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Presently, Fastknowers is doing a great non-profit service(s) for people and this is why I want to show you how you can follow it on social media handle or account in order for you not to miss any important update.

Fastknowers is the name of the website which you are presently reading this post on. Its website address or URL is

This website was founded by Nigerian, Mr. Yahaya Abdulrazaq, a blogger and student. Now, he’s inviting you to follow his website on social media.

The most popular social media are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. My question for you, which social media do you have an account on?

Importantly, you can follow any social media handle or account of Fastknowers with the one that you have an account on.

Below are the links to the social media account of Fastknowers:

  1. Like our page on Facebook
  2. Follow us on Twitter as well
  3. Or finally, join our newsletter

Social media handles of Fastknowers and how you can join

Above are just three different social media accounts we take care of very well for now at Fastknowers. By the grace of God, other accounts like YouTube will be launched.

Without you people, our website would have not been at this point, here. That is, you take a very big responsibility of the development of this website. A very big thank to you!

Now, below are the guides on how you can join us on social media:

#1 Facebook

Follow Fastknowers on Facebook

The founder of Fastknowers, Abdulrazaq Yahaya had created a page for it on Facebook so that our dear Fastknowers users can communicate easily via Facebook with us.

That is to say that you should please like and follow us on Facebook for important updates if you use Facebook every time.

At Fastknowers, we believe that any update is important, hence, we don’t like you to miss any one and that is why we created social media accounts.

To like or follow us on Facebook, there is no any method to use, just click here to like it. You can also feel free to share any of our articles on Facebook with your friends.

#2 Twitter

Follow us on Twitter

Another way to follow us for important updates on social media is by following our Twitter handle or account.

Twitter is one of the best and most popular social media platforms which the registered people on it can share thought with one another.

As we are meant to provide anything ranging from educational information, technological guide, school news, etc to you for free of charge, we are there already before you.

That means if you don’t use Facebook every time, you may use Twitter, thus, following us on Twitter could make you to be getting important information.

Our username on Twitter is @fastknowers. And you may click here directly to follow us on Twitter.

#3 Newsletter

Join Fastknowers newsletter

Newsletter is the platform which allows people to get update or information from the source very fast using their email address.

As you may know, newsletter is not the other social media platforms that you can follow or like. To get an update from newsletter, you must join it.

Now, how can you join our newsletter in order to be receiving an important updates? Just click here and follow the prompts.

We post a maximum of two different important articles in a week and we will update you through our newsletter.

Steps to join our newsletter are:

  1. Click here and enter your active email address
  2. Login or open your email message and
  3. Lastly click on the message we’ll send to you through your email address to verify your humanity.

Why should you follow us on social media?

To most people, they miss some important updates as soon as they have left from our website, thus, we’ve created a social media accounts for us to join together.

For example, you will be seeing our contents on Twitter if you follow us on it but you are advised to click on any one that interest you for more reading.

Through our social media accounts, we post an article that relate to education, school information or news, latest job recruitment and how to apply, technology (tech) guides. If you’re interested to join us for an update about our services, we’ll happily welcome you.

Below are the reasons why it’s worth to follow or join us on social media:

  • By following Fastknowers on social media as we’ve discussed earlier, every newly published content will be seeing by you firstly before any body.
  • You don’t have to miss any important information as we’ll be keeping you updated as possible as we can.
  • By following us on social media like Twitter or Facebook, you can comment on any of our posts with what you need more clarification on and get instant reply by us or other people.


In conclusion, our website, Fastknowers has three different active social media accounts for now and they are Twitter, Facebook and Newsletter.

Please follow us on any one you like and start rolling with us. Thank you.

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