Where to buy car parts in Nigeria

With car, transportation is easy and fast. If your car is not in normal condition, how do you feel? In today’s article, I will show you where and how to buy car parts in Nigeria.

This article is also ideal to be read by the people who are willing to buy brand new car. Presently, you don’t have to buy offline because technology has transformed everything.

Also, you can buy car parts like car engine or radiator online from the best website just like the way you buy clothes or laptop from online store (Jumia or Konga).

By buying car online, it’s hoped to be delivered to your location (at the front of your house or anywhere you specify), i.e, to every part in Nigeria.

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Now, let me begin to show you the top best and legit websites where you can buy cars and their parts from in Nigeria in 2021.

Where To Buy Car And Its Parts In Nigeria Online In 2021

Top best and CAC approved e-commerce websites which you can buy car or its part(s) in Nigeria in 2021 are listed and explained below and the step-by-step guides for how you can go about in getting your motor.

1. PartBoyz

The #1 (number one) best and trusted e-commerce website which you can buy brand new car or motor part(s) in Nigeria reliably is PartBoyz.

PartBoyz has got the head office in Lagos state while its staffs and agents work hardly to make sure that a patronizing customers (you) must be served happily regardless of the location of them.

That is to say that you can buy car (either used or new) from PartBoyz and it will surely be delivered to the location you used at the time you were placing an order.

For more information on how to buy car part(s) from PartBoyz, the official website of it is www.partboyz.com or you can call their official 24/7 telephone number which it is 012299706.

Meanwhile, no 9 Olowu Street, Ikeja, Lagos state is the head office of Partboyz.

2. NaijaAuto

This company is an e-commerce website which sells brand new car and enlightens people on best car they should buy.

NaijaAutho also sells every part of car. Buying motor on NaijaAuto website, below are the brands of motors you can buy:

  • Corolla
  • Toyota
  • Lexus
  • Buggati
  • Ferrari
  • Benz etc.

As an online shopping website of NaijaAuto, www.naijaauto.com is its official website. Their office is located in Lagos state but by visiting their website, you can contact them and buy anything from them with your laptop or smartphone.

For more information about the products on NaijaAutho website and their price, it is ideal to call them on this telephone number or drop a mail via this email address ([email protected]).

Visit their office at no 7 James Robertson Street Off Alhaji Masha road Surulere, Lagos.

3. CarPartsNigeria

Buying car part online

CarPartsNigeria is an online store that predominantly sells car part(s). Also, you can buy brand new motor from it.

Car part like engine, engine oil, radiator and lots more are the things which can be found on the website of CarPartsNigeria both used (virgo) and new.

You can order any part of a car which you want to buy from CarPartsNigeria from the comfort of your home with laptop or smartphone. If you know how to place an order on Jumia website by yourself, placing your dream motor on order on CarPartsNigeria is as simple as abc.

I can know that you must be needed to visit the website of CarPartsNigeria now. If you really do, please click this link.

If you really want to contact them via email address or telephone number, then use [email protected] or 09099995678, 07035564512 or 0812 8082225 respectively.

You can also locate the office of CarPartsNigeria if you reside in Lagos state by going to № 15, Adekunle Street, Adekunle, Yaba.

4. JijiNg

Jiji is a website that sells both new and used cars and their part(s). Jiji operates in Nigeria. In fact, Jiji Nigeria is the name which people know it with popularly.

The official website which you can use to by any of your dream car on Jiji Nigeria is https://jiji.ng/motor-accessories. This means that if you can’t go to Lagos or big cities, you can buy a motor on Jiji online.

Jiji.ng as an online store sells everything which person demands and below are some things it sells:

  • Laptop
  • Smarthphone for any type
  • Woman and man clothes (fashion)
  • Motorcycle, tricycle, etc.

You can also contact them via the following number and email address (respectively).

5. IkokuOnline

Ikoku is the biggest automobile industry located in Lagos state while IkokuOnline on the other hand is an e-commerce site developed by Ikoku.

That is, Ikoku has got both offline and online store and it sells automobile (motor, motorcycle, tricycle or Keke, etc) things only.

The physical address of Ikoku is while its website address is www.ikokuonline.com. For more information on their products and how you should buy them, contact their 24/7 customer care line.

You can also write a message to Ikoku sales team by mailing . While their official telephone number is.

7. AutoParts

AutoParts refers to automobile or motor parts. This company is one of the best websites which you can buy brand new motor from in Nigeria in 2021.

Every part of car which is on sale on the website of AutoParts is very cheap and by placing any one you want to buy on order, AutoPartz product delivery agent must deliver it to your door step within 72 hours.

If you want to buy car or its part(s) online, I highly recommend you to buy from the website of AutoParts because their products are of high quality and cheap in price.

Meanwhile, AutoParts official website address is www.autopartz.com and their 24/7 customer care service line is 09030007004 or 08097772886.

AutoParts is not a fraudulent website, as a matter of fact, you can visit № 55, Akobi crescent, off Atunrashe street, Mushin, Lagos state as it’s their office address. Your mail should be sent to [email protected].

8. MrParts

MrParts car parts

Mrparts is an e-commerce website which sells automobile stuffs to people both online and offline. Best and high quality cars and on sale on MrParts website as you are reading this now.

MrParts as an automobile company, it doesn’t sell cars only. As a matter of fact, every part of a car and motorcycle you need can be sold to you at the cheap price.

To contact the team of MrParts for buying car or motor part, the telephone number you should call is +2348100686696 or +2348138479798 . Another fastest way you can contact their sales team is by sending an email to [email protected].

MrParts is online store, and its website URL is www.mrparts.ng for now. If you want to know more about any of the website which I have been explaining to you in this article, please don’t fail to visit their website. Thank you.

9. KamsiParts

By buying car part(s) from KamsiParts, you must have rest of mind because you will can never be given fake products by their agent.

That is, if you have ordered used items, it’s it exactly will be delivered to you and vise versa. That is being said that KamsiParts is a legit website you can trust to buy car or its items from.

This online automobile shopping website is licensed to do this business by Nigerian federal government or business registrar, CAC (co-orperate affairs commission).

The official website URL of KamsiParts for now is www.kamsiparts.com. Meanwhile, their office is located at Zone D, Block 10A, Suite 72, ASPMDA Shopping Complex, Int’l Trade Fair. Badagry Express Way Lagos.

To contact the team of KamsiParts, send your mail to [email protected] or [email protected]. Their telephone number is also always active to receive a call, thus, remember to call 0909-837-0120.

10. Jumia

Jumia is one of the best websites which is designed to buy anything online. Jumia doesn’t sell automobile stuffs.

If you really want to buy car or motor part, it’s ideal to buy from Jumia Nigeria and get it delivered to you within 72 hours.

Click here to visit automobile category on Jumia Nigeria.


It is not compulsory to buy anything online. Verily, if an item(s) that you want to buy is too large in quantity for example N500,000, then you can decide to order them online from any of the websites featured above so that you can get the best quality one once and for all.

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