Should Part-Time Students Need To Write JAMB Examination (Good News)

Should Part-time students Write JAMB Examination?

Are you planning to apply for part-time admission of a tertiary institution? Do you really want to know whether part-time students should need to write JAMB examination?

Keep reading this article if only that is the thing that made you come here.

Writing JAMB examination as a part-time student cannot stop you from gaining part-time admission.

There are some categories of students who should apply while the others shouldn’t and below are the Step-by-Step explanations.

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Should Part-Time Students Write JAMB Examination

Now I am going to explain whether part-time students should write JAMB examination or not.

I have good news for you. Part-time students are not needed to write JAMB examination for gaining admission but they must be registered from JAMB.

You should not need to write JAMB examination in order to gain the part-time admission of some tertiary institutions like Petroleum Training Institute.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB is the federal government body that maintains the free and fair of the offer of admission.

JAMB must regulate every candidate that are being admitted into the tertiary institution even part-time candidate.

Part-time prospective students only need to register on the portal (website) of JAMB and the institution they want to study part-time course in.

Preferably start your registration from the portal of JAMB first as a part-time student before ending everything (registration) on the portal or website of the institution of your choice.

How To Apply For Part-Time Admission On JAMB Portal

Registration on the JAMB e-facility portal is the first method to the application of part-time admission.

To gain part-time admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria, you would need to register for JAMB as a part-time student and below is how you can do.

  • Prospective Part-Time, Sandwich and Distance Learning candidates are advised to visit the JAMB e-Facility portal by clicking here
  • Click on the Part-Time Registration Link (for Part-Time Students)
  • Enter your name, phone number and email address in the required column
  • Then in the next page that will load, the system will generate RRR number to you
  • Proceed to make a non-refundable payment of Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N3,500) only via Remita.
  • After the successful payment, login to your JAMB profile (account) and fill in other required information
  • Finally, submit registration form online.

After the application of part-time admission has been made on JAMB portal, then candidates should visit the portal of their best choice of institution and register for part-time programme.

You will again pay part-time registration fee to the tertiary institution of your choice. For some institutions like Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), the part-time application fee is N12, 000 only.

For how to apply for part-time admission of Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), please click here.

Applying for part-time admission doesn’t need students to write JAMB examination.

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