Zenith Bank domiciliary account form (step by step guides)

by Abdulrazaq
Zenith Bank domiciliary account form (step by step guides)

Looking to know all important information about Zenith bank domiciliary account such such as its opening form, opening balance, transaction limit, transfer charges, etc? In this article, we have got you covered! Please continue reading!!

Zenith bank domiciliary account is a platform designed to give you access to a wide range of Money transfer Operators like MoneyGram, WorldRemit, WesternUnion, Flutterwave and lots more.

From this view, you can use your Naira account details and Zenith bank domiciliary account to receive foreign currency from abroad and can also be able to transfer money to abroad internationally.

For more information about Zenith bank domiciliary account and how to get its opening form, please read this post carefully or visit any of Zenith bank dedicated remittance branches across the nation for your remittance transactions and enquiries.

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What is Zenith bank domiciliary account opening balance

Zenith bank does allow customers to open a Naira account with zero Naira, hence, in the case of their domiciliary account, just simply use your ID document to open any type of domiciliary account of your choice for free.

If you are not having money to open a domiciliary account while you want to receive payment from abroad, Zenith bank is the number one to open a domiciliary account with, get your account number and send it to your sender to transfer you the money.

From this view above, Zenith bank domiciliary account opening balance is zero Dollar if you want to open Dollar account. Also, it is zero Pound if you want to open Pound account.

Now, let’s move on.

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How to get Zenith bank domiciliary account opening form

Zenith bank domiciliary account opening form is a form designed by Zenith bank which can be used to obtain the personal details and information of the customers who are interested to open domiciliary account with them.

By obtaining Zenith bank domiciliary account opening form, you must disclose your bank verification number (BVN), father’s name, mother’s name, address, occupation, state of origin, date of birth, and lots more to Zenith bank, else your account opening effort would not be successful.

Now, how can I obtain Zenith bank domiciliary account opening form, you asked?

For you to obtain or get your own domiciliary account opening form today and step by step guides on how to fill it, please follow the instruction below:

  • First, click here to download the opening form
  • Fill it correctly with your details
  • Attach your passport photograph to it where required
  • Accept their terms and conditions
  • Enter your signature and date where required
  • Now, at this point, you can submit the form to any nearest Zenith bank branch or send to them via email on: zenithdirect@zenithbank.com.
  • To find Zenith bank which nears your current location in Nigeria, please click here and choose your state from the dropdown and begin searching.

Please note that the minimum opening balance for the account is zero $. However, if it is with opposite banks like UBA, Union bank, GTB, etc. the minimum opening balance of any type of domiciliary account is $100 or its equivalent in Euro and Pounds.

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Zenith bank domiciliary account transaction limit

Zenith bank domiciliary account transaction limit

Zenith bank domiciliary account service is a service which can give you the opportunity to conveniently carry out foreign transactions wherever you may be.

The Zenith Bank Domiciliary Current account gives account holders the access to international transfers with Transfer charge of 0.5% of principal amount.

The maximum limit for foreign currency transfers by cash deposits using Zenith bank domiciliary account is now $5,000 per month. This means that only a maximum of $5,000 monthly will be allowed for transfers if the source of funds is a cash deposit into a domiciliary account.

While banking with Zenith bank domiciliary accounts, you still have an access to their debit cards, internet banking, and mobile banking application, your transfers, payments, standing orders etc. can be done without you walking into their banking halls.

You can fund your Zenith bank domiciliary account through a deposit or transfer.

Since this type of account is domiciliary account, the only currency accepted in the account is international currency (either of Dollar, Pound, Euro, etc.), hence, you can either go to the bank, make the deposit yourself or someone else makes the deposit on your behalf.

After the completion of filling of your Zenith bank domiciliary account has been made, now you can make foreign currency transactions conveniently from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere in the world.

With your Zenith bank Domiciliary Account Profile which is available in US Dollar, Pounds or Euro, you can fund your account via cash inflows and deposits. You can also make withdrawals from any Zenith bank branch nation wide.

Unhappily, domiciliary account doesn’t accept Naira (Nigerian currency). It does, however, accept foreign currencies such as Euros, Dollars, Pounds, etc.

Happily, you can transfer money from your domiciliary account to another domiciliary account abroad or within the country but note that you must be charged some fees for this action to take effect.

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Requirements to open Zenith bank domiciliary account

When we talk about the best banks for opening domiciliary account with, we firstly mention Zenith bank because it is one of the leading banks in Nigeria with good customer service and products.

Now, glad to open your domiciliary account with Zenith bank and start transferring and receiving money internationally at the comfort of your home or office? Please note the following opening requirements.

  • Account opening form (existing account holders with full documentation only require a written letter or completion of account opening form without the provision of any other documentation).
  • BVN
  • Your existing Zenith bank account number (if any)
  • One passport photograph of authorized signatories.
  • Valid ID (Driver’s License, International Passport, National Identity Card, NIN or Voter’s Identity Card).
  • Valid phone number and email address
  • Public Utility Receipt dated within the last three months
    (PHCNbill, water rate bill, tenement rate, rent receipt,
    telephone bill etc.)
  • Visitation Report (Residence).
  • Zero opening balance – you do not need money to open and maintain domiciliary account at Zenith Bank.

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How to send money to any Zenith bank domiciliary account

To be able to send or transfer international currency to Zenith bank domiciliary account within Nigeria or from other country, first you have to know the:

  • Type of domiciliary it is (is it Dollar, Euro or Pounds?).
  • Name on the account.
  • Name of the bank.
  • Branch address of the bank.
  • Routing Number.
  • Swift Code (You can Google the Swift Code of your Bank or ask your bank manager)


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