Four (4) types of hand writing approaches you should know for fun

Are you angry and find this post? We will discuss with you today the four (4) types of hand writing approaches you can read to quench your angriness. First of all, as a matter of fact, let’s look what is the meaning of hand writing.

Hand writing is the already written two or more letters on an object (i.e, writing material) by the person in order to pass an information between people.

Meanw,  we should not call the words or letters shown in the screen of a device a hand writing. 

Hence, we have still got an approach in writing. In this article today, i will show you four (4) types of written approaches.

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Four (4) Types Of Hand Writing Approaches You Should Read Now For Fun (Must-Read)

Before we proceed, I would need to list down the four (4) types of writing approaches which we will discuss in this article.

And below are the following:

  1. Inter-Writing approach
  2. Inter-Writing approach
  3. Short form writing approach
  4. Symbolic writing approach

The four (4) types of hand writing approaches that have been listed above are very important and each does help in different ways.

Let us start to explain them one-by-one:

1. Inter-Hand-Writing approach:

This is the situation where the writer writes to a high ranked one or tends to respect his or her reader. 

Thistype of handwritten approach, they need to write legibly. Many competitive exam bodies like waec and neco need legible handwriting of a candidate.

Ilegibilty causes candidates to fail several times, therefore you need to practise inter hand writing approach because the examiner or the one who will mark your work is not as ordinary person as you are thinking of.

Four (4) Funny Hand Writing Approaches You Should Read When You’re Angry

2. Intra-Hand-Writing approach:

This type of hand writing approach is mostly written by the student who is learning or reading for an exams.

You can write anything down on your rough paper even though your friends can not read it, but make sure you will be able to recognize what you had written in the time it’s needful (revision).

Intra-hand writing approach does not need legibility because it is the writer or you the one who read it.

However, intra-hand writing approach is very important to learn if you’re preparing for an examination in the night. You don’t have to write every word fully be it’s you will read it.

3. Short-Form-Hand-Writing approach:

This type of hand writing approach is commonly found on social media’s post like facebook and whastapp message.

It is known as informal writing approach (the writer doesn’t show too much respect) also.

Examples of the short form writing approaches are:

  • Can u com 2 my hauz 2day?
  • Hello gud evnig my piple!
  • I grit all of u gud afta nun.

Symbolic Hand Writing Approach To Write In Using For Many Things

4. Symbolic-Hand-Writing approach:

This type of hand writing approach is intentionally done to attract reader(s). Symbolic handwritten approach is purposely written by the writer to derive reader(s)’s intention.

It is mostly written in different colors in order to get one(s)’s intention symbolically.

If you want to write an advert, you should use symbolic hand writing approach to make people like to read it.

Do you want your dear friend, girlfriend or boyfriend read your letter immidiatetly he or she received it? Then write its beginning in mixed attractive colors symbolically.

As a matter of fact, symbolic hand writing is the one which both male and female sex does to attract the opposite sex.

For example, in a written exam hall, some candidates write with an attractive methods so as to attract their opposite sex.

Conclusion of types of hand writing approaches you should know for fun and further reading:

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