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Recommended Books For All Subjects For JAMB Exam Preparation In 2021

Recommended books to study for JAMB examination in 2021.

Which books should you buy in order to study with it and pass JAMB examination in 2021. You’ll in this article today know the recommended books you should buy for all subjects for preparing for JAMB examination.

After you’ve known or downloaded JAMB 2021 syllabus for all twenty-three (23) subjects, what you should do next is to buy the books for all subjects you will write which we’re going to show you shortly (recommended by JAMB).

JAMB is not like as it was before. JAMB sets trick questions nowadays. And that is to say that if you’re not a tricky one, you’ll likely fail JAMB examination.

To become a tricky one or candidate, do follow our guides in this website (particularly at this link:

JAMB 2021 candidates needs to read this article slowly in order to grab what is in it.

Read this also: JAMB registration centres (JAMB Approved CBT) for all states in Nigeria in 2021 (where to register JAMB in 2021 correctly).

Table of Contents

  1. Recommended books to buy to prepare for JAMB examination in 2021 for all subjects
  2. Recommended books to buy to study for the preparation of Economics examination in JAMB in 2021
  3. Books to prepare for Literature in English in JAMB examination in 2021
  4. Recomm to to study for the preparation of English Language in JAMB examination in 2021

Are you ready to continue? Let’s continue!

Do you know that it’s twenty-three (23) subjects that JAMB gives some candidates to answer in 2021. Out of these twenty-three, one candidate answer four subjects.

Since that has been known, then let’s continue to show you the text books for all of them you should buy now.

Remember to know the correct JAMB subject combination of the course you wish to study in tertiary institution by clicking this link now before you proceed, please.

1. Recommended books for the preparation of Agriculture in JAMB examination in 2021

Books you should study with in order to pass Agriculture examination in JAMB in 2021.

If Agricultural Science is one of your four (4) JAMB subject combination, then why are relaxing? Or don’t you know that Agriculture is very hard or wide?

Download JAMB Agriculture syllabus now and buy any of the the books below:

  • Adeniyi, M.O.etal (1999) Count down to Senior Secondary Certificate Examination, Agricultural Science, Ibadan: Evans
  • Akinsanmi, O. (2000) Junior Secondary Agricultural Science, Uk: Longman.
  • Akinsanmi, O. (2000) Senior Secondary Agricultural Science, Uk: Longman.
  • Anthonio, Q.B.O. (1999) General Agriculture for West Africa, London: George Allen
  • Are, L.A. etal (2010) Comprehensive Certificate Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools, University Press Plc.
  • Egbuna, C.K. etal (2014) Extension Modern Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools (2010), Extension Publication
  • Emmanuel C.A. (2003) A Dictionary of Agriculture, Benue: Agitab Publisher, Makurdi
  • Falusi, A.O. and Adeleye, I.O.A (2000) Agricultural Science for Junior Secondary Schools Books 1-3, Ibadan: Onibonoje
  • Komolafe, M.F., Adegbola, A.A., Are, L.A. and Ashaye, T.I. (2004) Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools 1, 2 and 3, Ibadan: University Press Ltd.
  • PhilipsT.A.(1986) Agricultural Notebook, Lagos: Longman
  • STAN (1999) Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools, Lagos: Longman

2. Books to buy to prepare for Arabic Language examination in 2021

If you haven’t downloaded the syllabus of Arabic Language for JAMB examination in 2021, you should download it here now.

Finally go to the book store and buy the following recommended books for all subjects (Arabic Language and other three) for JAMB preparation in 2021.


3. Art

If you’ll write Art (Creative Art) in JAMB examination in 2021, you should know the books you should read.

Don’t read as if you’re reading magazine. Buy the recommended books below and start preparing for an Art subject in JAMB examination in 2021.

The books you should buy are as follow:

  • Banjoko I. (2000) Visual Arts made Easy: Textbook for Schools and Colleges, Lagos, Movic Publishing Company Ltd.
  • Egonwa, O.D. (1991) African Art: A contemporary Source Book, Benin: Osasu Publishers.
  • Egunlae, S.A. (1985) The Essential Ground work in Art and Design, Omotola Standard Press and Bookshop (Nig) Ltd.
  • Erese, U. O. and Ogunsina E. D. (1989) Creative Arts and Crafts for J. S. S. Onibonoje Press.
  • Nahab, S. J. (2003) Art of the Millennium for Senior Secondary Schools, Ehindero (Nig.) Ltd.
  • Ogumor, E. (1993) Certificate Art for Junior Secondary Schools and Senior Secondary Schools, Ibadan: University Press Plc.
  • Olaosebikan W. A. (1982) Cultural and Creative Arts, Evans.
  • Olurukooba, B. K. (1991) Art for Senior Secondary Schools, ABU.
  • Uzoagba I. N. (1982) Understanding Art in General Education, Onitsha; African Publishing Ltd.
  • Wangboje, I. N. (1982) A Textbook on Art for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools, Evans Publishers

The two most recommended books for all JAMB Arts related subjects are:

  1. Visual Arts Made Easy
  2. African Arts

4. Biology

Biology must be included in JAMB subject combination of the candidates who’re aspiring to study medical related courses (e.g, Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Pharmacy ETC).

Every course which Biology is one of its subject combination, such course must be competitive. If you cannot believe , please take a look at Medicine and Surgery or Pharmacy. Aren’t they competitive?

  • Ndu F.O.C., Ndu Abun A. and Aina J.O. (2001) Senior Secondary School Biology: Books1-3,Lagos:Longman
  • Odunfa, S.A. (2001). Essential of Biology, Ibadan: Heinemann
  • Ogunniyi M.B., Adebisi A.A. and Okojie J.A.(2000). Biology for Senior Secondary Schools: Books 1–3, Macmillan
  • Ramalingam, S.T. (2005) Modern Biology, SS Science Series (New Edition), AFP
  • Stan.(2004) Biology for Senior SecondarynSchools. (Revised Edition), Ibadan: Heinemann
  • Stone R.H. and Cozens, A.B.C. (1982) Biology for West African Schools .Longman
  • Usua, E.J. (1997) Hand book of practical Biology (2ndEdition), University Press Limited

5. Chemistry

After you have known the parts you should read in Chemistry textbook as shown by the JAMB syllabus, what you should do next is buying the books below.

I am telling you to go and buy all of them. Two recommended textbook of Chemistry you buy is okay.

  • Ababio,O.Y (2009) New School Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools (Fourth edition), Onitsha: Africana FIRST Publishers Limited.
  • Bajah, S.T.; Teibo, B.O., Onwu, G., and Obikwere, A. Book1 (1999). Senior Secondary Chemistry, Books 2 and 3.(2000). Lagos: Longman.
  • Ojokuku, G.O. (2012). Understanding Chemistry for Schools and Colleges,(Revised Edition), Zaria: Press-On Chemre sources.
  • Odesina,I.A. (2008). Essential Chemistry for Senior Secondary.Schools,(2nd Edition), Lagos: Tonad Publishers Limited.
  • Uche, I.O. Adenuga, I.J. and Iwuagwu, S.L.(2003). Count down to WASSCE/SSCE, NECO, JME Chemistry, Ibadan: Evans

It doesn’t matter whether you have got textbook of Chemistry already. What if the one you have got does good to study for JAMB with?

6. Commerce

Recommended textbooks you can buy to prepare for JAMB examination in 2021 are as follow

  • Anderson, D.J. (1978) Commerce for West Africa, London: Macmillan.
  • Ahukannah, L.I. etal (1992) Commerce for secondary schools. Onitsha: Africana FIRST publishers.
  • Asaolu, A. and Igwe, P.M. (2005 )New Syllabus Commerce for secondary schools Books 1–3 (Second Edition). Ibadan: Evans.
  • Babatunde, A.H. (1999) Hand book on Commerce for Schools and colleges (First edition). Global Publications.
  • Eriki, P.O. (1998) Workings with computer, Benin: Bofic Publishers.
  • French, C.S. (2000) Computer Science, (Fifth edition), Britain: Ashford.
  • Ibru, G.M. (2004) Nigeria: The Promise of Tourism, Lagos: G.S.L. Publishing Limited.
  • Igwe, P.M. etal (2004) Countdown to WASSCE/SSCE/NECO/JME Commerce, Ibadan:Evans.
  • James, A.F. etal (1996) Management (Sixth Edition), New Delhi: Prentice Hall).
  • Nwachukwu, C.C. (1999) Management Theory and practice, Onitsha: Africana–First Publishers.
  • Odedokun, M.O.etal (1999);Commerce for Senior Secondary schools, Books 1–3, lagos: Longman.
  • Odoom, F.F. (1998) Commerce for Senior secndary schools, Books 1–3, Ibadan: Onibonoje.
  • Onifade, A. (2001) Management: Office Business Education,nAbeokuta: KAPPCO.
  • Onifade, A (2002) The Computer for Word Processing and Internet, Abeokuta: KAPPCO.
  • Onu, A.J.C. (2000) Marketing Today, Abuja: Precious Treasures Ltd.
  • Pallister, J. and Isaacs, A. (eds)(2002) A Dictionary of business (Third edition), Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Ubaka, O.A., (2012), Commerce Simplified for SSS1–3, WAEC, NECO, JAMB & NABTEB Exam. Garki, Abuja: Andyson Millennium Concepts Ltd.

7. Christian Religious Studies

Don’t only rely on your Bible. Even though you are a Bishop, there are some Christian Religious Studies textbooks you can buy in order to pass JAMB examination in 2021 once and for all.

Buy any of the Textbooks below from the book store which near you:

  • Adetunji, P.G. et al (2000) Exam Focus Christian Religious Knowledge for WASSCE and SSCE Ibadan: University Press Plc.
  • Adeyemo, I. O. et al (1998) Christian Religious Knowledge for Secondary Schools Books1 – 3, Ibadan: Onibonoje
  • Adeyinka, A. A. et al (1991) Christian Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools, Book 1 – 3, Lagos: Longman.
  • Adigwe, H.A et al (2004) Christian Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools. Onitsha. Africana Publishers.
  • Aghaeghuna, E. O. N. (1988) Senior Secondary School Christian Religious Knowledge: Themes from Selected
  • Epistles, Vol 1 – III, Awka, Jet Publishers.
  • Dopamu, A. et al (1990) Christian Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools Books 1 – 3, Lagos: Nelson.
  • Ilori, J. A. et al (1980) Christian Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools Books 1 – 3, Ibadan: Evans.
  • Izuchukwu, A.E. et al (1997) Round-Up for Senior Secondary Certificate Examination Christian Religious
  • Knowledge: A Complete Guide. Lagos: Longman.
  • Throckmorton, B.H, Jr. (ed) (1966) Gospel Parallels: A Synopsis of the First Three Gospels. New York; Thomas Nelson.
  • THE BIBLE: Revised Standard Version, Stonechill Green: Bible Society Publishing House (1971).

8. Recommended econo textbooks for the preparation of Economics in JAMB examination in 2021:

Will you write Economics in JAMB examination in 2021? If yes, then u need to study with JAMB recommended textbooks.

Success requires person to take process. Take this process today and buy Economics textbook in order to successed in the examination.

Below are the books I recommend you to buy:

  • Aderinto A. Aetal (1996) Economics: Exam Focus, Ibadan: University Press Plc.
  • Black J. (1997) Oxford Dictionary of Economics, Oxford: Oxford University Press
  • Eyiyere D.O. (1980) Economics Made Easy, Benin City, Quality Publishers Ltd.
  • Fajana F. etal (1999) Count down to SSCE/JME Economics, Ibadan: Evans
  • Falodun A.B. etal (1997) Round-up Economics, Lagos: Longman
  • Kountsoyiannis A. (1979) Modern Micro Economics, London: Macmillan
  • Lipsey R.G. (1997) An Introduction to Positive Economics, Oxford: Oxford UniversitybPress.
  • Samuelson P. and Nordhaus W. (1989) Economics, Singapore: Mc Graw-Hill
  • Udu E. and Agu G.A. (2005) New System Economics:.a Senior Secondary Course, Ibadan: Africana FIRST Publishers Ltd.
  • Wannacott (1979) Economics, NewYork: McGraw-Hill.
  • Brownson-oton Richard (2010) What is Micro-Economics? Niky Printing and Publishing Company

9. French Language

JAMB sets French Language for some candidates depending on the course which candidates want to study.

French Language seems to be very hard to pass in JAMB examination because most candidates didn’t get a verified teacher to teach them.

However, if you have a little knowledge about this subject which you can use to teach yourself, you can buy the following textbook from the book store and start studying for JAMB examination in 2021 as a French Language candidate.

  • AjiboyenT.(2014) Companion to French Grammar (4th Edition), Ibadan: Cleavoke tabooks
  • Ajiboye T. (2012) Nouvel Horizon, Book4, (New Revised Edition), Ibadan: BountyPress
  • Hatier (1980) Le Nouveau Bescherelle: L’Artde Conjuguer, Ibadan: Spectrum Book Ltd.
  • Maice, Get Merlo G.(1998) Grammaire progressive dufrançais (Niveauintermediaire), Paris: Cléinternational.
  • Mazauric C., etSirejols E. (2006) Onyva, Book3, Ibadan: Spectrum Books Ltd.
  • Ojo S.A. (2000) A Comprehensive Revision Handbook of French Grammar, Ibadan: Agoro Publishing Company.
  • Girod Rand Grand-Clement F. (1979) Commentviventles Français, Paris: Hachette
  • Mbuko L. (2000) French Essays on Culture and Civilisation for Schools and Colleges, Ibadan: Bounty Press.
  • Ajiboye T. (2010) An Introduction to Practice in Oral French, Ibadan: Bounty Press.

I also advise you to download or buy the textbook of French dictionary to learn for JAMB examination in 2021.

Also, it’s ideal to get any other relevant materials, for example: French news papers, magazines, journals, and documents on Franco phone life.

10. Geography

JAMB textbook you can buy to tackle Geography subject in 2021? If you want to know JAMB recommended books to prepare for Geography Examination in 2021, you should have downloaded the syllabus first.

Download JAMB Geography syllabus for 2021 here and buy any one of the books below.

  • Adeleke B.O., Areola .O. (2002) and Leong G.C., Certificate Physical and Human Geography for Senior Secondary School (West African Edition), Ibadan: Oxford.
  • Bradshaw M.etal (2004) Contemporary World Regional Geography, New York: McGrawHill.
  • Bunet R.B. and Okunrotifa P.O. (1999) General Geography in Diagrams for West Africa, China: Longman.
  • Collins New Secondary Atlas, MacMillan.
  • Fellman D.etal (2005), Introduction to Geography (Seventh Edition), New York: McGrawHill.
  • Getis A.etal (2004) Introduction to Geography (Ninth Edition), New York: McGrawHill.
  • Iloeje N.P (1999) A New Geography of West Africa, Hong Kong: Longman.
  • Iloeje N.P. (1982) A New Geography of Nigeria (New edition), Hong Kong, London.
  • Nimako D.A. (2000) Map Reading of West Africa, Essex: Longman.
  • Okunrotifa P.O. and Michael S. (2000). A Regional Geography of Africa (New Edition), Essex: London.
  • Udo R.K. (1970) Geographical Regions of Nigeria, London: Longman.
  • Waugh D. (1995) Geography and Integrated Approach (Second Edition), China: Nelson.
  • Adegoke M.A. (2013), A Comprehensive Text on Physical, Human and Regional Geography.

11. Government

The recommended books to prepare for Geography subject in 2021 JAMB examination are

Please make sure to buy and study them. That is, don’t buy the textbook and leave it alone in all the time.

  • Adigwe F. (1985) Essentials of Government for West Africa, Ibadan: UniversitynPress Plc.
  • Anifowose R. and Enemuo F.C. (eds)(1999) Elements of Politics, Lagos; Malthouse Press Limited.
  • Appadorai A. (1978) The Substance of Politics, London: Oxford University Press.
  • Ball A.R. (1983) Modern Politics and Government, London: Macmillan.
  • Ofoegbu R. (1977) Government for the Certificate Year, London: George Allen and Unwin.
  • Olawale J.B. (1987) New Topics on Ordinary Level Government, Ilesha: Jola Publishing.
  • Oyediran O., Nwosu H.,Takaya B., Anifowoshe R., Femi B., Godwill O. and Adigun A. (1990) Government for Senior Secondary Schools,nBooks 1, 2 and 3, Ibadan: Longman.
  • Oyeneye I., Onyenwenu M. and Olusunde B.E. (2000) Round-Up Government for senior Secondary School Certifcate Examination, A Complete Guide, Ibadan: Longman.
  • Oyovbaire S., Ogunna A.E.C., Amucheazi E.C., Coker H.O. and Oshuntuyi O. (2001) Count down to Senior Secondary Certificate Examination, Government, Ibadan: Evans.

12. Hausa

Hausa Language recommended textbooks by JAMB to prepare for its examination in 2021 are listed below

You can buy them from any book store you like or which near you.

  • Galadanci M.K.M. (1976), Introduction to Hausa Grammar, Zaria: Longman
  • Junju M.H. (1980), Rayayyen Nahawun Hausa, Zaria: NNPC
  • Muhammad Y.M. (2005), Fassarar Hausa, Zaria: ABU Press
  • Sani M.A.Z. (1999), Tsarin Sauti Da Nahawun Hausa, Ibadan: UP Plc
  • Sani M.A.Z. etal (2000), Exam Focus: Hausa Language, Ibadan: UP Plc
  • Skinner N. (1977), Grammar of Hausa, Zaria: NNPC
  • Yahaya I.Y. etal (1992), Darussan Hausa 1–3, Ibadan: UPPlc Donm anyan makarantun sakandare
  • Bichi A.Y. (1979), WaƙoƙinBikin Aure, Lagos: Nelson
  • Dangambo A. (1984), Rabe–Raben Adabin Bakada Muhimmancinsa Ga Rayuwar Hausawa, Kano: T.P.C.
  • Gusau S.M. (1991), Makaɗa Da Mawaƙan Hausa, Kaduna: Fisbas Media Services
  • Ibrahim M.S. (1977), Kowa YaShaKiɗa, Zaria: Longman
  • Madauci I.etal (1992), Hausa Customs, Zaria: ABU Press
  • Umar M.B. (1976), Ɗanmaraya Jos Da Waƙoƙinsa, Ibadan: OUP
  • Umar M.B. (1977), Wasannin Tashe, Zaria: NNPC

You can also buy the following Hausa Language dictionary to prepare for JAMB examination in 2021:

  • Bargery G.P. (1951), A Hausa–English Dictionary and English-Hausa Vocabulary, London: OUP
  • Newman R.M. (1997), An English-Hausa Dictionary, Ibadan: Longman
  • Newman (1977), Sabon Ƙamus Na Hausa Zuwa Turanci, Ibadan: UPL
  • Skinner N. (1993), Kamus Na Turanci Da Hausa, Zaria: NNPC
  • CSNL: (2006), Ƙamusun Hausa Na Jami’ar Bayerota Kano, Kano

13. History

Don’t be in a classification of students who feel that since they’ve bought the recommended books to prepare for JAMB examination for all subjects, they have gotten or done everything. If I should tell you the truth of matter, your journey started from the day you said that you are going to register JAMB in 2021.

Textbooks of History to buy for the preparation of JAMB examination in 2021 are:

  • Abba A. (2006) The Politics of Mallam Aminu Kano, Kaduna Vanguard and Publishers.
  • Ayandele, A. E. et al (1986) The Making of Modern Africa, The Twentieth Century Vol 2., Longman.
  • Ajayi and Crowther (1971) History of West Africa Vol. I, London, Longman.
  • Ajayi and Crowther (1974) History of West Africa Vol. II, London, Longman
  • Akinloye, S. A. (1976) Emergent African States: Topics in Twentieth Century African History, Longman.
  • Akinyemi, A. B., Agbi, S. O. and Otunbanjo, A. O. (eds) (1989) Nigeria since Independence: The First 25
  • years. (International Relations) Vol x, Heinemann. Ibadan.
  • Anene J. C. and Brown, G (1966) African in the 19th and 20th centuries, Ibadan: University Press.
  • Anene J. C. (1966) Southern Nigeria in Transition, 1885 – 1906, Cambridge: University Press.
  • Anene, J. C and Brown, G (eds) (1972) African in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: A Handbook for Teachers and Students, Ibadan: University Press and Nelson.
  • Ashiwaju A. I., Croder, M and Denzer, I. R. (eds) Tariki 25, Grassroots Leadership in Colonial West Africa, Vol. 7, London: Longman.
  • Atanda, J. A. Ashiwaju, G and Abubakar, Y. (eds) (1989) Nigeria since Independence: The First Years: Religion Vol. i., Ibadan Heinemann.

14. Home Economics

Don’t believe like other people who think that Economics and Home Economics are the same. They are not the same anyhow.

If you have got Economics textbook, please don’t use that to prepare for Home Economics examination for JAMB examination in 2021.

But you can buy the following textbooks:

  • Anfani-Joe, M.E. and Ogunjide, L.O. (1993) Home Management for Senior Secondary School 1 – 3, Ibadan: University Press Plc.
  • Anyakoha, E.U. and Eluwa, M. (1990) Home Management for Schools and Colleges, Onitsha: Africana FIRST Publishers.
  • Anyakoha, E.U (2006) Home Economics for Junior Secondary Schools Books 1 – 3, Onitsha Africana FIRST Publishers.
  • Neil, A and Hesmondhalgh, Z. (1985) A Complete Revision Course for O’Level and GCE, Revised Home Economics, Charles Co. Ltd.
  • Ogunjide, L.O., Egbuchulam, B., Eyisi, O. Anfani-Joe, M.E and Olusanya, J.O. (1993) Clothing and
  • Textiles for Senior Secondary Schools 1 – 3, Ibadan: University Press Plc.
  • Olusanya, J.O., Eyis, O., Anfani-Joe, M.E., Ogunjide, L.O. and Egbuchulam, B. (1990) Foods and
  • Nutrition for Secondary Schools Books 1 – 3, Ibadan: University Press Plc.
  • Olusanya, J. O., Olojala, S. O., Bala, F and Eyisi, O. (2000) Exam Focus, Food and Nutrition for WASSCE and SSCE, Ibadan: University Press Plc.

15. Igbo

The textbooks I and JAMB itself recommend the candidate who will sit for Igbo Language in JAMB examination in 2021 are as follow

  • Emenanjo, E. N., Okolie, F. O. and Ekwe, B. U. (1995)
  • Igbo maka Sinịọ Sekọndịrị Sukul I.
  • 2. Emenanjo, E. N., Dike, O.N., Agomo S.N. and Ezeuko, R. O. (1999)
  • Exam Focus maka WASSCE na UME, Ibadan: University Press Plc.
  • 3. Ezikeojiaku, P. A. Okebalama, C. N. Onweluzo, C. N and Ekwe B. U. (1991)
  • Ule Igbo maka Sinịọ Sekọndịrị, Ibadan: University Press Plc.
  • 4. Ikekeonwu, C., Ezikeojiaku, P. A., Ubani, A. and Ugoji, J. (1999)
  • Fonọlọji na Grama Igbo, Ibadan: University Press Plc
  • 5. Nzeakọ, J. U. T. (1972): Omenala Ndị Igbo, Ibadan: Longman.
  • 6. Okoye, O. F. S., Ofoegbu, N. F. and Ezidiegwu, B. L. (1997)
  • Ọgbara Ọhụrụ Ụtọasụsụ Igbo maka Sinịọ Sekọndịrị, Onitsha:
  • Houston Publishers Ltd

16. Islamic Studies

The textbook(s) which candidates should buy to read the preparation of Islamic Religious Studies, IRS for JAMB examination in 2021 are listed below

  • Abdul, M.O.A. (1976) Studies in Islam Series Book 3, Lagos: IPB
  • Abdul, M.O.A. (1982) Studies in Islam Series Book 2, Lagos: IPB
  • Abdul, M.O.A. (1988)The Classical Caliphate, Lagos: IPB
  • Abdulrahman and Canham (n.d) The Ink of the Scholar, OUP
  • Ali, A.Y. (1975) The Holy Qur’an Text: Translation and Commentary Leicester: The Islamic Foundation
  • Ali, M.M. (n.d) The Religion of Islam, Lahore
  • Doi, A. R. I. (1997) Shariah: The Islamic Law; Kuala Lumpur: Noordeen
  • Hay Lal, M. (1982) The Life of Muhammad (SAW), Academic Press
  • Lemu, A. (1992) Methodology of Primary Islamic Studies, Lagos: IPB

Note that you can get as many textbooks as you can, but remember that the one listed here is a must-have one.

One of my favourite proverbs says that one can fly as high as one likes but he/she should always note that his/her feet are already being prepared for landing.

If you’re a true reader of Literature In English’s textbooks, what my proverb has said doesn’t need to confuse you.

You were not actually came here to know proverbs, right? What you came here aimfully is how to know the books to buy to study for Literature in English.

To know all the recommended books to buy for the preparation of Literature in English as it’s one of your subjects in JAMB examination, please check the list below:

  • Gbemisola, A. (2005) Naked Soles, Ibadan: Kraft
  • Hayward, J. (ed.) (1968) The Penguin Book of English Verse, London Penguin
  • Johnson, R. et al (eds.) (1996) New Poetry from Africa, Ibadan: UP Plc
  • Kermode, F. et al (1964) Oxford Anthology of English Literature, Vol. II, London: OUP
  • Nwoga D. (ed.) (1967) West African Verse, London: Longman
  • Parker, E.W. (ed.) (1980) A Pageant of Longer Poems London: Longman
  • Senanu, K. E. and Vincent, T. (eds.) (1993) A Selection of African Poetry, Lagos: Longman
  • Soyinka, W. (ed.) (1987) Poems of Black Africa, Ibadan: Heinemann
  • Abrams, M. H. (1981) A Glossary of Literary Terms, (4th Edition) New York, Holt Rinehalt and Winston
  • Emeaba, O. E. (1982) A Dictionary of Literature, Aba: Inteks Press
  • Murphy, M. J. (1972) Understanding Unseen, An Introduction to English Poetry and
  • English Novel for Overseas Students, George Allen and Unwin Ltd.
  • Jerry A. (2018) Sorters and Sortees Ibadan, Kraftgriots.
  • Jerry A. (2018) Specks In Our Eyes Ibadan, Kraftgriots.

Above books are the recommended books for Literature in English, all your subjects in JAMB examination in 2021

18. Mathematics

Textbooks to buy to prepare for Mathematics for JAMB examination in 2021 are listed below.

The good news is that almost all these books can easily be found in any book shop you enter and they can be bought at a cheaper rate of price.

Maths recommended books to prepare for JAMB examination in 2021 are:

  • Adelodun A. A. (2000) Distinction in Mathematics: Comprehensive Revision Text, (3rd Edition) Ado –Ekiti: FNPL.
  • Anyebe, J. A. B. (1998) Basic Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools and Remedial Students in Higher Institutions, Lagos: Kenny Moore.
  • Channon, J. B. Smith, A. M. (2001) New General Mathematics for West Africa SSS 1 to 3, Lagos: Longman.
  • David –Osuagwu, M. et al. (2000) New School Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools, Onitsha: Africana – FIRST Publishers.
  • Egbe. E et al (2000) Further Mathematics, Onitsha: Africana – FIRST Publishers
  • Ibude, S. O. et al.. (2003) Algebra and Calculus for Schools and Colleges: LINCEL Publishers.
  • Tuttuh – Adegun M. R. et al.

Indeed, every body knows that Maths is very hard, hence, if it’s one of all your JAMB subjects in examination, don’t play with your study. Get the recommended books for Mathematics today.

19. Music

Recommended textbooks to prepare for Music in JAMB examination in 2021 are as follow.

  • Akpabot, S. E. (1986). Foundation of Nigerian Traditional Music, Ibadan: Spectrum.
  • Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (1958). Rudiments and Theory of Music, London.
  • Cole, W. (1969). The Form of Music, London: The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.
  • Echezona, W. W. C. (1981). Nigerian Musical Instruments, Enugu: Apollo Publishing Ltd.
  • Ekwueme, L. (1993). Choir Training and Choral Conducting for Africans, Lagos: Lenaus Advertising and Publishing Company.
  • Holst, I. (1963). An ABC of Music, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Hosier, (1961). Instruments of the Orchestra Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Hunt, R. (1960). Elements of Music.
  • Inanga, A. (1993). Music for Secondary Schools Vols. I and II, Ibadan: Spectrum.
  • Kamien, R. (1990). Music: An Appreciation, London: McGraw – Hill Publishing Company.
  • Kennedy, M. (1985). The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music, (Third Edition), London: Oxford University Press.

20. Physics

Physics is one of the subject combination Engineering related courses and many other courses. Hence, JAMB does not play with candidates when it’s started asking questions from Physics.

While you want to pass in Physics very well more than other subjects, buy the textbook you should buy now.

The Textbooks to prepare for Physics JAMB examination in 2021 are listed below:

  • Ike, E.E. (2014). Essential Principles of Physics, Jos ENIC Publishers.
  • Ike, E.E. (2014). Numerical Problems and Solutions in Physics, Jos: ENIC Publishers.
  • Nelson, M. (1977). Fundamentals of Physics, Great Britain: Hart Davis Education.
  • Nelson, M. and Parker … (1989). Advanced Level Physics, (Sixth Edition): Heinemann.
  • Okeke, P.N. and Anyakoha, M.W. (2000). Senior Secondary School Physics, Lagos: Pacific Printers.
  • Olumuyiwa, A. and Ogunkoya, O. O. (1992). Comprehensive Certificate Physics, Ibadan: University Press Plc.

As it appears like Physics is very hard to pass in JAMB examination in every year, try to buy some recommended books for it and all other subjects too in order to pass once and for all.

21. Principles of Accounts

Go to the book store and buy the following textbooks to prepare for JAMB Principle of Account (Accounting) in 2021.

If Accounting is one of your JAMB subject combination, then see below which are the recommended books for all your three (3) other subjects that you should buy now.

  • Abdullahi D. Z. (2014). Modern Financial Accounting, Husab Global Press Concept Ltd.
  • Adeifa O. Ajileye, J. O and Oluwasanna, R. O (2001). Get your Financial Accounting Right. Book One: Oyo: Tenlad Press International.
  • Ajileye, J. O. and Adetifa O. (2001). Get your Financial Accounting Right, Book Two: Lagos: De Hadey Printing Services.
  • Akinduko, A. O (2001). Basic Accounting: Akure: Spetins.
  • Awoyemi, E. O. (1989). A guide to Government Accounting and Internal Audit, Ibadan: Onibonoje Press
  • Dodge, R. (2002). Foundation of Business Accounting, (Second Edition), Bershire: Chapman and Hall.
  • Ekwere, A. B. (1997). Contemporary Accounting, Abuja: Aflon Finance (Control and Management) Act 1959
  • Ekwue K. C. (2010). Principles of Accounts, Book 1 & 2, Onitsha: Adson Publishing Company,
  • Femi L. (2013). Simplified and Amplified Financial Accounting.
  • Frankwood and Alan S. (2002). Frankwood’s Business Accounting, Prentice Hall International Edition.

If you want to pass in Principle of Account in JAMB examination, then get one or two of the books listed above plus all other subjects that are recommended for you which you will write.

Read this also: how to calculate the tonnage price of cashew nuts with the formula of principle of Accounting in 2020.

22. Textbooks for the preparation of English Language for JAMB examination in 2021.

English Language is the must-included subject in subject combination of every JAMB candidate in every year.

Due to that reason, questions asked in English Language in JAMB examination are becoming hard to answer by many candidates. But with the following textbooks available with you and study them always, I don’t think that you will fail in English Language in JAMB examination anymore.

Now what are the English languages you should buy to study for JAMB examination with in 2021? Please find them below:

  • Attah, M. O. (2013). Practice in Spoken English for Intermediate and Advanced Learners, Maiduguri: University of Maiduguri Press.
  • Bamgbose, A. (2002). English Lexis and Structure for Senior Secondary Schools and colleges (Revised
  • Edition), Ibadan: Heinemann
  • Banjo, A. et al (2004). New Oxford Secondary English Course Book Six for Senior Secondary Schools, Ibadan: UP Plc.
  • Caesar, O. J. (2003). Essential Oral English for Schools and Colleges, Lagos: Tonad Publishers Limited
  • Daniel Jones (2011). Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Egbe, D. I (1996). Mastering English Usage and Communication Skills, Lagos: Tisons
  • Elugbe, B. (2000). Oral English for Schools and Colleges, Ibadan: Heinemann
  • Grant, N. J. H, Nnamonu, S. Jowitt, D. (1998). Senior English Project 3, (New Edition) Harlow: Longman
  • Idowu, O. O, Sogbesan, T. S, Adofo, A. K. Burgess, D. F and Burgess, L. J. (1998). Round-up English: A Complete Guide, Lagos: Longman
  • Idris, U. (2001). Oral English at Your Fingertips for Schools and Colleges, Lagos, M. Youngbrain Publishers
  • Igiligi, E. C. and Ogenyi, S. O. (2010) Grammar and Composition in the G.S.M. Age, Enugu: Joe Hills Production Services

23. Yoruba Language

This is the last subject which JAMB gives some candidates to answer in an examination hall in 2021.

Yoruba Language even has its own textbooks recommended by JAMB. To know the textbooks to buy for Yoruba Language examination in JAMB in 2021, please check them here.

  • Abíọ́dún, J. (1995). Àròkọ àti Aáyan Ògbufọ̀, Lagos: MAJAB Publishers.
  • Adéwọlé, L. O. et al. (2000). Exam Focus – Yorùbá Language for WASSCE/ SSCE, Ìbàdàn: UP Plc.
  • Awóbùlúyì, O. (1978). Essentials of Yorùbá Grammar, Ìbàdàn: UP Plc.
  • Awóbùlúyì, O. (ed.). (1990). Yorùbá Metalanguage (Èdè-Ìperí Yorùbá) Vol. II, Ìbàdàn: UP Plc.
  • Awóbùlúyì, O. (2008). Ẹ̀kọ́ Ìṣẹ̀dá-Ọ̀rọ̀ Yorùbá, Akurẹ: Montem Paperback.
  • Awóbùlúyì, O. (2013). Ẹ̀kọ́ Gírámà Èdè Yorùbá, Oṣogbo: Atman Ltd.
  • Babalọlá, A. (ed.) (1991). Ìwé Ìmọ́dọ̀
  • tun Yorùbá SSI – SSIII, Ìbàdàn: Longman.
  • Bámgbóṣé, A. (ed.) (1984). Yorùbá Metalanguage (Èdè-Ìperí Yorùbá) Vol. 1, Ìbàdàn: UP Pl
  • Adéoyè, C. L. (1979). Àṣà àti Ìṣe Yorùbá, Ìbàdàn: OUP


For your information, all those textbooks recommended to you in this article to buy for the preparation of the examination of JAMB are not meant to read them once in the first time you buy them only but consistently.

I know how to study for JAMB examination really hard, so be patient as some people will surely laugh at you.

Don’t follow your friend to choose the course he/she has chosen unless you are interested in.

If it seems like you didn’t find the recommended books for all the subjects you’ll sit for in JAMB examination in 2021, please comment with any question you may have.

If this article has helped you know the recommended books for all subjects for JAMB examination in 2021, please join the newsletter of this website with your email address to be receiving two notifications in a week on latest post like this henceforth (you can unsubscribe at any time).

Please share this content with your friends may be they want to know the recommended books they should buy for all subjects they will write in JAMB examination in 2021.

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