In life, everyone wants to succeed. Few of the people that think of success work toward their dreams while most of them don’t put in any effort despite the fact that action and reaction are always the same as said by scientists but keep dreaming and dreaming big dreams. Here, you will know the important stages in life you don’t have to miss.

If you want to succeed in life or in everything, you have to work toward it. Don’t just only dream a big dream. In fact, the best time you are dreaming is when your eyes are open. Being a scientist, we don’t believe in dreaming while sleeping.

If you have had a dream, keep it to yourself, and don’t expose all your dreams to everybody because some people are dream killers and they don’t want you to succeed.

Everything works with time and stages. Yes, of course, you can become Bill Gates’s competitor tomorrow if you do what he did and don’t miss any valuable stage in your life.

In this article, we would discuss the top important basic stages you must know and don’t try to miss in your life. Every moment in your life is precious. One of the features of time and stage is that they are irreplaceable, that is, once they have passed, they have passed forever, hence, life doesn’t have part two.

You don’t want any stage in your life to miss you? If yes, then please continue reading this article.

If you fail, nobody would like to hear from you but if you succeed, everybody will call you their man, uncle, brother, coach, mentor, etc. The bottom line is that nobody will be responsible for your failure.

Your success and future are in your hands, hence, don’t play with them because if they fall from your hands to the ground and get broken in the process, it is only you who will have to blame.

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After our longest study of the psychology of a man, we have noticed important stages in the life of every human being that he/she should not try to miss anyone.

Now, let’s discuss stages in your life that you don’t have to miss.

11 stages of human life you don’t have to miss

  • 0 to 6 years | neutral years.
  • 6 to 12 years | must have started who to become.
  • 12 to 18 years | must do something on your own.
  • 18 to 24 years | must be proficient in your field.
  • 24 to 30 years | must be your own boss and lead by example.
  • 30 to 36 years | investor stage.
  • 36 to 40 | a stage of bringing up others.
  • 40 to 50 years | blessing others stage.
  • 50 to 60 years | planning to rest.
  • 60 to 70 years | rest and enjoy yourself with your families.
  • 70 years and above | rest, relaxed, sleep, in fact, you are retired.

0 to 6 years | neutral years

Years 0 to 6 in human life are neutral years. Between these years, you can’t know or do anything yourself.

From 0 to 6 years, you can run around your neighborhood nakedly. You don’t know the differences between good and bad. It is your guidance or your parents who decide everything for you.

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6 to 12 years | must have started planning who to become

6 to 12 years of every child is his/her foundation year, must have started planning who to become. Between your years 6 to 12, you must be sent to school to learn how to read and write.

Also in this stage, your parents must teach you their language, religion, culture, how to cook, dress, respect elderly people, talk to someone, how seek permission, how to request someone for something, etc.

From 6 to 12 years are foundation years. Please, dear parents, pay attention to these years for your child and don’t let him/her misspend it.

12 to 18 years | must do something on your own

Another critical stage in the life of human beings is 12 to 18 years which are the years that a child must do something on his/her own.

Once a citizen becomes 18 years, his government can send him to fight the war against his nation. This shows that you are capable to do something on your own.

If you don’t plan to build your future, you will help others build theirs.

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18 to 24 years | must be proficient in your field

From 18 to 24 years of your life, you are expected to be proficient or professional in your career or field.

At this stage, you don’t have to be found in your parent’s house again. If you can’t feed others at this stage, try to be able to feed, clothe, shelter yourself, etc.

A lady or gentleman between 18 to 24 years is responsible to do something on his or her own.

24 to 30 years | must be your own boss and lead by example

From 24 to 30 years, you must be a boss (director) of yourself and also show others that it is good for someone to be in control of his/herself.

At this stage, you can decide to marry if you have not been missing any of the stages in life that you don’t have to miss as we are explaining in this article.

Also, from you are 24 to 30 years, if you get elder siblings, then you must have people to call you uncle/aunt, so be an uncle/aunt to them, give them something but not receive from them (it is a shame).

30 to 36 years | investor stage

Before you are 30 to 36 years, try to change your title from entrepreneur/businessman/woman to investor. The investor is someone who invests in other people’s growth in the field they are growing in.

For example, if your career is in music, for instance, then start producing musicians from you 30 to 36 years. Also, if you are an educationist, then don’t rest and think you have done everything, hence, make other people achieve their educational dream.

Cherish your products or services or money in the name of making other people become someone. Indeed, God sent you to help others.

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36 to 40 | a stage of bringing up others

If you are a man or woman of age 36 to 40 years, this is the stage to bring up other people. Help other lives as you were helped before by others.

At this stage, make people become your friend, and advise them of the importance of dreaming big while working toward it. Provide scholarships for them, create a business for them if you have the means, or assist other people in making a plan like a business plan or career plan.

40 to 50 years | blessing others stage

When a man or woman is between 40 t0 50 years, he or she is expected to own something which benefits the populace. At this stage, you have to bless others. We are not only referring to your families but also all human beings in general.

It is not guilty for you as a woman to feed men. In fact, you can feed your community, state, country, or the world at large. There is no limitation on who or where you can bless.

One thing to know is that you must have to bless others as you were blessed before so that they would bless other generations in the future.

Don’t be stingy, this world is not your home. If you claim it to be your home, then that means you are definitely exchanging it with heaven.

Now, let’s continue to the next stage in life you don’t have to miss.

50 to 60 years | planning to rest

There is a time and stage for everything. Hence, from fifty to sixty years is the stage that you have to start planning to give rest to yourself. Please don’t rest if you have missed any of your stages in life before.

At 50 to 60 years, you will see your friends and some other of your mates that will start planning to rest or rest.

60 to 70 years | rest and enjoy with your families

Stage 60 to 70 in human life is a stage for him/her to rest and spend time with his/her family. Have fun around, and joke with aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. Advise people on what they should do to become successful.

Your family members especially your wife and children, don’t make their case to be compromised. Spend quality with your family and be a good father to other people.

70 years and above | you are retired

From 70 years and above, if God prolongs your life to that stage, this is when you have to rest, relaxed, sleep and stop doing any work because you are retired.

Even though you still get the strength to do work, you have to claim because you have done what should be done to rest in old age. According to Isaac of, ”if you don’t want to carry biro today, you would carry barrow tomorrow”.

This quote directly refers to young men who don’t want to do work at a young age, surely, they would do extraordinary work during their old age.

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Everything in life has the time it has to be done. Being a human being, you have to dance to the tune of your age, or else, your age will dance at you.

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