How to renew driving license

Driving license is an official document which is normally given to the eligible citizen of a nation so as to bear witness that any person who has it is an expert in driving. Meanwhile, if it’s issued to you, it doesn’t last for ever, hence, it must be renewed. In this article, I will show you how to do the renewal of driving license step-by-step.

Has your driving license expired and you are searching for the fastest way of how to do its renewal? In this article, I will show you step-by-step guides on how to renew or apply for your driving license today.

Driving license permits a specific individual to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles, such as a motorcycle, car, truck, or bus on a public and private road in one country or more.

Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), popularly known as road safety is an agency that responsibles of the maintenance of law and orders on high way or road in Nigeria.

If your driving license is expired, you should better don’t drive driving on the road. However, in case you are searching for how to renew your driving license, here is an amazing guide for you to follow step-by-step to get it renewed.

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Without letting you face any consequence, you will no need to visit any road safety officer or office for renewing your driving license. Importantly, you can use your mobile phone or laptop without scanning your fingers or thumbprint.

By renewing your driving license, payment must be made. Now, how to pay for the renewal of driving license and what amount should be paid? Did you ask like this question?

How to renew a Nigerian driving license step-by-step

Below are the steps of how to renew your driving license successfully in Nigeria and their amazing explanation:

  • Step one: visit Federal Road Safety Corps website and make the request
  • Step two: enter your existing driving license details
  • Step three: make a renewal payment wisely
  • Step four: wait until your new license is ready
  • Step five: visit any nearest office for collection

Step one: visit the website of FRSC and make the request

Renewing driving license can be taken place at the official office of Federal Road Safety Corps (road safety). Easily or conviniently, you can do it online if you don’t have a lot of time.

The official website URL or address of Federal Road Safety Corps which you should visit for renewing your driving license is

Upon visiting their website, click on the renew tab as I have shown it to you in the image above.

Secondly, enter your driving license card details according to how I have explained in step two below.

However, to visit the official website for the renewal of driving license straightly, click here.

After you have clicked on that link, then read the instructions below carefully.

Step two: enter your existing driving license details

In this step, you will be needed to enter into the details of your existing driving license.

Select Driver’s License Number and enter your driver’s license number accordingly as it’s shown in the image above or select National Identification Number (NIN) and enter into it correctly.

After that, enter your date of birth exactly of how it appears on your driving license card or document.

Finally to verify that you are a human being, enter the security code as it would be displayed on the screen to you and lastly click verify button which is located at the left side of the page.

If your license has less than 30 days of validity left, your details will be displayed, then renew it.

Step three: make the renewal payment

The next step in the process is to make payment for the license renewal. There are several payment options available to choose from.

You can pick the option of making payment online or at the bank, but please be informed that online payment transactions attract extra charges besides your license fee.

However, if you prefer making your payment at the bank, a remote code will be issued to you as this is required to complete your license renewal application.

License renewal fee as stipulated by Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC is ₦10,450 for 5 years and ₦6,350 for 3 years validity.

Step four: wait until your license card is ready

Tracking the status of driving license

Renewing driving license is very fast and any way, you cannot get it immediately. After you have made the driving license renewal payment successfully, happy engineers will then start to prepare your card.

The biggest mistake or challenge which people are facing right now is that they lack an information on when their driving license should be ready for collection, hence road safety disturb them on the road.

Ideally, two-three weeks is okay to visit any nearest road safety office and request for the collection of your renewed driving license which you have completed everything about it online.

Federal Road Safety Corps officer will ask you for the proof of your request, thus, show him or her your renewal request confirmation slip which you downloaded from their website at the time you requested for driving license renewal.

Step five: visit any nearest FRSC for collection

If you have known that the original copy of the driving license which you have just renewed it has been made and become ready for collection, then if you’re in Lagos state, visit any of the two addresses below.

1. No 3/5 Bada Williams Layout inside Alimosho LGA Akowonjo, Lagos. – Alimosho Alimosho, Lagos

2. Igando Ikotun Local Council Development Area (LCDA) Ikotun, Lagos state Alimosho, Lagos.

To know all addresses where you can visit to collect your driving license card across every state and local government in Nigeria, please visit the official website of Federal Road Safety Corps at for more information.

How to make the payment for renewing your driving license

Payment for an application or renewal of driving license is initiated and can be completed on the Application Acknowledgment section of your application form.You must choose a preferred payment option.

The options which you can pay to Federal Road Safety Corps for renewing your driving license include:

1. Pay at the bank (cash) option

Use this option if you intend to make cash payment at the bank. This option will require you to visit any of the commercial banks below:

You can pick this option by selecting Innovate1pay Bank or PayArena option on the Order Summary page.

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2. Web option (with debit/credit card)

Use this option if you possess a credit/debit card and intend to make payment online. You can pick this option by selecting Visa or MasterCard option on the Order Summary.

Web option is a payment method that uses internet connection by using laptop or mobile phone. In this option, you must have got a fund in your ATM card and then start following the prompts.

During payment page, remember to select web option as your most preferred payment option.

3. POS Option

Use this option if you possess a credit/debit card and intend to make payment on a PoS Terminal.

POS option will require you to visit the Drivers’ Licence Centre (DLC) you selected in your application form.

You should pick this option by selecting Innovate1 Pay POS or Point of Sale (POS) option on the Order Summary page. However, you must bring along your Transaction Number from the portal to the DLC.

4. Making payment Using eWallet

Use this option if you possess a NetPostPay (NPP) eWallet account. An eWallet accounts lets you prefund a virtual wallet that you can use for payment purposes on supported platforms.

Furthermore, you can open an eWallet account by visiting To pay with your NPP eWallet against your application, select the NetPostPay option on the Order Summary page.

With any mode of payment you will use, please be smart and don’t payto any individual as they could likely be a Yahoo boy. To renew your driving license scam-free, pay via any of the methods we have shown above.

Finally, please make sure to print out your Acknowledgment Slip as this will serve as your temporary driver’s license until your permanent license is ready.

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How Much Does Renewing Driving License Cost In Nigeria

The amount of money which you should pay for the renewal of driving license against any class and validity is listed and explained below:

ClassAN3, 000N6, 000
Other classesN5, 000N10, 000

Note that there may be other charges depending on the payment channel you will select.

For example,where applicant chooses to apply for multiple classes, each class will be charged separately.

How To Know If Your Renewed Driving License Is Ready

If your driving license copy has been made into card, you would not in any way be contacted by any staff, as a result of this, tracking your driving license is very ideal.

Technology has made life easier unless you don’t want to enjoy easy life. Now you can check the status of your driving license to know whether it’s ready for collection or not.

To track your driving license status, visit their website and click on track DL application status tab.

After that, then enter your driving license number or application id in order to see every detail with your naked eyes in an understanding way.

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How to check the validity of driving license

If you have collected your driving license and started using it, you may ask about when it’ll expire, right?

In Nigeria, any governmental approved agency can hold you up on the road if you are having an expired driving license.

As a matter of fact, a driving license should be renewed if its expiry date is one month minimum in order for you to face no any wahala (problem).

Driving licence lasts five years maximum and a minimum of three years before it will get expired depending on the package you select during the renewal or fresh application.

To check the validity of your driving license by yourself in order to know when to renew, please use the instruction (tracking driving license) which I have shown earlier.

How to get driving license in the first time

Driving school

This article is all about how to renew driving license. However, if you have just come across the word “driving license” in your life for the first time, it’s very important for you to get it.

Now, to start taking the steps to how to get driving license for the first time (fresh application), please observe the step-by-step protocols below:

  • Visit an accredited driving school and complete the mandatory drivers training.
  • Obtain a driving school certificate number from the accredited driving school to be used to initiate a fresh application.
  • Open your web browser and visit, then click on DL Application tab and select New Driver’s Licence Application.
  • Enter your Certificate Number (Which is the number on the certificate provided from the driving school attended) and click on submit.
  • Fill in your application details, then submit and finally make payment


Any type of vehicle you can drive in Nigeria, either it’s short or long, you must have its driving license if you want to drive it on the highway.

Some people think that the security and law abiding agents are doing corrupting practice while letting every person to have his/her own driving license.

Without being properly trained in the driving school and getting its certificate, Federal Road Safety Corps will never issue you driving license in order to prevent you from causing road accident in future.

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