Recharge code of all banks to buy data and airtime

Are you currently operating any commercial banks in Nigeria? Do you want to know how to recharge data and airtime for yourself or others from your bank account? If yes, then you have come to the right place today I am going to show you the code to recharge the data and airtime of all banks in Nigeria and how to use the USSD code of all banks in Nigeria step by step.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, also known as USSD, is sometimes referred to as “quick codes” or “feature codes”, and is a communications protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with mobile network operators in computers. 

Technology has made life more easier and comfortable. Nowadays, there is no need to buy paper recharge cards alone yourself especially when you are traveling as they may get lost because with your mobile phone and your sim card, you can buy data and airtime directly from your bank account for yourself or your loved one(s) every time and everywhere.

This post contains all banks in Nigeria, their recharge codes for buying airtime and data subscriptions, and their website addresses too.

Why you should use your bank USSD code

There are many whys that you have to use your bank USSD recharge or top-up code to load airtime or data bundle on your sim card and below are some of them:

  • You can’t go out to buy paper recharge cards for some reasons
  • You don’t have a flashing bar on your line to flash anybody to call you back and request them to send airtime to your line
  • The type of recharge you want to buy is finished while you need it urgently
  • Your friend may just want you to send them a recharge card
  • Or do you want to send airtime to another person in order to collect money in cash as an exchange
  • And many more.

Now, in this post today, you will know the working USSD code of all banks in Nigeria. For this reason, please stay tuned and start enjoying the rest of the reading.

What we faced when the bank code was not invented

In the past years ago when nothing like a bank recharge code was invented, people experienced inconvenience in life. Perhaps, the service of transferring airtime between two sim cards existed in the past years ago especially Glo, i.e, Glo to Glo transfer.

To recharge your phone from your bank account, you will have to go outside the streets and buy a recharge card slip. That’s not fast because the seller may keep you waiting for a long time, the recharge may not available, etc.

Unhappily, in the olden days as well, the feature of recharging airtime or data directly from your bank account wasn’t launched by any notable network providers in Nigeria. But for now, features of recharging airtime from bank accounts have been established by all banks in Nigeria.

All banks in Nigeria have now connected with the top telecommunications companies in Nigeria to seamlessly provide data and airtime recharge services for their customers free of charge.

With the official USSD code of your bank, you can buy airtime and data to any type of sim card anytime.

Recharge code of all banks in Nigeria for buying data and airtime

Simply try to know the code to buy data and airtime from all banks in Nigeria as they are now listed and shown below:

1First Bank Of Nigeria*894*Amount#
2Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB)*737*Amount#
3United Bank Of Africa (UBA)*919*Phone No*Amount#
4First City Monument Bank (FCMB)*329*Amount#
5Access Bank Plc*901*Amount#
6Fidelity Bank Plc*770*Amount#
7Sterling Bank Plc*822*Amount#
8Polaris Bank Limited*833*Amount#
10Zenith Bank Plc*966*Amount*Phone No#
11Union Bank Of Nigeria*826*Amount#
12Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc*909*Amount#
13Wema Bank Plc*945*Amount#
14Diamond Bank Plc*302*Amount#
15Unity Bank*7799*Amount#
16Heritage Bank Plc*745*Amount#
17Keystone Bank Limited*7111*Amount#
18Citibank Nigeria Limited —–
19Standard Chartered Bank*977*Amount#
20Globus Bank Limited *989*Amount#
21Providus Bank Limited—-
22SunTrust Bank Nigeria Limited*5230*Amount#
23Titan Trust Bank Limited*922*Amount#

Above are the USSD codes to recharge data and airtime from any bank in Nigeria. Please kindly check and find the name of your bank out of them and start using it to recharge your airtime and data bundle.

How to buy airtime/data from your bank account to another number

Any number which is not linked to your bank account is considered as another number or third-party number, for example, the number of your friend is not linked to your bank account, hence it is treated as another number.

Now, if you want to transfer or buy a data bundle or airtime from your bank account to another third-party phone number, which code or how should you do it? If you to find out more, please read the following guides and instructions:

  • All you have to do is to dial the recharge code of your bank
  • After dialing, for example, *901# (Access bank USSD code)
  • Follow the prompt and enter the phone number of the person you want to transfer airtime/data to
  • For example, if you want to buy airtime from your bank account to another third-party number, let’s say 08121027901 using the USSD code of Access Bank,
  • Just dial *901# on your phone dialer app
  • Reply by selecting 3 for airtime purchase
  • Reply 2 to select Others
  • Select Your Account
  • Enter the Amount you want to buy
  • Enter your Phone Number here (08121027901 )
  • Enter your PIN to Confirm
  • Finally done and successful!!

Quick code to buy airtime from your bank account

Alternatively, you can simply dial *USSD code of your bank*2*amount of airtime*phone number*your secret pin# to buy airtime directly from your bank account to any number that is not linked with your bank account. And the same thing applies when you want to buy a data bundle for other people from your bank account.

Please don’t confuse yourself with any further questions. In fact, this is how to buy airtime or data from your Bank account to any network.

Just simply dial your bank recharge code and follow the prompts. It is easy, fast, and secure.

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Does bank recharge code work on every network?

Now, the same USSD recharge code applies to MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile. In conclusion, bank recharge code doesn’t have different codes for a particular network.

Recharge code of all commercial banks located in Nigeria

Once you have known the recharge code of the bank you operate as discussed in this article, you can then continue to buy airtime or data using the phone number you opened a bank account with or buy for another number (third party).

First Bank recharge code

First Bank Of Nigeria (FBN) is one of the top commercial banks in West Africa. To buy data or airtime from your First bank account to your sim card or friends, here are the helpful guides for you.

The recharge code of the First bank of Nigeria is *894#, hence, simply dial *894*Amount# to buy any amount of airtime you may need.

For example, if you want to buy N5000 Airtime, just dial *894*5000# on the number you opened the bank account with or your alert number.

GTB recharge code

Recharging airtime or data to your phone as a customer of Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB) is as simple as saying abcd, simply apply the following methods:

  • Dial *737*Amount# to buy credit for yourself.
  • And to buy for others, dial *737*Amount*Phone number#

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UBA Recharge code

United Bank Of Africa has a VTU system as well where you can recharge airtime or buy a data bundle from your bank account.

  • Just dial *919*Phone Number*Amount#. For example, to recharge N3000 from your UBA account, simply dial *919*08133446600*3000# and you are then good to go.

FCMB Recharge code

If First City Monument Bank or FCMB as popularly known is the bank you have an account with, then you can also use their USSD code to recharge your phone from your account.

To buy data or airtime from your FCMB account, just use the guides below:

  • To buy airtime/data to your alert number from your bank account balance, simply dial *329*Amount#, for example; *322*214*1000#.
  • To buy airtime from FCMB to others, dial *329*Amount*Mobile number#, for example; *329*1000*09012345678#.

Access Bank code

Access bank is one of the best and most active commercial banks that operate in Nigeria and in some international countries, hence, it provides a specific USSD recharge code for all its customers.

Access Bank Plc also has a specific USSD code system that allows you to pay for Airtime and data bundles from your account balance you have with them.

  • Simply dial *901*Amount#For example, *901*200#.

Fidelity Bank code

Fidelity Bank is not left behind in serving its customers with USSD codes to recharge data and airtime from their account balance.

As a customer of Fidelity bank, you can top-up your Airtime balance through your bank account.

  • Dial *770*Amount# for self-recharge or to your alert number. For example, *770*1000# to recharge airtime worth N1000 to your registered phone number
  • To recharge airtime from your Fidelity bank account for others, dial *770*Phone Number*Amount#. For example, to buy N200 for 07055925641, kindly dial *770*07055925641*200#.

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Sterling Bank code

All Sterling Bank Plc customers can also recharge airtime or data to any type of sim card.

  • Meanwhile, to recharge from your Sterling bank account, simply dial *822*Amount#, for example, *822*3000# if it is N3000 airtime you want to buy.

Polaris Bank code

Polaris Bank Limited offers mobile USSD code recharge services as well. With Polaris bank, of course, you can recharge credits without worries from your account to yourself or anybody you want.

  • Just dial *833*Amount#, for example, if you want to buy N1000 airtime, simply dial *833*1000# via your alert number.

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EcoBank recharge code

Ecobank is a Pan-African Bank that operates in more than different thirty-six (36)  countries in Africa.

Being in the financial business for decades, Ecobank has made it possible for all its customers to easily recharge their phones using the mobile USSD code.

To buy data or airtime from your savings account balance with EcoBank, use *326#, and below is how to do step by step:

  • Simply dial *326*Amount#.
  • For example, if you want to buy N300 worth of airtime, then dial *326*300# via your registered telephone number.

Zenith Bank code

Zenith Bank Plc is a multinational financial service company headquartered in Nigeria. While you can open a ZERO account with them and enjoy Zenith BetaLife promo with them as well, you can also recharge airtime from your Zenith bank savings account.

Being a loyal customer of Zenith bank, do you want to know the USSD recharge code of Zenith bank as you have just known the recharge code of other banks in Nigeria above?

Zenith bank’s official USSD code is *966#, hence everything you want to do concerning your Zenith bank account, for example, checking your account balance, sending money to another person, etc, can be done seamlessly with your mobile phone by dialing *966#.

Now, to recharge airtime or data from your Zenith bank account, the guides below may help you do that very fast:

  • Simply dial *966*Amount#. To recharge N1500 to your personal phone number, for example, dial *966*1500#
  • To buy for other numbers (also known as third-party numbers), dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number#. For example, *966*1500*09122075365# to transfer N1500 credit to 09122075365.

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Union Bank code

Union Bank of Nigeria, also known as UBN is a trusted and reliable bank partner that offers easy-to-use products and services to customers.

The team of technical staff or engineers at Union bank has made the introduction of airtime and data recharging for its customer’s nation wide and with their official USSD code, *826#, you can recharge airtime and data directly from your bank account any time, anywhere.

  • Simply dial *826*Amount#, for example, *826*1000#
  • For third-party phone numbers, dial *826*Amount*Phone Number#, for example, *826*07055934263*1000#.

Maintaining the tagline ”simpler smarter bank”, Union bank USSD recharge code, *826# is simpler and smarter than all other banks in Nigeria in terms of recharging airtime from your bank account to your sim card or another person (third party) sim card.

Stanbic IBTC Bank code

Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc offers banking services including saving your funds, making deposits, collecting loans, paying bills, recharging airtime from your account to your line or buying data bundle for yourself or others, and lots more.

  • Simply dial *909*Amount# to recharge airtime to your phone. For example, to buy N4000 airtime, simply dial *909*4000#.

Wema Bank code

Wema Bank Plc, commonly known as Wema Bank, is a Nigerian commercial bank founded on 2nd May 1945. It is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN); the regulator of the nation’s banking sector.

As a customer of Wema bank, you can top up airtime to your sim card from your bank account by dialing Wema Bank’s official USSD code as explained below:

  • Simply dial *945*Amount#, for example, dial *945*5000# if you want to buy N5000 airtime.
  • Meanwhile, if you want to buy airtime to other numbers (s) that are not linked with your Wema bank account, just dial *945*phone Number*amount#. For example, dial *945*09122075364*2000# to send N2000 airtime to 09122075364.

Diamond Bank code

Diamond Bank Plc. is a Nigerian multinational financial service provider. It was acquired by Access Bank in December 2018 and announced to complete the transactions of the merger fully in the first half of 2019.

How every customer of Diamond bank can recharge airtime from their Diamond bank account balance is explained below step by step:

  • Dial *302*Amount# or *901*Amount#
  • On Diamond Yello Account, just dial *710*555*Phone no*Amount*Your PIN#. For example, *710*555*08012458871*1000*4321#.

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Unity Bank code

For business inquiries, banking products, and services, Unity Bank is here for you. You can also recharge data and airtime (credits) directly from your Unity bank account.

To do just that, please read how it works below:

  • Simply dial *7799*Amount#. For example, *7799*1000#.
  • For Other numbers or Third Party numbers, just simply dial *7799*Phone Number*Amount#.

Heritage Bank code

Heritage bank is one of the 23 plus best commercial banks in Nigeria and here is how you can recharge airtime directly from your Heritage bank account by dialing a USSD code.

Out of all banks in Nigeria, Heritage provides seamless service better than them.

Heritage Bank Plc also has a USSD code system that enables you to recharge airtime from the comfort of your home or everywhere.

  • Simply dial *745*Amount#For example, dial *745*1500# to buy 1500 Naira.
  • To Top-Up for other third-party numbers, dial *745*Amount*Phone Number#. For example, to buy N1500 worth of airtime from your Heritage bank account for 07052678935, dial *745*1500*07052678935#

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Keystone Bank code

Keystone Bank Limited, commonly referred to as Keystone Bank, is a commercial bank in Nigeria founded in Nigeria in 2011. The bank is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the national banking regulator.

Keystone Bank Limited allows you to carry out different banking services on your mobile phone everywhere you are nationwide.

To buy airtime or data from your Keystone bank account to your alert number or for your friends or loved one

  • Simply dial *7111*amount#.
  • For example, dial *7111*4000# to buy 4000 Naira.
  • Dial *7111*phone number*2000# to buy N2000 worth of airtime to any number by just the phone number you want to transfer airtime to with the USSD code given above.
  • For example, dial *7111*08144955445*2000# to buy N2000 airtime to 08144955445.


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