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Puberty Stage Of Male And Female Person (Features Of Puberty Stage)

Puberty stages of male and female child

Puberty is the stage when man has started growing physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. In this article, I will show you every stage of male and female (human)’s puberty.

After the person has been born, the stages in which he/she will pass through are a: (1) day of the celebration of birth (2) day he/she will marry and (3) day they will celebrate his/her death or call to glory.

Please if it’s wrong, correct me provenly about what I have just said.

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Puberty Stage In Human Being (How To Know If Person Is In Puberty)

Puberty stage always begin after ten (10) years that a child was born. If your child has come to a puberty stage, you’ll be seeing some different changes in him or her.

Also, the physical appearance and everything will get changed even the thinking or psychological reasoning of your child if puberty has begun.

Now let stop here and start showing you the signs of puberty in all sexes (male and female).

Signs Of Puberty Stage In Male

Puberty stage in male human being is very slow to begin. In some boys, it’s after their 13 years you can witness the signs of puberty in them.

Now I’m going to show you the signs of puberty in male. Are you following me? Okay, let’s continue.

  1. Developing grey-colored hair in private places
  2. Enlargement of muscles
  3. Behaving arrogance
  4. Eating too much
  5. Changing in voice
  6. Shy to speak in public
  7. Increasing brilliantly

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Now the explanation of what I listed above are as follows

1. Developing grey-colored hair in private parts

If a male child has started undergoing puberty, grey-colored hair will be growing in his private parts.

The private parts where grey hair grows are in his armpit, top of his penis’ soling, etc. Grey hair also engulf the anus of male child during puberty stage.

2. Enlargement of muscles

Muscles in male child gets bigger and bigger than before if he is undergoing puberty stage.

The muscles of his arm, cheeck and knee must start to increase than the rest parts of his body if he’s undergoing puberty stage.

Is the chest of your boy getting wider or larger than before? Don’t panic, that’s the sign of puberty.

3. Behaving arrogantly

If male child is in puberty stage, he must behave arrogantly. Male child always think that he knows everything more than every body.

If a child is behaving arrogantly, that is the sign of puberty, thus, don’t over panic because as he’s just started he will must finish it.

4. Eating too much

A child that is in puberty stage likely eat too much. Every time your child start eating too much, then he’s started undergoing puberty.

In other words, child who doesn’t have an adequate or a nourished food to eat can be malnourished.

Malnourishment occurs in puberty stage of a child, therefore let your child eat as how as he likes to help him grow normally the way he’s created.

5. Changing in voice

As from 13 (thirteen) years of a male child, his voice must change as a result of puberty, right?

If the voice of your teen child has changed, please believe that it’s puberty caused it.

The voice of some children changes little-by-little while some changes rapidly, therefore, don’t worry about anything.

6. Shy to speak in public places

A child who is undergoing puberty cannot speak in public. They can talk to their parents alone but talking to another person is impossible for most puberty-undergoing children.

Do not think that your child is different from other children as he is unable to speak in a fluent way in public, please be advised that he will speak in any place (public or private) when he grow up.

7. Increasing brilliantly

A child who was not brilliant before can be intelligent more than the child who is brilliant. What made that happen?

The reason is that as he’s growing, his rate of understanding or intelligence is in proportion to his growth provided the person who is teaching him is every time available.

Signs Of Puberty Stage In Female

Puberty in female always start earlier than that of male. When female has come to Puberty stage, below are the common observable things.

  1. Feeling shy
  2. Developing private hair
  3. Expansion of Virgina
  4. Developing ovary
  5. Change in voice
  6. Sleeping too much
  7. Having irritating odour
  8. Increase in beauty

Explanations of the underlisted signs of puberty in female child are as follows:

1. Feeling shy

Shy is the first sign of puberty in female child. Male teenager feels shy every time especially in public.

One things that is very good about sign of puberty in every sex is that it is not permanent. That doesn’t mean that a female child who doesn’t like to talk is not talkative.

2. Developing private hair

Development of grey-color private hair is another sign of puberty in female.

Female child who has bared head will start growing hair during their puberty stage. Hence, growing of hair is a sign of female puberty.

3. Expansion of Virgina

When female child has started undergoing puberty, her virgina will be expanding for child birth.

I am sorry to said this kind of speech. Please forgive me if it’s irritating you and I won’t say it henceforth. Meanwhile, it’s an educational speech.

4. Change in voice

Voice of female child changes during her puberty stage. If your child voice has changed due to no specific reason, then know that it’s her puberty caused it.

That is, every female must have a changed voice between her thirteen (13) to fifteen (15) years old.

5. Developing ovary

Also, from thirteen to fifteen (13 – 15) years, female child must develop up ovary which will cause her to do period.

After ovary has matured, then in the next seven (7) months, menstruation will start. Now how can person know that his/her child is developing ovary?

If your child has started developing ovary, you will see her flesh to be freshening, smoothening or clearing. Finally, she’ll stop doing childish playing.

6. Sleeping too much

Statistics shows that almost all female children do sleep very deep or long than that of male children.

Why is it like that? Do you really want to know? However, the reason why female child who is undergoing puberty stage sleeps too much is as likely a result of hard working.

Ladies do home work more than men, isn’t it. Yes, it is true, hence they sleep too much and very long.

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7. Having irritating odour

Some female children produce or have an unpleasant body odour during puberty stage (thirteen to fifteen years).

Which part of their body produces smelling? The parts of the female child who is undergoing puberty stage are: armpit, hair and virgina.

8. Increase in beauty

Female child who is at least 13 (thirteen) years old must be pretty or her beauty must increase. In fact, every man likes to date such ladies in that period.

If your child is continuously increasing in beauty naturally while men are liking her, then what you as a parent should do? I will show that in my next article.

A girl in puberty stage must has a creamy and skinny body which tends to attract the opposite sex (male).

9. Increase in bottom

Also, a puberty-stage-undergoing female children are naturally created to develop an increase in size of bottom.

This sign was made by the Creator (God) to let people know that such female child who is with increased in size of bottom has started undergoing puberty.

10. Appearance of pimples

Some girls do have pimples on their faces as a result of sign of puberty. This is not for every girl but to some of them.

That is, if your child has started having pimples on her face, then make sure that it’s a sigh of puberty.

11. Developing nipple

Nipple is the milk secreted house projected from the mammary gland. It is at the chest of all female person in the globe.

Female child in puberty stage must develop must develop very small size of nipples on her chest.


Now I have concluded showing you the signs of puberty stage in both male and female child.

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Signs of puberty stage of male and female child are quite different, now, can you know their diffences? If you can’t, please talk to me through the comment section.

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