How to apply for a loan using Okash mobile app

OKash is a Micro-lending company which was established in 2018 by Blue Ridge Microfinance bank in order to be providing financial assistance to the people who are in need. In this today’s post, I will show with you step by step how to apply for a loan by using Okash mobile app.

If you want to apply for an instant loan using your mobile phone, you must have heard a lot about Okash loan app. As a matter of fact, Okash is the best loan app in terms of anything for the people who want to use their mobile phone to apply.

Here, on this page, we will be discussing Okash mobile app, its interest rate, requirements, how to apply, how to repay Okash loan, etc, step by step.

How to download Okash mobile application

You can download OKash from Google Play and apply for your Okash loan account in seconds by simply select your preferred bank account, link your active bank card for repayment, fill out a set of questions and get a decision on your loan application in minutes without signing any document.

OKash is good because it does not limit your work, income, or other conditions. As long as you are 20-55 years old, all you need is an Android device, a data connection, a means of identification, as well as valid bank account and card.

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It is a convenient mobile app that allows users to obtain short-term cash loans.

In one of our previous articles, Okash loan app is listed among the best loan apps in Nigeria for quick loans without any collateral and importantly everything is paperless.

How to register for Okash loan application very fast

Okash loans can be applied by individuals, salary earners and business owners through the Okash mobile app which can be installed from Google play store.

Now, the step by step guides of how to apply for Okash loan using mobile phone are:

  • Click here to download and install Okash Loan mobile app on your device
  • Register by creating an account
  • Login into your Okash account
  • Fill the required spaces with valid information
  • Check your loan limit and choose the amount you want to apply for
  • Choose loan duration and click “apply” button
  • Then, wait for a few minutes to get a notification message that your application is under review
  • Once the application is reviewed and approved, your loan will be transferred to your Opay wallet from which you can then withdraw to your local bank account.

Okash loan app requirements

Applying for Okash loan and make your application get approved very fast, the following are the application requirements.

Okash loan app application requirements are, you must provide:

  1. Valid bank details account number, account name)
  2. Valid means of identification
  3. ID Photo
  4. BVN number
  5. Birth certificate and must be 20 – 55 years
  6. Monthly income
  7. Complete Okash loan application because incomplete application will not be regarded

Interest rate of Okash loan

Okash interest rate is 0.1% -1% daily with 36.5% per annum and a one-time application fee which can range from N1,229 – N7,000 in Nigeria.

Benefits of using Okash to apply for a loan

Applying for a loan using Okash mobile is very interesting and below are some of the best benefits of Okash loan:

  • Okash is fast, secure, reliable and very simple to use
  • The service of customer care representative representative at Okash is very great
  • No collateral and document or paperwork
  • No hidden charges
  • You can obtain up to N50,000 loan at the first time.

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How to repay Okash loan manually

Okash uses automatic repayment system that instantly debits your bank account balance when it is time.

However, if you want to repay your Okash loan manually, then simply follow the simple step by step guides below:

  • Open the Okash app on your mobile device
  • Login into your account
  • Click on the “Make a repayment” option
  • Fill in the required details
  • Cross check for accuracy
  • Attach any required details after cross checking
  • Select the “repay” button
  • Finally, once the transaction is successful, you will receive an alert to confirm that the loan has been repaid.

How to contact Okash customer care

Do you want to know how you can contact customer care of Okash? If yes, then please forward all of your enquiries, complaint, request, etc to the OKash customer care service department via:


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