Jamb examination is very hard to pass especially when you lack an idea of the different ways of how to prepare for it. Perhaps, one of the fastest ways to prepare for jamb examination is by using Flashlearners Jamb application.

There were already a lot of candidates who had used Flashlearners Jamb cbt application. For example, Mr Soheed Soneye was one of the candidates who prepared for Jamb examination with Flashlearners Jamb application.

Soheed Soneye scored 337 (three hundred and thirty seven) in Jamb 2018 cbt examination and he’s now studying in his chosen or dream institution (Obafemi Awolowo University). Now, if you are desiring to score like or even more than his score, then continue reading this article.

When scoring very high in Jamb examination matters to you, kindly please go and install and activate Flashlearners jamb cbt mobile and desktop application. To know more about Flashlearners, continue reading this article!

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About Flashlearners

Flashlearners is the biggest website for providing educational guides and updates. Furthermore, it also makes its readers or followers to gain admission to study their dream course and in their planning tertiary institution for free of charge.

Out of all educational websites in Nigeria for this year so far, Flashlearners ranks number one. Being an educational website, it does the things that will bring positive impact on its readers or followers at large.

Flashlearners was duly registered and approved by Corperate Affairs Commission (CAC). It doesn’t support or promote examination malpractice or runs.

The way which Flashlearners can help you solve any of your educational need and gain admission into your dream institution or make you pass in the examination very excellent is by using their suggested tools or services.

Jamb score of Mr Soheed Soneye

Today, I want to show you how to use the tool of jamb cbt application founded by Flashlearners so that you should be preparing for your forthcoming Jamb examination with it and score very high like Mr Soheed Soneye who I have discussed earlier.

How To Download Flashlearners Jamb Cbt Application

Flashlearners Jamb cbt application can be downloaded or installed on any type of a device you are presently using. That is, are you using iPhone or laptop or android? In fact, if it’s even desktop your favourite device, please note that Flashlearners Jamb application can be installed on it.

Below are how you can download Flashlearners Jamb cbt app on any device of your choice:

  • For iPhone or iOS user, please click here and download Flashlearners jamb cbt mobile app from app store
  • If you are using android phone, click here now and download it from play store
  • Is laptop or desktop your favourite device and you do want to install Flashlearners Jamb cbt application on it? If yes, then click here and install its web version on your device
  • For tablet or ipad users, click here and download Flashlearners jamb application on your phone
  • For any question you may have to ask about Flashlearners jamb cbt mobile and desktop application, please contact the administrator of www.flashlearners.com, Mr., Engr. Isaac Inegbenehi
  • By downloading Flashlearners jamb cbt application on a device, passing very cool in jamb examination is not yet guaranteed, to score very high in jamb, you should be studying with it regularly as soon as immediately you have downloaded it
  • Flashlearners jamb mobile and desktop application can be shared with any other device but every individual device must purchase activation key, i.e, if you have friend who has got it on his or her device, tell him or her to send it to you (this method is very fast)
  • Consequently, once you delete flashlearners jamb cbt app from your device or you just uninstall your device, you will reactivate it with another activation fee
  • Please remember to always be able to recall your product key anytime you are buying an activation key for your Flashlearners jamb cbt application
  • Last but not the least, flashlearners cbt app can stay on your device as long as your device lasts and you can use it regardless of any course you want to study in tertiary institution as it has more than 25 different secondary school subjects.

After you have downloaded Flashlearners Jamb cbt app on your device, you will not be allowed to enjoy all what it’s to offer you. To enjoy or use the full features of Flashlearners Jamb application, you must activate it.

Flashlearners Jamb cbt app Activation alert

According to the statistics, one values what he/she has spent a money or time on, thus, to make your study and education valued, use money to activate Flashlearners cbt application and spend your time to prepare with it.

If you have understood what you have just read above, then the next question which will be in your mind now must be “how to activate Flashlearners Jamb cbt app?”.

Below are the step-by-step guides for you on how to activate Flashlearners jamb cbt app which you have downloaded on your device.

How to activate Flashlearners jamb cbt app step-by-step

Nothing is free, thus, Flashlearners jamb cbt app is not free of charge to activate. However, what Flashlearners does is far smaller than the amount it charges people for its activation.

Presently, Flashlearners charges people with N1, 500 (one thousand five hundred Naira) as the activation charge. Isn’t it cheap?

Paying N1, 500 for activating jamb cbt application is very cheap to me because I have been seeing some people that pay higher than that (roughly N2, 000 or N2, 500).

Furthermore, Flashlearners has been in the educational industry for decades, hence, you will never be failed if you let it to be your invisible or online teacher.

The step-by-step guides on how to pay for activating Flashlearners Jamb cbt app are as shown below:

Step one: download it on your device

How to activate Flashlearners Jamb app

The first step you need to take while you are about to activate Flashlearners jamb cbt app on your device is by downloading it from your device store.

If you’re using smarthphone which is powered by android, then download it from play store. Also, you can download it on your laptop or desktop.

  • For Android mobile phone users, click here
  • And finally click on install tab as shown in the picture above

After you have successfully downloaded it on your device, follow the instructions below (step two) and get it activated.

Step two: install and open it

If Flashlearners Jamb cbt app has been successfully downloaded and installed on your device, you will see it in your installed menus, then click on it or open it.

Now, to activate it, click on the ACTIVATE button located at the left side of the screen as it’s shown in the picture above.

Please make sure to know your product key as it’ll be used to activate your application. For more understanding on how to know it, read step three below.

Step three: get your product code

Product key is the key which is used to Activate a specific application. It is different from one application to the other.

For example, product key of Mr A must be different from that of Mr B. And importantly, it doesn’t change.

To know your product key, simply click on the three parallel lines at the top left side of the screen and finally click on product key.

As snow in the image above, clicking on product key and activation key will show you your product key and activations key respectively.

Activation payment will be made with your product key and below are the instructions on how to do that step-by-step.

The activation key is N1, 500 but as a big reader of this article, you will pay 70% (N1, 000).

For how to make the payment by using different methods, please stay tuned and read the next step which is step four.

Step four: make activation Payment

If you have not activated Flashlearners jamb cbt software or app on your device, you will not be prompted to use every thing it has to offer.

Activating Flashlearners Application

There are two main fastest methods which you can use to activate Flashlearners jamb cbt app. Those two methods are:

  1. Pay with debit/credit card online
  2. Transfer money to the bank account of Flashlearners

#1 Pay with debit/credit card online

This payment method is an automated method which you can use reliably to pay for Flashlearners Jamb cbt application. If you use this method to pay, your application will be unlocked instantly.

This method does not require person to go out here and there. If have got a fund which is higher than N1, 500 in your debit or credit card, then you can use this method.

After clicking on buy Activation key, click on pay online with card or bank tab and enter your telephone number and email address.

Finally enter your card number, CVV, name on your card, etc and click pay to initiate the payment.

If payment is done successfully, Flashlearners will send you a mail via the email address you entered earlier.

Is this method very fast? Please let me know through the comment section.

#2 transfer money to the bank account of Flashlearners

Another recommended method to pay to Flashlearners for activating Flashlearners Jamb cbt application is by paying your Activation money directly to the bank account of Flashlearners.

Flashlearners is an educational companies, thus, its account name is Flash Learners (not a name of a person but company).

Meanwhile, the account number of Flash Learners is 0427393889 and the bank it operates is GT bank.

Bank NameAccount NameAccount NumberAccount Type
GT bankFlash Learners 0427393889Current account

For any question you may have to ask about Flashlearners jamb cbt application, please call the administrator on this telephone number 08167951452.

That is, visit any nearest branch of GT bank and make your payment accordingly. After your payment has been made completely and successfully, then contact the admin of Flash Learners in [email protected].

Send your product key via a mail, evidence of your payment. Finally, when an admin check your payment status and verify it, then he will send you your Activation key immediately.

Making payment using this method is not as faster as the first one. As a matter of fact, you can wait for up to an hour before you would get a response because they may be attending to other people’s problem.

This method is useful for those who have not opened bank account and got their credit or debit card yet. In other words, consulting your family member or parents could let them know how to activate your Flashlearners jamb cbt application for you.

Now that you have downloaded and activated Flashlearners jamb cbt application or software on your device, it’s time to start preparing for it.

Also, if you have a friend or family member who you think that this article will be found helpful for them, please share it in order to make them prepare with Flashlearners jamb cbt application and pass very excellent.


Flashlearners does not ask for credit or debit card details of a person via a mail or phone calling and he doesn’t promise person for providing an answers to the the candidate for monetary exchange.

However, by practicing and learning or preparing for jamb examination with Flashlearners jamb cbt application, that high score, you will definitely get.

Official website of Flashlearners is www.flashlearners.com.

High score is not in heaven, study hard, it’ll straightly come to your way. I wish you the very best. Thank you.

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