located in Minna, Niger state’s capital. In this article, I am going to discuss with you list and requirement of all courses offered in FUTMINNA school of Engineering.

Engineering Science encompasses a vast range of subjects, from microelectronics to offshore oil platforms, and involves the application of creative reasoning, science, mathematics (and, of course, experience and common sense) to real problems.

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How to gain admission to study Engineering in FUTMINNA

The Department of Engineering Science at FUTMINNA has a top-level quality assessment rating for teaching and a world-class reputation for research. Because they believe that future engineering innovation will benefit from broad foundations as well as specialized knowledge, undergraduate teaching is based on a unified course in Engineering Science, which integrates study of the subject across the traditional boundaries of engineering disciplines.

Links between topics in apparently diverse fields of engineering provide well-structured fundamental understanding, and can be exploited to give efficient teaching.The Engineering Science programme is a four-year course, leading to the degree of Master of Engineering.

The first two years are devoted to topics which we believe all Engineering undergraduates should study. In the third and fourth years there is scope for specialization into one of six branches of engineering: Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Information and Mechanical.

Decisions about which of these will be your specialization can be deferred until the third year.

The course is accredited every four years by the major engineering institutions in respect of the initial requirements for the designation of chartered engineer.

Industrial experience is an extremely important adjunct to an academic engineering education, and undergraduates are strongly encouraged to obtain it. One way to do so is by being sponsored. Further information is generally available through your careers teacher, or from the engineering institutions.

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Engineering courses offered in FUTMINNA

The list of all Engineering courses offered in the department of Engineering or Engineering Technology, FUTMINNA are:

  1. Agriculture and Bio-resources Engineering
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Computer Engineering
  5. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. Mechatronics Engineering
  8. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
  9. Telecommunication Engineering.

Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering

Agricultural Engineering is the area of engineeringconcerned with the design, construction and improvement of farming equipment and machinery.

Electrical And Computer Engineering

Electronics and Computer Engineering is a branch of Electronics Engineering which deals with the effects of electrons to build components, devices, systems, or equipment.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the discipline that applies engineering, physics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. It is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines because it deals with constructed environment including planning, designing, and overseeing construction and maintenance of building structures, and facilities, such as roads, railroads, airports, bridges, harbors, channels, dams, irrigation projects, pipelines, power plants, and water and sewage systems.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is the branch of engineering that integrates electronic engineering with computer sciences. Computer engineers design and develop computer systems and other technological devices.

Information And Media Technology Engineering

Information and Media Technology” (IMT) as a program of studies therefore matches real life more than either electrical engineering or computer science alone.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers conceive and design processes to produce, transform and transport materials — beginning with experimentation in the laboratory followed by implementation of the technology in full-scale production.

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics is a multi disciplinary field of science that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, systems engineering and control engineering.

Telecommuniction Engineering

Telecommunications engineering, or telecoms engineering, is an engineering discipline centered on electrical and computer engineering which seeks to support and enhance telecommunication systems.

Requirement to study Engineering in FUTMINNA in 2022

Before you can gain admission to study any Engineering course in FUTMINNA , you must have passed the following requirements:

1. A minimum of Five Credit in O-Level Certificate (WAEC, NECO or NABTEB). To save you the stress, you need at least a credit pass in:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics and
  • Biology.

2. You must have also used the following as your JAMB subject combination:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physics and
  • Chemistry


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