Do you want to buy hosting and search for the best tips to guide you on how to choose the best one?

Web hosting is compulsory for anybody who wants to create a website or blog. WordPress is one of the platforms that help people create a website we easy without coding. 

Today, we will show you tips on how to choose the best WordPress web host. Now, let’s get started.

Tips on how to choose the best web hosting for WordPress

Most people see web hosting as an unserious thing when they want to buy a domain and hosting.

You may come across web hosting which offers you their services for free in exchange for banner ads. Or you might see web hosting which may be too expensive. If you have already hosted your domain on, read how to transfer it to

Hope you have already known that web hosting and a domain are needed to use WordPress. Thus, to create a website, what specifications do you need?

That is why we created this article to show you tips on how to choose the best web hosts for WordPress.

When you want web hosting, choose WordPress because it is a very lightweight script compatible with:

  • PHP 4.3 or greater
  • MySQL 4.0 or greater
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

As a matter of fact, most web host companies offer pre-installed WordPress service on any plan you buy from them.

There are two tips you have to know about web hosting for WordPress and they are your needs and the company’s reputation.

1. Your needs

As we stated above, WordPress is a very lightweight script for a normal blog account, you won’t be needing a dedicated server. So don’t get that.

Most top shared hosting sites now offer unlimited resources, so take advantage of that. That is all that you really need. But what will you do if you end up going with a service that doesn’t offer unlimited specs?

When choosing a WordPress web host, you need to evaluate it. How much space you do need on the web? A WordPress site can run well under 100 MB of space. Note that if you are offering downloads and hosting your own images then you will need more space.

Evaluate the bandwidth your site will be using because you will soon want to get to the Front Page search engine result page which is easy to achieve by getting enough bandwidth. 

Getting to that position will make you receive a lot of traffic. So how much bandwidth should you get? As a beginner, we advise you to get the low one for now and upgrade when necessary. There is no point in paying extra for something you won’t use in the early months.

Once your blog starts to get influence in the industry then you can upgrade.

2. Company’s reputation

Every host that we mention in this post has earned a reputation in the industry. They are top-notch services.

If you decide to go with a service other than the ones that we list in this post, make sure you do extensive research on their reputation, uptime history, and support reviews.

Our recommended web hosting company

Below is the list of companies we consider to be the Best Web Hosting companies for WordPress. All of these hosts have an unlimited spec for you.

FastComet Hosting registrar

1. Fast Comet

Fast Comet – They are known as one of the well-reputed web hosts in the industry. They have plans that will suit all your needs.

Visit Fast Comet


2. Host Marda

Host Marda is one of the most popular web hosts with special plans for WordPress users. Many reviewers of it have proven its worth to the users.

Visit Host Marda

Feel free to choose from any of the two WordPress web hosts above. We guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

Hope this article has helped you know the tips on how to choose the best web hosting for WordPress. Please share it with your friends and remember to like our Facebook page for more important updates.

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