How to link NIN with any network

Do you want to know how to link your NIN with your sim card? Recently, the Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC ordered that every sim card should be linked with National Identification Number (NIN) and today I wanna show you how to link your NIN with all four (4) networks in Nigeria step by step.

NIN is an acronym that stands for National Identification Number. It’s a unique digit number that every citizen in Nigeria should be provided with.

According to NCC, Nigerian Communication Commission, every Sim card which is not linked with NIN will be barred to be used from 2021. This information was made known in December 2020 by the Minister of NCC, Dr. Isah Pantami.

Now, before January 2021, all your sim cards will be blocked if you are not going to Link your national ID card with them.

Moreover, all people that sell or register sim cards in Nigeria were already being barred due to NIN linking case. Happily, they will soon be unbarred and ordered to continue the business in a new style very shortly.

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Let’s not waste much time and start showing you how you can link your NIN with all networks in Nigeria.

Reasons Why NIN Should Be Linked With Sim Card

National Identification Number is a unique identification number of a citizen of a country. So, as a result of that, each person’s NIN is different from one other.

As a result of the high rate of electronic (online) crime in Nigeria, the Federal government in collaboration with Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) ordered a law that all sim cards of every citizen must be registered or linked with their National Identification Numbers.

If your NIN is linked with your sim card, all details about you have been shown to the provider of your network already. That is, you can be traced and found if you make anything maliciously.

This linking of NIN with a sim card has been approved by the Nigerian federal government and the Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t gotten or done your national ID card, then the guide provided in this article is for you. You can click here right now to read how to enroll for your NIN online without any cost to you.

Now let’s continue the conversation, reasons why you are here (how to link NIN with your sim card).

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How To Link NIN With Every Type Of Sim Card Step By Step

Below are the step-by-step guides for how you can link your NIN with all your four types of sim cards without going to anybody for assistance.

1. How to link NIN with Glo Sim card

How to link NIN with Glo number

The procedure for how to link your NIN with your Glo Sim card is very simple. No doubt about going to someone to help you technically as you’ll do it by yourself.

Their National Identification Number of everybody is eleven (11) digits in the number. And for you to link your NIN with your Glo Sim card, simply text your NIN to 109.

For example, send the eleven (11) digit number of your NIN as a text message to 109 via the sim card you want to link your NIN with.

If you have known how to link your Glo sim card with your national identification number, NIN, then keep reading in order to know how to link the other four or three networks.

2. How to link NIN with Airtel Sim card

Do you want to know the process for how to link NIN with an Airtel Sim card? Read the paragraphs below as you’re going to find the step-by-step guides.

For you to link your NIN with your Airtel Sim card in order to get yourself verified, just dial *121*1# and input your eleven (11) digit NIN.

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3. How to link NIN with MTN Sim card

If you’re using an MTN sim card right now and still haven’t linked your national ID card’s number with it, you’re taking risks because your sim card can get barred at any time.

Now, do you really want to link your NIN with your MTN Sim card? If you do, then read the next paragraphs for detailed explanations (step-by-step guides).

Dial *785# and finally enter your NIN. For the simplest and fastest way, dial *785*NIN# using the Sim card you have intended to verify.

Note that if you don’t do this before January 2021, your MTN Sim card will be blocked.

4. How to link NIN with 9Mobile or Etisalat Sim card

9Moblie is also referred to as Etisalat. It’s one of the oldest and best four (4) network providers in Nigeria. The other three are; Glo, MTN, and Airtel.

9Mobile Nigeria is an intelligent network provider because it recently installed a system for collecting the NIN of its customers nationwide. If you want to know how to link the NIN of your national ID card with your 9Mobile sim card, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Follow the step-by-step guides as shown in the next paragraphs below for details and procedures for how to link.

How to link National Identification Number with Etisalat number

The USSD code to link your NIN with a 9Mobile sim card and get yourself verified in order to stop your sim from being blocked, dial *200*8# and enter your NIN.

FAQ On Linking Of NIN With Sim Card

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on how to link NIN with all four (4) networks in Nigeria are as follows:

When is the deadline for linking NIN with a sim card

The deadline for linking NIN with all four (4) network providers in Nigeria has been scheduled by Nigerian Communication Commission.

For customers who have got their NIN already, the linking will stop on 9th January 2021 while the customers who have never got their NIN, their linking of NIN is still compulsory and it’ll end on 19th February 2021.

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My NIN is one while I have got many sim cards, can I link it with all of them

The National Identification Number of every person is one with eleven (digit) numbers. It’s a crime to enroll in NIN more than once.

The system (biometric scanner) machine will detect whether you’ve enrolled before. Meanwhile, if you have got many types of Sim cards, you can link them all with one NIN.

If I will not link my NIN with all my Sim cards, will they get blocked

Nigerian Communication Commission, NCC enacted a law that all network providers should stop registering new customers.

However, all already registered or existing customers must have linked their NINs to them. Any customer who fails to link or send his/her NIN to his/her network provider, the sim card of such person will be blocked.

Please scroll up a little for the methods of how to send your NIN to your network provider for Linking and verification (step-by-step for all four (4) networks).

How should I know the NIN of my national ID card?

After you have completed enrolling for your national ID card, two things you will be given are your tracking code and National Identification Number.

However, if you’ve lost your national ID card, please don’t panic. I have a way out.

Now, dial *346# through the sim card you enrolled for your national ID card with and know your NIN right away.

What is the meaning of NIMC, NIN, and USSD as they are being used in this article?

That is the best question to be asked. All those words are an acronym.

The meaning of NIMC is National Identity Management Commission, NIN is National Identification Number and USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.


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