Estimated cost for drilling borehole in Nigeria (2022)

Do you have a construction project like building a house, estate, road, bridge, etc. and searching for you can own water for it? Do you want to know someone who drill borehole? In this post, we shall show you the estimated price or cost for drilling borehole in Nigeria this 2022.

Drilling a borehole is the system of skillfully digging holes for the purpose of making water come out for commercial, industrial or individual/family uses. According to statistics, average houses in Nigeria have owned their borehole.

Water has no enemy. Every industry uses water to produce products. In some industries like power company, water provide coolant to their machines and engines.

If you don’t like buying water always for your project, then it is better to drill your own borehole. What is the cost for drilling borehole in Nigeria? Here, we will discuss the current estimated cost for drilling your own borehole in Nigeria for any type of project in this 2022.

Now, let’s start discussing the cost for drilling borehole in Nigeria and how you can drill your own step by step.

Cost for drilling borehole in Nigeria

N200, 000 to N2, 000 000.

Currently, our investigation from borehole drillers and owners that we have just made show that the price for drilling standard borehole in Nigeria for 2022 ranges from two hundred thousand Naira to 3 million Naira.

The cost for drilling borehole in Nigeria depends on the location where it is drilled, how it should be constructed and lots more. If the location where you want to drill a borehole is stony, then the cost can be higher compared to that of other location.

Also, after drilling your borehole, you can decide to construct an over head tank seat generator if power is not strong in that location, etc. The cost also depends on the drilling mode you would want to use.

There are two main ways of drilling borehole, here, you can decide to drill your own with drilling machine or drill it manually by inviting the driller.

However, we commonly hear that drilling machines are not advisable to drill bore hole as most of the boreholes that drill typically stop working after two to three years. Most people that drilled their borehole using machine are not showing good testimony at all.

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If you are planning to drill borehole in Nigeria, please let the people that manually drill it do it for you. Perhaps, before a borehole can be drilled in Nigeria, here is what to consider.

#1. Location

The first step to drilling a borehole is determining the location where you want to drill at. You have to first the price of land that you want to drill it in Nigeria.

Some places in Nigeria like Lagos, Delta, Ogun, Abuja, Ibadan, Ikorodu, etc. would cost a ragning price from N120,000 to N200, 000. Although, buying land in some hot cake places like Lekki, Surulere, Ojuelegba, etc. in Lagos would cost around N500,000.

In fact, the cost of digging a borehole in Lagos can be vastly different from that in Abuja and other regions in Nigeria, hence, this article is an estimate.

#2. Hydro-geologists

Here, another step to think about drilling a borehole in Nigeria is inviting a hydro-geologists. Hydro-geologists help scientifically study the inner parts in the soil.

Hydro-geologists determine a location that is good for drilling a borehole. A country where there are excess of boreholes tend to have earth quake. They also determine whether such location has water or not.

We have been a situation where by a person spends hundred of thousand of Naira to drill borehole but all effort become in vain because they don’t consult a scientist to study their desired location for them.

#3. Determining the final result

The determination of final result should be made by hydro-geologists. They determine the quality of water they would obtain, they study the diameter of hole is going to be drilled ,for example, usually 165mm.

Determining a final result is very important. For example, if the water is to be utilized in the residence, it is advised that a recognized water lab do a potable water analysis of the borehole. It is critical that the water sample be obtained after some pumping time has passed, and that the sample be sent to the lab and tested for pathogens within 6 hours of sampling.

There are a few elements that go into determining how much it costs to dig a borehole in any part of Nigeria. The type of borehole drilling procedure used, the location, the depth of the water, and the number of feet to be drilled are just a few of the variables to consider

#4. Type of water that would be obtained

In some cases, a boreholes produce salty water or a water that smells while drinking. If your borehole does produce bad water, nobody would like to buy it. However, such water can be good for construct but not consumption.

In order to make your borehole water become good for both consumption and construction uses, first consult a professional Geologist to determine your location for you before you start everything.

Several tests are used to figure out how much water comes out of a household water well with the most precision.

Installing a test pump and pumping borehole water for a predetermined set of variables, a set duration at a certain rate, and then measuring the test’s influence on the water level in the borehole are all part of this process.

#5. Calling driller

Now, after all successful investigation and determination, you can call a driller to drill your borehole for you. As we have said earlier, drilling a borehole mechanically is better than drilling it with machine according to many borehole owners we have interviewed.

While most people prefer the manual drilling approach since it is less expensive, it usually takes longer and is slower, particularly when compared to the heavy-duty method.

The manual drilling process, which needs the employment of more than ten people to drill the borehole, and the heavy-duty borehole drilling process, which requires the use of a heavy-duty machine and fewer labor forces to accomplish the required target, are the two types of borehole drilling processes.

A manual drillers typically collect N300 thousand to N400, 000 per project. However, it is more expensive if you want to drill it with machine/engine. Perhaps, engine operator would from you a price that ranges between N600,000 and N3 million.

#6. Drilling

After a hydro-geologists and other scientists have helped you determine everything about your borehole, now you start drilling the borehole.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as people think that when a borehole is drilled, an endless supply of water will flow to the surface right away. There are still steps and procedures to follow.

#7. Construction

Now that your borehole has been drilled, it is time to think about the construction. Here, you are to let the plumbers know the location or point where you would like to mount the water point.

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#8. Pump and pipe

Here, another step is considering the cost of pump and pipe. As the owner of borehole in your compound, water should not be mounted at one place. You can place it at different location he pumping equipment and pipes placed in your new home water borehole will be primarily determined by the borehole’s intended purpose.

For example, if you like and get money to buy pipe, you can construct water to your living room, toilet, kitchen, etc.

To make your borehole water pumps water very fast and quick, you need to have a good pumping machine (also known as SUMO in Nigeria). A typical household water supply pump costs between N150, 000 and N250, 000.

#9. Tank and overhead seat

Here, another step to think about is buying your overhead tank and constructing a seat where those tanks will be seated. Welders typically good at welding it. If you don’t have money, can also construct the local one.

Placing your tanks at the top secures your tank and water inside. Perhaps, a overhead tank tends to pump water at a very high rate than the one placed on the ground.

#10. Generator/power

Hope you know the fact about Nigeria in terms of supplying power/electricity. In fact, sometimes, power generated by power company in Nigeria is not enough for pumping water from the borehole.

Hence, this is why you have to own your own person power supply or generator. If you are needing water in a high rate, you can buy big generator in order to ensure the availability of water at the right time.


Water is the major thing a man use every day. Almost every time, scientists detect that sea water and rain water contain impurity that should not be consumed by human being, hence, bore hole water is the pure one. As a result of this, every one is drilling a bore hole.

Borehole is what all those water making factory (pure water production company) use to produce water for commercial purpose. If you can afford the cost of drilling a borehole, it will be beneficial for you in terms of anything.

I hope this article has helped you know the current cost involved in drilling a borehole in Nigeria? If yes, then please share it with your friends and remember to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook for more important updates.

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