Do you want to know how you can write blog post using AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a tool that helps people do what human beings do.

AI is a product of ChatGPT, an OpenAI product. You can use ChatGPT or AI to create different things like software development code, history, song script, etc.

Artificial Intelligence is not a human but it does like a human. The way you should use AI is simply turn around (change) anything you want to create with it. Let’s say you are a content creator, you can introduce AI to help you create content.

How can AI write a blog post

AI can write any type of blog post with natural language text generation technologies. After it’s written, you’ll proofread, crosscheck and fact-check, and edit it manually to fit your brand voice (humanly).

The way AI works is browse across the internet to find a good articles posted posted by other people and then bring them to your front in one page without you visiting those websites and blogs by yourself.

Many people look for the solution to their problem via search engine, hence, they need to see original content. If you have a blog that you want to rank it organically, it may be a problem to find an experienced bloggers or their service fee can be expensive.

Thankfully, you can use AI to write great original content. You and your blog creation team can use AI to write blog posts faster to scale your content production.

AI generate text to help you not to write everything. Using AI help you improve the readability of your blog post. You may see our expert guide on how to do keyword research for your blog post.

When writing articles with AI, the word to use would be automatically produced in a sequence once you have given it a title.

Things to keep in mind when using AI to write blog posts

Cross check and proofread

After an AI has generated you a post, don’t forget to cross check before publishing it on your blog because it can give you the wrong information as it’s not human.

Edit to a human tone

If you’re using an AI tool like, which allows people to pick the tone, it may seem easy to forget to stick with the tone you use in brand voice. Hence, it is very important to have an article editing team who will edit the post base on your brand.

Optimize the post for SEO

The reason why you create post is for people to find it on search engines. To achieve that aim, make sure that any content you write is SEO-optimized. You may see our expert guide on top 21 checklists for SEO for WordPress users.

Add enough internal link

When you use an AI to write blog post, you may miss out adding an internal link which is one of the easiest SEO checklists to rank #1 on search engine result.

After an AI has written a post for you, don’t fail to add enough links within your website (internal links) to it before you finally publish it. You may see our expert guides on how to make a Google-friendly blog.

Which type of writer is AI meant for

AI is not meant or created for the writers who write low-quality posts or no post at all but for the writers who write high-quality content. They use AI to lessen their effort, give them more time to focus on writing good stuff.

There has not been an automated solution where you click a button and instantly get a polished, ready-to-publish blog post yet. If you invest in AI, it can create long-form articles. If you’re looking an AI to create high-quality blog post, may be okay for you. uses GPT3 technology from Open AI, hence, it writes like a high-quality human writers.

Hope this article has helped you know how you can write a blog using AI. You may also see our guide on how to install plugins on the WordPress website.

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