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Are you a one of millions of candidates who are going to sit for jamb examination for this year? If yes, then read this article as I am going to show with you (from start to end) what you should do before going to jamb cbt center for your examination in 2021.

Jamb examination is not a type of other exam you have written, for example, Waec, Neco, etc, hence, to sit for it, you need to make yourself deeply prepared. Now, how should you prepare or what should you do before going to jamb cbt centre?

Meanwhile, jamb exam for 2021 to 2022 academic session will officially start on 19th of June, 2021 across every jamb accredited and approved cbt centres nationwide.

If you want to pass very well without examination malpractice or misconduct, you have to start your preparation very early and in the same vein, be preparing with jamb past questions. In this way, I advise you buy your four different past question books, for example, if you’re going to study Engineering course, then buy: (A) Chemistry (B) Physics (C) Mathematics and (D) English Language.

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To stop wasting a lot of money in buying jamb past questions one by one, you may download and activate Flashlearners Jamb cbt App for an abundant and jamb previous, previous past questions till date, 2021. The activation fee is N2, 000 and it’s for ever and ever (lifetime).

You can pay me N1, 500 and I will activate Flashlearners Jamb cbt app for you, kindly send me your product key via our contact form on this website to continue the process. This is not the topic I am going to discuss here, to read how to download and activate your jamb past questions, please be referred to this link.

What should you do before going to jamb cbt center in 2021

Being a proudly candidate of Jamb for 2021 to 2022 academic session, below are what you should do or not do while going to an examination center, jamb cbt center. Please read them carefully as any body who fail to apprehend most of them will face a huge penalty of Jamb.

  1. While you are waiting for the day you will sit for your exam, be studying the four (4) major subjects which you are going to write. You can study with group or with only yourself
  2. Learning how to operate a computer is an added advantage, that is, if you have time, then do and if you don’t have it, do not. Before you go to jamb cbt centre, make sure you know how to operate a computer if it is an exam you are going there for
  3. Ask people or search on the internet regularly about the latest updates on jamb examination, luckily, we provide jamb news and guides for you here and for free of charge
  4. Make sure to reprint your jamb slip and go along with it on the day of your examination. Jamb reprinting usually starts a seven days to a real examination day. As you may have been told earlier, it’ll start on Saturday, 11th June, 2021
  5. If it’s not in jamb owned cbt center you are going to be posted to sit for your examination, then your center may demand a minimum of N700 fee from you for service charge, hence, remember to go with some sum of money
  6. In the night to your exam, revise everything which you have studying including formulae on how to solve question(s)
  7. Make sure to pray very well as possible as you can
  8. Do not go there with an anti-social object, for example, knife, razor blade, axes, gun, etc, if you were not being officially invited
  9. Once you are in jamb cbt centre, find your seat number, sit on it, enter your jamb registration number on your system as instructed and lastly wait for your questions to be uploaded
  10. If you are having any problem with your system, do not be resting, kindly call any technical staff for assistance even though you are a computer expert
  11. English language has 60 questions while the other three subjects have 40 questions each and it is compulsory for you to answer them up
  12. You are not allowed to leave any question blank, however, any incomplete question should be left blank as it may be appeared to be a bonus question, for example, if a question doesn’t have an option or vice versa, then do not select any option
  13. Meanwhile any question which you have answered will can never be unanswered but you can change your mind or option from one option to another option
  14. As a science student who is writing Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, it is desirable to have a sheet for doing your rough work on, if you need, kindly inform any invigilator to give you one but make sure to return it to them when are finished
  15. Every candidate will not be permitted to go in with calculator, if you need it, then your system was programmed with inbuilt calculator and if you cannot find it, then inform any nearest invigilator to show it to you immediately
  16. Once you have submitted your exam, your system will can never be opened again to continue from where you stopped, thus be careful while you are about to submit
  17. After you have successfully submitted your work, walk away from cbt center in a fast and smart way
  18. Finally, after two weeks, you can go and check your result. Now, it is time to scale or weigh your score to know whether jamb will admit you or you’ll need to change your course or institution.


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