How to use Airtel youtube night data

how to use Airtel youtube night data

Airtel Nigeria is the best network provider in Nigeria that gives its subscribers a large pack of data for streaming on Youtube in the night only. Now, if you are having a youtube night data plan in your Airtel sim card, how should you use it? In this post, you will know everything.

As its name implies, Airtel youtube night data can only be used in the night. It starts from 12AM midnight and once it is 5AM, the airtel youtube night bonus will be discontinued, hence, further data deductions will be started from your active data balance.

Airtel youtube night data is given to an Airtel customer who subscribes for data plan above N500 and if you don’t subscribe above N500 to enjoy data in the night on Airtel network, read more in this post for how to activate Airtel night data plan.

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How to use Airtel night data plan step by step

As we have earlier let you know in this article, Airtel gives free data for watching videos on youtube only in the night when you buy a data bundle above N500. However, another way to subscribe for night data bundle on Airtel network for doing anything online from 12AM to 5AM is by dialing *312*3# and follow the prompts.

Airtel youtube data bundle

Before you start using Airtel youtube night data, you should firstly know your available balance by dialing *140#. Then after that, simply follow the step by step guides below for how to use youtube night data on Airtel.

  1. Insert your Airtel sim card to your browsing device
  2. Open your data connection, for example, wi-fi, modem, ethernet etc.
  3. After 12AM (midnight), then start watching any video you like on youtube
  4. While youtube night data bundle is in your sim card, you can download and upload any video of your choice during the night
  5. Stop watching video on youtube once it is 5AM if you don’t want to use you main data bundle, i.e, Airtel night data lasts from 12AM to 5AM
  6. Airtel night data bundle is untransferable, for example, you cannot share it with other sim card regardless of any type of network it is
  7. It expires concurrently in the same way that your main data bundle will expire
  8. If you are not getting Youtube night data while you are subscribing for a data plan above N500 regularly, then you can contact your customer care for correcting something for you on your sim card by dialing 111.

Best of all, the good news is that Airtel YouTube night data bonus can be used on any type of network coverage, I.e, you can enjoy Airtel YouTube night data bonus even though you are not migrating your Airtel sim from 3G to 4G.


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15 thoughts on “How to use Airtel youtube night data”

  1. YouTube data is a big scam cox each time I try to use it, my main data is consumed even when I stream at 2am. It’s not working. I have more than 134k MB yet no show

    1. Airtel youtube night data bundles only work in the midnight streaming videos on YouTube as its name implies. If you want to download something, please download from Play store (games and application) or on youtube (music only) with a stipulated time: 12 AM to 5 AM (night).

      If you are getting more questions, please don’t hesitate to reply back.

  2. The youtube night bonus data is a scam o. I have over 78900mb youtube data night plan but every time I stream a video between 2am to 4am my personal data gets deducted. I’m sure it’s happening to others.
    Please stop answering like you have solutions to this cuz you don’t.

    1. The guides I shared below work for the people around me. If they don’t work for you, please contact Airtel customer care, you will be glad to do.

      Please review to me any experience you may have while reading through our articles. I will be happy to hear from. Thank you!!

  3. I have a YouTube night bundle but only my main data gets consumed when I try to use it at night. I recharge using the code *141#.

    1. Hey dear, please try using your line from 12 am to 5 am (night) to make use of any Google apps such as YouTube, play store, checking your email messages, etc for free of charge.

      To check your availabile data balance, simply dial *140#. Thank you.

  4. I have YouTube night data of over 30,000 MB trying to download some movies on my
    phone my main data was all consume, after staying awake from 12 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. as if that is not enough, each time I buy data it will disappear.

    1. The recommended code to use for buying Airtel data plan which gives YouTube night data bonus is *141#.
      Dial* *141# via your Airtel sim card and buy a data plan which is worth higher than N500 in order for your existing night data bundles not be wiped off.

      If you are needing more help, please reply!!

  5. When I stream videos using my you tube night plan at the specified time; it also consumes my active data.
    How do I solve this?

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience experience you observed. Please check your data bundle balance by dialling *140#,;if you don’t have a YouTube data bundle, then you can stream YouTube at night with your line.

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