Ussd code for all countries

With the ussd code of UBA, you can open an account, buy airtime or data, transfer fund to any person and lots more by yourself. Now, what is ussd code for your country, i.e, Nigeria or Tanzania? In this article, I will teach you everything.

UBA is known as United Bank for Africa. It is a commercial bank operating in many African countries like Uganda, Congo, Kenya etc and little European countries like United States And United kingdom.

According to its road map, UBA will engulf every country in the world in future. If you want to know the ussd code for UBA of your country, then continue reading this article.

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Ussd Code of UBA For All Countries It Operates

UBA Ussd code for all countries which it operates or does business in are listed below and their respective website. For example, the official website for UBA Nigeria is and the code is *919#.

UBA ussd code for every country it operates are:

UBA ussd code for Nigeria, *919#

#1 UBA code for Nigeria

United Bank for Africa operates very well in Nigeria better than how it does in other countries, hence Nigeria has explained firstly.

If you want to open UBA account while you don’t have a lot of time to go to the branch, you can use the ussd code to open it by yourself and get your account number instantly.

However, by opening UBA account online is very fast but if you have not got browsing smarthphone, you can use ussd to do exactly.

The ussd code for UBA Nigeria is *919#. If you want to open an account, *919*20# should be dialled through any type of sim card for free of charge (i.e, no airtime required).

If you’re in Nigeria and using the sim card that is powered by Nigerian network provider (Glo or MTN or Airtel or Glo), *919* is the UBA Ussd code for you to use at every time and every where.

Meanwhile, UBA website which is designed for customers or individuals in Nigeria is

#2 UBA code for Benin

UBA as a commercial bank operates in almost every countries in Africa. UBA has branches and offices in Benin.

If you a Benin republic citizen and living in your own country, Benin while wanting to use any service of United Bank for Africa, then the ussd code you should dial is *919# also.

To open UBA account in Benin republic, just use any type of sim card and dial *919# and follow the prompts or instructions.

If you’re in doubt, check the official website of UBA Benin republic now for more clarification or information.

#3 UBA code for Ghana

Are you a resident of Ghana? UBA operates in your country, did you know?

Of course, United Bank for Africa is headquartered in Accra, the capital city of Ghana and it has different branches within the country, Ghana.

With UBA ussd code for Ghana, you can access your banking needs at any place you are and anytime without paying. Do you want to use UBA Ussd code of Ghana? The code is *822#.

By dialling *822# now, if you’re in Ghana and using the sim card issued by Ghanian network provider, then an options will be opened for your systematically.

At this point, you can choose whether you want to open an account or transfer fund (money) to a person.

For more information about this, here is the website of UBA Ghana.

#4 UBA code for Uganda

UBA ussd code for Uganda is *822#. You can use this code to open an account or purchase airtime and lots more transactions.

You don’t have to visit UBA branch regularly before you can solve your banking needs. In fact, bank on the go with *822# as an Ugandan.

This ussd code can be used on any type of sim card. Just dial *822# and follow the instructions.

If you need more explanation about UBA Uganda services or how to use it in another way which is should be beneficial to you, visit the website of UBA Uganda here.

#5 UBA code for Liberia

If you’re a citizen of Liberia, UBA has got a good service for you. By dialling *919#, you can access your banking needs.

You must not compulsorily be a customer of UBA before you can use this ussd, *929# in Liberia. That is, any body can use it.

To use this ussd, simply dial *919# and choose open an account option, finally follow the prompts. It’s easy, right?

Now, for more local news and understanding, visit the website of UBA Liberia here.

#6 UBA code for Zambia

Are you a Zambian? UBA Zambia has ussd to help you bank every time, every where with your smarthphone phone.

By using UBA ussd, you don’t have to get airtime in your sim card. That is, no airtime required or needed.

UBA ussd code for Zambia is *822#. Dial it through any type of sim card now and start doing your banking services for yourself. Meanwhile, UBA Zambia website link is here.

#7 UBA Ussd for Kenya

Kenya is one of the best countries in West Africa. UBA operates in this country more than other commercial banks in Kenya.

Recently, the central bank of Kenya, CBK has awarded UBA Kenya for their awesome services. Now, no need to visit UBA branch anymore unless you choose to.

Ussd for UBA Kenya is *386# and it can be accessed every where you go. With this ussd, *386# you can open UBA account in Kenya or transfer airtime or data to yourself and loved ones.

For to understand everything about UBA Kenya, you can click here and have a look at their website.

#8 UBA code for Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the developing countries in Africa. United Bank for Africa, UBA operates in Tanzania.

UBA ussd code for Tanzania is *150*70*8#. Just dial this code via any type of sim card and follow the system’s instructions.

For more information, UBA has created a website for its customers in Tanzania, thus, remember to visit it here.

#9 UBA Ussd code for Congo DR

Code you can use to serve yourself a banking needs as a or intending customer of UBA in Congo DR? You’ve come to the right place!

UBA ussd for Congo DR is *494#

#10 UBA code for Chad

UBA ussd code for Chad is *919#. Are you in Chad? United Bank for Africa, UBA is one of the best commercial banks in Chad now, ussd code you can to open na account with it is *919#, in case you didn’t know.

With *919# you can serve yourself a banking services even much better.

#11 UBA code for Congo Brazzaville

UBA Congo Brazzaville is with the code of *494# for banking services. For example, you can open an account with it, check your account balance, transfer money to another person and lots more.

According to UBA, opening an account is easier and faster by dialling *494#.

#12 UBA code for Mozambique

Mozambique UBA usss to open an account or transfer airtime from your own account to another account is *822#.

Moza is one of the countries which UBA spends its time to serve the customers better. With *822#, you do with your mobile phone what you should go to the branch of UBA to do.

#13 UBA code for Cameroon

Ussd code for UBA Cameroon is *919#. That is, UBA magic code for its customers in Cameroon is *919#.

To open UBA account, simply dial *919# and follow the prompts. Also, to transfer airtime, the instructions are there, just follow them step-by-step.


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