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How to calculate UNIZIK aggregate score in 2021

How to calculate UNIZIK aggregate score in this year

Do you want to know how you can calculate UNIZIK aggregate cut-off score in 2021 in order to determine whether you will gain admission this year or not?

In this article, I am going to show with you how to calculate your Olevel grades, jamb score and finally your POST UTME score using the UNIZIK formula which was just released in 2021.

This post is to inform you that Post UTME, Direct Entry and other relevant Screening Examination for 2021/2022 admission exercise will be conducted with an automated O’ level and UTME results grading system introduced last year by

It will also in consideration of the very large number of applications, the need to comply with COVID-19 preventive guidelines of the Federal Government of Nigeria and the prevailing security situation in our region.

Candidates are advised to go to JAMB accredited CBT centers/JAMB Offices and upload their O’level results to JAMB CAPS Portal on or before Sunday 12th December, 2021 in other to be considered in the 2021/2022 admission exercise.

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Please note that candidates should not use regular/ non JAMB accredited cyber cafes for result/s upload to JAMB CAPS Portal.

In order to ensure transparency in the 2021/2022 admission exercise the following calculation formula will be used for the exercise.

Calculation formula used for UNIZIK Post UTME 2021/2022

Candidates will be screened based on their JAMB scores and O’ level result for the four subjects taken in JAMB.

The following considerations will apply:

  1. The ratio will be 70:30. i.e. 70% JAMB score and 30% O’ level subject score
    70/100 = 0.7; 30/100 = 0.3
  2. O’ level results will be ranked as given below:
    A1= 90, B2= 80, B3= 70, C4= 60, C5= 55, C6= 50, D7= 25, E8 to F9=0, Awaiting Result (AR) =0
  3. For each candidate, the O’ level subjects used will be the subjects the candidate sat for in JAMB.
  4. E.g. for a candidate who sat for English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics in JAMB, the grades
    obtained in candidate O’ level results in these subjects will be used to calculate the O’ level points
  5. A candidate who credited his four subjects in a single sitting will get a bonus of 10
    points (i.e. Bonus =10). A candidate who credited his four subjects in two sitting will get no bonus
    (i.e. Bonus = 0).
  6. Final score = [(JAMB SCORE`* 0.7) + [(O’ level score + Bonus)*0.3].

How to calculate UNIZIK aggregate score using formula in 2021

For example, one lucky student scored 280 in JAMB and had O’ level results distributed as given in the table below:


For single sitting in O’level exam, final score= Weighted JAMB score + Weighed O’ level score (280 x 0.7) + [ (285 +10) x 0.3] = 196 + 88.5 = 284.5.
For two sittings in O’level exam, weighted JAMB score + Weighed O’ level score
(280 x 0.7) + [ (285+ 0)x 0.3]
= 196 + 85.5
= 281.5′

Note that the difference between the final screening scores of a candidate who credited his four subjects in a single sitting and the candidate who made it in two sittings is 3 (i.e. 284.5 – 281.5).

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