Things That JAMB 2020 Will Not Let Candidates To Come Into Hall With

Prohibited items in UTME exam hall (CBT) for 2020 or Things That JAMB 2020 Will Not Let Candidates To Come Into Hall With.

Every year, JAMB usually discloses the unwanted items which it doesn’t want its candidates to come into the exam hall with. In this year, 2020, JAMB disclosed its prohibited items and the addition of next year’s (2020) which we will show you later on.

In this article, we will show you the previous years’ (2020) prohibited items in UTME exam hall and the newly added ones by board (JAMB) for 2021.

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JAMB will be strongly serious with the items which candidates come with into the exam hall on the exam day. Any candidate found with one or more of the items listed below in this post shortly, would face the board consequences.

In other words, JAMB refers the candidates with the prohibited item(s) as an exam malpractitioners.

That is why we called you to visit this post to know the items you should or shouldn’t go into the UTME exam hall with in order for you not to be classed as UTME exam malpractitioner.

Prohibited Items In UTME Exam Hall For 2020

Below are the items which you shouldn’t go into the 2020 UTME/JAMB examination hall for 2020.

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  1. Writch Watch 
  2. Pen/Biro
  3. Mobile phones or Similar devices
  4. Spy Reading Glasses Should Be
  5. Calculators or Similar Electronic Devices
  6. USB, CD, Hard Disks & Similar Storage
  7. Books or any Writing Material
  8. Cameras
  9. ATM Cards
  10. Erasers
  11. Recorders
  12. Microphones
  13. Smart Rings/Jewellery
  14. Ink/Pen Readers
  15. Smart Lenses
  16. Ear Pieces
  17. Smart Buttons
  18. Bluetooth Devices
  19. Key Holders.

We have finally showed you the 19 prohibited items in UTME exam hall in 2021. Help other candidates to know them too through any sharing buttons.

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