Do you want to know the top sweetest birthday wishes for your loved or dear one in this year 2020? Are you wondering about the wish you’ll text to your loved one on his/her birthday? If you are, then continue reading this content.

On your dear one or friend’s birthday, it’s very important to send your wish to him/her. That doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to use the time.

By sending your wish to your dear one (the person you love) on his/her birthday makes your friend know that you’re still remebering him/her.

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Sweetest And Best Birthday Wishes For Your Dear And Loved One In 2020

Note: we’ve compiled this content to help you wish your dear or loved one(s) a sweetest greeting or wish on his/her birthday.

Meanwhile, it’s not copyrighted. That is, you can replace the name(s) we used here with the name of the receiver of your wishes.

Now, below are the top best sweetest birthday wishes in 2020 for your dear and loved person:

1. Sweetest birthday wish(es) for your friend in 2020:

  • Hey John, today you’re smarter and older than yesterday. Not only that, you’ve also one year come closer to all your wishes. Happy birthday!

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2. Sweetest birthday greeting(s) for your Mom in 2020:

  • Without you, Mom, I would not have imagined my life. All the efforts you exerted toward my success were being appreciate. I want to use this medium to wish you long life, good health and also have an ability to hold my children in your palms. Happy birthday!
  • All the pieces of advice you gave me are useful, in fact very useful. Today is the birthday of the most understanding Mother I have ever got in my life. All my friends and colleagues are wishing you Happy birthday including me!!

3. Sweetest birthday greeting for your best Girl friend:

  • Happy birthday my one and only best friend. You’re the most pretty lady that I’ve met. Had it been I didn’t meet you at the right time, i would have killed myself. Smiling is your portion in God Mighty’s name.
  • My life is uncompleted without you. You’re my wife and friend for ever. Any reaction will cannot break the bond between me and you. Happy birthday!

Sweetest Birthday Wishes Or Messages For Your Loved One In 2020 (This Year)

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4. Sweetest birthday greeting for your Dad in 2020:

  • Dad, as a matter of fact, I would not have ever got any happiest day in this world. You made me stand where my mates are standing despite the hardships you’ve faced. I wish you today from the bottom of my heart, happy birthday!!
  • May God continue strengthening you, making you live long (long life) and giving you good health. May you not die in shame and on the wrong path (non acceptable religion) in God’s name. Happy birthday!!!

5. Best birthday greeting for your best boy friend in this year:

  • In the first time you met me, I thought you were joking, I didn’t know that it’s because of you that God created me. I want to let you know that since you’ve been entered into my life, I’m changed tremendously physically, socially and emotionally. You’re indeed my best coash for ever. Happy birthday!!
  • Happy birthday my honey, my everything! Today is your best day, birthday. I wish you long life, more good health to take care of me and more handsome looking face. Without you, I would not be some body.

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Best Birthday Wishes For Every Person You Love Or Remember In This Year

6. Sweetest and best birthday wish(es) for your teacher and mentor in 2020:

  • Without your intervention in showing me what is what, I would not have known anything. I appreciate all your teachings and guides. May God bless you and give you good health to help me more. Happy birthday!
  • Had it been I didn’t find you rightly as my mentor, I would have faced different tormentors on this Earth. That is to say that all your encouragements have worked for me and that is why I can remember you and texted you this message. Happy birthday!!!

7. Sweetest message for your boss in 2020 on his/her birthday:

  • Hello boss, happy birthday. I pray in God’s name that all your best wishes and prayers should be answered quickly. You’ll use five (5) days to do what other people cannot use two (2) years to do. Before your next birthday, you’ll be smiled and surprised of your success’s rate.

8. Sweetest birthday wish(es) for your ex-colleague or class mate in 2020:

  • Every character of a person changes as more as the person keeps growing. Faith, please can you still remember how we celebrated birthday’s ceremony when we were a kid? It’s fun, indeed! Today, you have clocked plus one more year to your age. I wish you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday to you dear.

Conclusion of how to wish your loved ones a happy birthday very sweetly in the year 2020 plus further reading:

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